Friday, March 08, 2019

Pinwheel Fancy Day, the Indiana Way!

Yesterday was the kick off day of the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show!

And Day One of workshops – with Pinwheel Fancy from Addicted to Scraps as our Opening event!

Not only was I excited to teach this quilt to this wonderful group  (It has all the bells and whistles that I love: A 2 block design, and on-point setting, a strippy quilt look, no borders – and it comes from 3 simple widths of strips: 2’’, 3 1/2’’ and 6 1/2’!) but I also KNEW this day would be the bomb because I spent the night under it for hours of sweet dreaming:

I’d tell you it was just to let the quilt relax so the wrinkles would come out -

But I’d be lying-

I love sleeping under the quilts I make!

We spent our morning in a Pinwheel Party!

And the party ramped up a notch -

I was made “one of the Bonniacs” by Nola who gifted me a shirt -

with my favorite slogan!

“If it’s still ugly, you just didn’t cut it small enough!”

(Oh, this was fun!)

After lunch and a round of Show & Share, we settled into making the alternate blocks!

This is what REALLY gets this quilt some action!

Oh, this is going to be glorious!

Our lucky winner of the Signature 60 thread pack! YAY!

(Many thanks to American & Efird thread for supplying me 3 packs to gift-away, 1 for each class!)

It was a workshop of another special FIRST!

I love having sister, cousin, mother/daughter or hubby/wife teams come to a workshops – they are always a highlight.  But this was extra special and DEFINITELY a first!  Bev & Zach are mother and son!  And we had the best time – Zach was truly a good sport being the only young guy in our full classroom of 41 quilters.

Way to go, Zach!

And he didn’t mind getting down to business of helping with our block layout at the end of class.  This day was just so much fun!

I had a terrific day, everyone!

And we get to do it again for 2 more days!

For the rest of our workshop day, click to play:

I wish I could say that a lot of sewing happened last night - but by the time we had finished dinner, stopped at the grocery store for some things a few of us needed for our rooms - beverages, fruit, some snacks, etc - I was too pooped to play further!

That whole thing of being up since 4am that morning had just run my battery down to zero – but I’ve had a full 8 hours of zzzz time and am raring to go this morning.

I’m not even going to let the snow that has been falling since yesterday afternoon and all night long bother me.  We will be inside sewing safe and warm.

#IGquiltfest Day 8

“Show Us Your Stacks!”

As I am currently on the road working out of a hotel room make-shift sewing space, I am sharing my pre-cut and kitted up block stack just waiting for me to send them through the machine. This qualifies as a stack, doesn’t it?  Are you playing along on Instagram?  It’s loads of fun to make a photo of the day that fits the challenge given.  And it is a bit of a challenge since I’m not home to do it – I’m scrounging around trying to find something that works!

I’ve now just got enough time to get myself ready, get some breakfast and head over to start class – it’s a Garden Party Day from Addicted to Scraps!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage spider web quilt found in Louisville Kentucky.

Remember the last time that someone made you feel valued and appreciated? Give that gift to someone who needs it today.

I know I received that gift from so many others (And have the shirt to prove it!) yesterday.  I am so grateful!

The way we make people feel means a lot more than anything we say.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. You can tell by the grin on your face you were having a blast! So glad to see a young man take an interest in something he can share with his mother. Quilts are like people, together we can make something beautiful from just what we have.

  2. I love Pinwheel Fantasy. Added it to my bucket list. Right now, though, Virginia Bound and Cactus Patch are up. I got sucked into Cactus Patch while making Virginia Bound. It's the next pattern in the book right after Virginia Bound and I couldn't resist. Try to enjoy the snow, it will be hot and humid before you know it. And this weekend is daylight savings time. Spring is coming!

  3. Since I just discovered you and your blog last year (Yes, I know very late to the party.), which of your books would be the best to begin my BH Scrappy Adventure? They all look so intriguing that I can't decide.

  4. Looks like a total blast was had by all. As always, your blocks are beautiful. Love your positive attitude.

  5. What fun. I have a great collection of Quilty shirts. They knew you well! I'm doing the #IGQuiltfest. It's fun to think of a novel way to use each prompt. Have fun with Garden Party, mine isn't finished yet .

  6. As always absolutely stunning blocks and a class full of happy smiling quilters, would really love to be in one of these classes. So nice to see the happy Zac quilting with his mum so great that they can share the fun.
    Have a fantastic day, stay warm and safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  7. I love this Quilt Bonnie. - Is there a pattern for it?

    1. It's her 'Pinwheel Fancy', found in her book, 'Addicted to Scraps'. You can find the book in her online store (look for the tab 'Shop' at the top of the page), or at other quilting websites such as Nancy's Notions, AQS, et al, Amazon, or bookstores. (Just helping, Bonnie, since we know you're busy at your workshops!)

  8. Take heart, Bonnie. Even those of us who live in the North are beginning to feel that winter will never end! We are still having temperatures in the single digits, as well as snow, sleet, and rain. Well, I have to satisfy myself by spending hour working on UFO'S.


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