Friday, March 15, 2019

When Spring Comes Calling…

There are daffodils on the hillside -

Just beyond the back porch at Quiltville Inn.

Last year this time – we were still waiting to see if inspections would pass, if insurance coverage could be found, if a loan could be secured – all of those things that would allow this dream to take the next step into reality – which didn’t happen until the end of April 2018.

So I missed daffodils on the hillside.

But I found them yesterday evening as we drove over so I could inspect the new windows, the progress at both Inn & Post Office -

It’s been SUCH a crummy winter for so many, and we have had our share of it up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.  But Spring is Springing!

And the windows are MARVELOUS!!

I just can’t get over how wonderful they look.

All of the original moldings are still intact -

We lost no vintage charm in the upgrade -

What we gained is priceless – no drafts, working screens (that can slide up or down depending on whether you want windows open from the top or bottom!) and the tilting ability to clean all windows from the inside of the house.

The windows also come completely out so you can clean inside outside and then put them back in place.

That sliding screen thing is AWESOME – now you can look out the windows without having to look through a screen.

This is one of the window seat windows in bedroom 4 – the room that had the WORST windows with rotting frames and sills.  You’d never know it.  This is just so amazing to me that they were able to do 31 windows as professionally and as quickly as they could – and they cleaned up all of the mess and if you hadn’t driven past the house in a few days you never would have known that anything had happened at all. 

No debris left behind.  I am one happy customer!

Bedroom 4 now has a headboard!

All I am needing now is a box spring/mattress set and this room will be ready for sleeping.  Every step we make we get one step closer to being where we want to be.

Headboard detail!

I am so grateful for friends who made such wonderful offers of furniture!

Smiling through new windows!

Here too.  All in.

But the improvements don’t stop here.

New gas range and microwave in the cabin kitchen!

This morning’s oatmeal for breakfast -
I’m cooking’ with gas, baby!

This is also such a huge improvement.  The 20 year old white electric stove with the old style coil burners went home with the gas installation guy who wanted it for their weekend place.  Fine with me! Haul it away!  

Another worker happily adopted and carted off the old white microwave.  So glad – the beeper on that thing played a tune that drove me nuts!

The 20 year old white noisy dishwasher was replaced by THIS!

SO QUIET!  And the capacity – oh my!

This is how I know I am officially old.  I am over-the-moon excited over things like new windows, gifted bedroom furniture and replacement appliances.

And that is okay by me.

Next up for the cabin is to replace the blue counter tops.  I haven’t been a fan of these since the first time we saw the place – and that will happen in its own time. 

Yesterday's #IGquiltfest was Share a Recent Finish.

This is last year's Quiltville Leader & Ender challenge - Checkerboard Rails, finished less than a year ago. While this year's challenge, Jewel Box Stars is now a top, it hasn't been quilted or bound yet, so I am sharing this one.

Our next Leader & Ender challenge starts in July! Be watching for details.

Pattern/directions for Checkerboard Rails available on my blog under the free patterns tab if you want to make your own!

Today – I’m giving my friend Toni a tour of what we’ve done so far at the Inn, and then she and I are headed out for a round of antiquing fun and lunch on the town.

Don’t forget: This happens tomorrow!

What: My video interview (including a tour of my cabin quilting studio) for the Quilt Alliance's StoryBee series

Why: To celebrate National Quilting Day

When: All weekend long starting Saturday, March 16th

Where: The Quilt Alliance closed Facebook group, Quilt Alliance Story Circle.  (Click and JOIN!)

This is a special PRIVATE GROUP event so you will have to join the group to access the interview.

I had a great time doing the interview by camera – this was the crazy day that I couldn’t get a strong enough signal at the cabin, so I drove 7 miles to the Quiltville Post Office and did it from inside.  You won’t want to miss it.  And it should tide you over until we can do Quilt-Cam again.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Our hearts and minds are like parachutes. They don't work unless they are open!

I woke this morning to the news of the shooting rampage in Christchurch, New Zealand. So absolutely senseless and contrary to the name that lovely city bears. We need to open our minds and our hearts to each other. We need to get beyond violence, hatred, bigotry, racism and learn to embrace those different than ourselves.

Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt pattern also found under the free patterns tab at the top of my blog.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone -


  1. Love sharing this journey with you as things move forward. And OH OH OH that dream oven!! I'm drooling! ♥

  2. What a great beginning to spring and the progress is amazing at all off your places in VA.

  3. I look forward to reading your posts every day. Love the progress pictures of the Quiltville Inn and Post Office. And appliance's.👍
    The picture of the Magic Mountain quilt gave me the decision I've been trying to make, "what's the next quilt I want to make?" I've gifted two Magic Mountain quilts, this next one will be for me!😊
    Thank you for all you do.

  4. Adore your blog each day. Windows are amazing. Appliances are amazing. You are going to love cooking on gas. Wahoo-- if power goes out--still can cook. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  5. The outside of the inn is so beautiful and picturesque, isn't it? I'm so happy for you that you get to do this project. I wish you much success and enjoyment. Ahh Gas! That's just the best. All the appliances look great. They even make the blue counter top look pretty. :-) I've heard the phrase leader/enders before but I really don't know what it is. I've got to figure this out and do the challenge with you. The checked rail quilt is just exquisite.

    1. Linda, look up at the top of the blog under "tips and techniques." Scroll down to about the middle of the page and you'll find the heading, "Leaders and Enders."

  6. Wow! The Inn is looking wonderful. One of the items on my bucket list is to attend a class/retreat at Quiltville Inn. It just looks so calming and peaceful!🌷

  7. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! I love seeing your progress, as I know so many do. I also look forward to reading about your life, family, and pets. You brighten up so many lives. I hope you never loose sight of that. Happy spring from another Bonniac. Christy H.

  8. I hope I'm lucky enough to get to a retreat at your Inn someday. It would be an honor to see everything when you're finished. Love the daffodils, new windows, that gorgeous bedroom furniture and that front porch. I totally understand why you are in heaven. Enjoy!

  9. The new Bedroom set is awesome. Those Windows sound very convenient.
    I love my pew. I got it when my Hubby was Bishop. Thanks for the link!

  10. Quiltville Inn is such a beautiful looking house! I know I read the history, but don't remember how old she is. I love older homes and their character. so much more interesting than the cookie cutter homes we so often see today. I so enjoy your positive quotes at the end of your posts. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

  11. I echo your sentiments re the terrorist attack in Christchurch. A dark day for my country, New Zealand

  12. I just found the storage box with my mountain blocks made several years ago in Florida and will try that diamond layout, I love it. The quote should help us all in a lot of circumstances. Thank you Bonnie.

  13. I have a bed that was made in the 1890s. What I did to give the mattress/box springs a sturdier feel was to double the bed slats. Got the wood from Home Depot. I've been sleeping on it for nearly 60 years!

  14. Everything is looking wonderful. I remember so well having blue formica countertops installed in my kitchen replacing harvest gold ones. It was a happy day but now I am sure they have been replaced again by the current owner. How quickly our tastes change [20ish years haha].

  15. So pleased for you the windows look amazing, you have such a beautiful building and your upgrades are just perfect without spoiling the charm. Love your new stainless steel appliances at the cabin look so smart and they will serve you well they look so gorgeous. Congratulations
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. Today's quote is from the United Methodist Church. I love your blog and the quotes. It is a must read daily. Thanks Bonnie for the pleasure you give to me.

  17. Bonnie, I am so happy for you with all these wonderful things going on. Its been alot of hard work physically and emotionally; however, the fruits are already shining through! Continued blessings. Sue


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