Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest or Bust!

i headed out southwest toward the Tennessee line yesterday -

This valley view is from the top of Grassy Creek Rd, about a  winding, climbing mile from the cabin. Blue skies, puffy clouds, an audio book playing -

Life is interesting in these parts.  There is ZERO GPS signal on my Verizon phone where I am due to the mountains.  So I have to go old school, watching the signs on the road pointing me toward Interstate 81 and figure the Walmart truck in front of me knows where he is going – and follow along.

And just as I had experienced a time or two before – the GPS will catch up with me and start working again within a mile from the interstate on ramp.  Tennessee bound!

The Tennessee state line is just over an hour away, but it was a wonderful sight to see!

The other signs and billboards I love to see are along the lines of “Antique mall ahead, turn right next exit!”

Just what I hoped to find!

For MONTHS I have been looking for a replacement door knob for Quiltville Inn, and came up NADA.  Toni and I looked in Galax on Friday, asking the guy behind the counter if he knew of any “Well I think there are some around here but I don’t know where they are….”

This booth – Mother load!  And just what I needed.  A glass doorknob with all pieces intact.  No missing screws, no stripped places where a screw wouldn’t hold.  I found just what I wanted (And a vintage salt/pepper that was too cute to pass up) placed my purchases on the counter for safe keeping and continued to wander…

Sweet nine-patch child’s quilt -

On screaming green carpet!

Diamond Hexagon – great fabrics!

This one was fabulous!

Can you see how the edges of hexies were cut off to make the quilt straight to add a border?

when one blue rain out, she just started off with another -

And some faded to look like they weren’t there.

These are the things that make this quilt interesting!

If everything matched – if there were no fade-outs – this quilt wouldn’t be as fun to look at as it is….I love this!

Unfortunately so did the seller – it was priced way too high for me to consider adopting it.

Very BLUE baskets!

How many hours of hand quilting went into this beauty?

Hourglass blocks -

Love that half row at the bottom!

Very sweet Irish chain!

This one has a ton of quilting also – but the brown fabrics are shattering at the fold line. Do you think these browns were home dyed?

This one was a favorite!

Look at the far left edge and the top -

Half blocks on two connecting sides!

(No, I’d never seen this before!)

And rounded corners at the edge.  FUN!

Yes, the quilts went on and on -

Their condition wasn’t great, but the love that went into them is still there!

Hummingbird or Periwinkle Star

Oh my.  I can’t even GET into here!

A 1940s battleaxe of a Montgomery Ward machine -

It could easily bear the name “Hammerhead”

No cords, no cover, no foot pedal – and missing presser foot.

It stayed behind.


Or is it Crown-of-Something?

1950s fabrics.

It was a great way to break up the drive, stretch my legs and be inspired!

At this point I was only about 90 minutes away from my destination and I set that cruise control as speedy-safe as I could go and headed straight to the convention center in Pigeon Forge so I could get my large classroom set up before dinner time.

Does anyone else see the subliminal message of “Eat Junk” in the above photo? There was no eating junk about to happen – we wanted good food!

Meeting up with friend Linda Hahn!

It’s good southern cookin’ y’all!  The shrimp and grits were mine – fabulous!  Linda’s fare was a chicken waffle, and she presented me with her fried green tomato side dish.  YUMMY!

It wasn’t long after that that I was unpacked and in bed ready for today’s early morning starting gate.  Classrooms open at 7:30am to excited students ready to set up and we will be there to welcome them in.

Today’s workshop is Geese on a String from String Frenzy. Let the string pieccing begin!

My lecture and trunk show are this evening – so I can get that out of the way and enjoy the rest of the evenings ahead listening to others talk about what they love.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Things are about to get very quilty in this town!

Do one thing to put your day on the awesome side of life.

And consider doing the same tomorrow -

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see you this week Bonnie! Idaho Square Dance on Thursday

  2. wonderful antique visit...and shrimp and grits...on my "gotta try" list...you don't get that in new england!

  3. I had fun traveling with you again this morning. (At least in my mind). Have a great week.

  4. Thought that green carpet was lawn! The Renovator's Supply catalog was very useful to us when we owned a 1920's bungalow.

  5. If you don't mind my asking, what restaurant served the shrimp and grits?

  6. Maybe the reason for the half block in old quilts is due to the size of the quilting frame. Make the block the size you have a pattern for and then "lope" off what doesn't fit.

  7. I might share, but I would not give you my fried green tomatoes. They look yummy with a light crispy crust. I can't see the tomatoes to see if they waited until the tomatoes were on the verge of turning so they had the perfect flavor, but still they look fantastic.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful antique quilt show this morning. I'm off to enjoy two days of cases with Karen Kay Buckley and learn new applique skills & techniques. Your posts get me motivated every day. Thank you

  9. I loved my trips to the Mountain Quiltfest. It was one of my favorite quilt venues. Enjoy!

  10. Nice Knob wall and Quilts. Have a scrappy FUN day. It's finally the last day of Winter. That rug is but I way crazy, love how you dare to lay the quilts out and share the pictures.

  11. I love the Mountain Quiltfest. I wanted to be there and was signed up with my sister for your class tomorrow. However I had eyelid surgery and just couldn't drive it alone. Looking forward to seeing you in Slidell next week.

  12. I would let my neighbor make that sewing machine into a tractor! It would look super.

  13. I love your quote of the day today. A perfect sentiment.

  14. Fried greet tomatoes -- and those door knobs. I grew up in a house with glass door knobs. So special. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.

    1. Anonymous2:08 PM EDT

      Yeah!! I enjoyed the post too. I would to see you visit my blog and help me with some tips.

  15. Shiloh Nanny, I searched on Yelp & the closest I could find in pics & menus for the shrimp & grits in Pigeon Forge in which Bonnie might have dined is a restaurant called the Local Goat. Also, included the fried green tomatoes & chicken waffles info. Might check it out and see what you think. Hopefully, Bonnie will see your question & answer for herself...

  16. The one called Blue Baskets looks more like Blue Succulents:)

  17. Thank you for coming to the Mountain Quiltfest! I was not lucky enough to get into your classes, however I was fortunate to take in your trunk show tonight. Your talk on leaders and enders was inspiring and your quilts are even more beautiful in person.

  18. Oh I love the Caesar's crown! A (very long) road trip may be in my future from Philly.☺ what was the name of the shop?

  19. The Crown of something block is a pattern that I’ve recently discovered that is now being called Brimfield Awakening for lack of knowing the true name. There is a website and an Instagram page with this name.

  20. Oh my goodness, I just love that blue hexie quilt!!! (blue Has LONG been my color!)


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