Friday, March 29, 2019

Texas Tumbleweed, Louisiana Style!

It was another day in the Quilt Mines!

One by one the quilters rolled in – pulling wagons and carts, eager to set up for the day.  Up on deck?  Texas Tumble weed from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders – a day of squares and rectangles with folded corners ahead!

Let’s just get the oooh’s and ahhh’s going RIGHT HERE!

Oh my goodness!  This little featherweight stopped me in my tracks with a squeal!  Look at those stripes waving in the breeze!  HOW FABULOUS!!

Such a thing of incredible beauty and – oh heck, it is just fun to sew on a machine like this!

And this goes on the list of – Oooh! That’s COOL!

Your “go to workshop, retreat, sew day” carry all!  A caddy perfect for small sets of stackable drawers – nothing will get left behind.  Just grab and go!

I have no info on this one – don’t know if there is a tutorial anywhere or a pattern, but just sharing it for the brilliant idea that it is – strap in front to keep drawers from opening when you don’t want them to.

This belongs to Alesia, and she said “Be sure to put the handle toward the FRONT of the top so that the weight of the drawers will tip the unit back a bit when being carried – keeping drawers from opening on their own.”  Brilliant!

Cindy’s Ladder bocks in beautiful 1930s red!

The pressing party at the ironing stations!

So happy to see these friends stitching together!

Oh, this is going to look great!

Sew, Dianna, Sew!!

Can we just slow this day down – so it doesn’t pass so quickly?

The end of class lay down!

Ii love how everyone gets into the act, turning blocks, placing colors, making sure that things go the “right way!”  it’s a GROUP activity – and great to get everyone out from behind their machines and working together.

Well done, everyone!

For more of our day’s fun, fire up the video below.  Click to play:

As machines were unplugged, projects packed up, wagons re-loaded and paraphernalia rolled back out to awaiting cars in the parking lot, I accepted an invitation to dinner with Pat & Charlotte who were heading down to Gulf Shores afterward to spend a few days at the beach.  So glad to have some extra time with them before they dropped me back at my hotel for the evening.

Thanks for the invite girls! I’ll see you in Hershey in July!

Evening Adventures in Hotel Sewing!

It was only 6:30 when I arrived back at the hotel so I set up Karen’s loaner featherweight in my room, flipped on some NCIS and got down to some sewing to smooth out any frazzled edges left after a day in a busy classroom.

It was JUST what this girl needed!

The last 30 basket blocks are seeming to take FOREVER!

But they will get there, a few at a time, as time allows.

I am almost giddy thinking about the nearly 3 weeks off I will have after I return home on Sunday – the basket blocks are GOING DOWN!  And then it will be time to settle in on a setting.

Today we’ve got Crabapples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders in the line up – followed by an evening event where all instructors get to set out our own merchandise tables and meet those who were NOT in our classes, making our items available to them as well.

I am hoping it is well attended!  I’d like to see this stuff go home with someone else, rather than me packing it up and schlepping it to FedEx to be shipped home on Saturday after class.  If anyone wants a bargain, come see me!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

If your mind is closed, you've got a problem!

Try to be a bit more open today.

It’s Friday, after all!  Make it a good one -


  1. Looks like you've had a great time! Awesome work to everyone

  2. Loving all the featherweights, and I must say the Patriotic one got a WOW! from me, too. I haven't seen one like it - beautiful. So glad the weather is cooperating for you to enjoy your time there.

  3. Seeing this Texas Tumbleweeds workshop makes me want to get mine out and work on it. But I have others that need finished first, Like En Provence! That one I want done and on my bed!

    Thank You so much Bonnie, for another great quilt! I am so glad you get some down/relaxation time when you are done with this week! You deserve it!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is shining bright today an d I had two moose napping in my back yard again this morning.

  4. Sometimes, I get so tickled by the comments section of your blog! Where else would I learn about things in The Channel Islands via Anne or read about moose napping in the backyard via Donna? Thanks for all you provide and thanks to viewers who add so much to my day!

  5. Your basket blocks are such fun. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  6. Yes there is a pattern for those drawers and if I can find it (????) in my sewing room I will give you the information. I purchased in Texas a few years ago in a shop in Arlington and have the stuff to make a 3 drawer one. Don't ask me if I have made it, please.

  7. As if being just 25 miles away in MS and laid up from eye surgery wasn’t enough..... You go and have Texas Tumblweed up on deck❣️ I’m a Texas girl long ago transplanted to Mississippi. 😂😂😂 oh Bonnie I am so wounded 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.


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