Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mountain Quiltfest Day 1–Geese on a String!

Geese on a String!

I have been waiting for this workshop – my favorite things combined into one!

Four-patches & string blocks.  In fact, these four-patches are found in 3 different quilts in String Frenzy – yes, the Leader & Ender units live on always finding a place to land!

You’ll find them in Daybreak, Sand Castles AND Geese on a String.  Proving once again that “If you build the units the quilt will come!”

Bring out the strings and the strips – the more the merrier!

We used my Essential Triangle Tool to trim the string pieced geese and to cut the wing triangles!  These geese were flying by lunch time!

Sew much fun, ladies!

Along with patchwork geese – the Canadian Geese are also present!

Everyone enjoyed the sunshine at lunch -

Beautiful blooms at the LeConte center!

Our event is being held HERE!

With 1 1/2 hours for lunch – I had plenty of time to take a walk along the Little Pigeon river and get some sunshine and steps in.  Spring abounds!

You’ve got to check this adorable scene out – Click to Play:

That poor mama, as soon as she would get MOST of her babies on the rocks, one or two ducklings would get caught in the current and away they’d go --- only to have mama come get them.

The only problem – once mama left the ducklings to get the stragglers, the other babies would follow her back down and they’d start the upstream business all over again.  Precious!

Mr. Blue Heron standing proud --

After lunch and four-patches in progress!

Oh, this is going to be glorious!

Cheering on our mother/daughter team!


And I am so happy to see GWEN!

She brought with her my remaining boxes from the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show we were both at just over a week ago!  Nothing like friends who are willing to Pony Express stuff to you so you don’t have to ship it!

You’ll find the rest of yesterday’s workshop fun in the video below.  Click to Play:

And the day wasn't over yet!

It was a day of “The Schlep!”

Arrive at the event center by 7:30am – offload everything from the van – cases of books and class supplies, hang the demo quilt – start class on time at 8:30am. 

Class ended at 4:00pm and I immediately reboxed all the STUFF – and hauled it through the event center to the lecture hall – brought in 135 lbs of quilts from the van, set them up on stage, rehung the lecture quilt (Straits of Mackinac from String Frenzy!) and re-set up the book signing table – and as all this was going in, folks were filing in and claiming their seats and WATCHING!!  It was a one person circus. 

But we got it done – a late dinner after all was REPACKED with quilts reloaded into the car, and book boxes dropped back off to the classroom for today’s go-round -

I’ll be at the center again today at 7:30 to set up for our Scrappy Bargello workshop – class load – 40!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

Stress may be running high and expectations even higher.

Deadlines and other urgencies cause us to rush unaware of others around us.

When chaos reigns, remember to take a breath and be kind!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Never thought to make a flying geese unit that way! I'm stoked!!! Wonder if Dolly Parton would drop in on you all??? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderfully busy day!

  3. I loved being front and center for your Lecture twice in my life so far. Not a Circus, an Inspiration! I would have jumped to help you. Still thinking about helping hang Midnight Flight at the PNW Bonnie Retreat.

  4. Thank you Bonnie! I was just cutting up all my smallest pieces of fabric into 1.5", 2", and 2.5" squares and bricks. I kept putting pieces from that bin into my string bin since they were slimmer than 1.5", but were long enough I just couldn't throw them away! This gives me the perfect Leader & Ender project along with a new quilt! I am totally going to go find this pattern in your book right now! Also, thank you for the quotes. I needed this one today. I am 2 weeks past due on birthing this baby and it has been a rough night for me.

    1. Soon, you'll have your baby in your arms. Praying for you for a successful delivery, safe and sound for all.

  5. and why didn't anyone step up and help you?? I know you love what you do, but still no excuse why no one would help schlep!! Love your blog and seeing what you're teaching and the fun your students are having. It shows in their smiles!

  6. Love this quilt and the ladies looked like they were having a great time. Another successful day for Bonnie. WTG!!! You made a difference in a lot of lives today.

  7. The video of the ducklings and their Mama was precious! As well as the spring weather! We are expecting a Nor'easter, starting tonight. Our woodchuck said he was sleeping for another three MONTHS, back on Groundhog Day!! Your videos of the workshops inspire me!!

  8. HI Bonnie! (from BSU Bronco country). I LOVE LOVE LOVE how every day you "stop and smell the roses". You run a hugely successful 1 woman company and you stop every day to enjoy...the scenery, the wildlife, the running waters, the sunsets, the sunrises, the baby geese, hubby, the boys you raised, your pets.....you are not only a quilting teacher, you are a LIFE teacher.

    Thank you!


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