Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Quilting Day That Wasn’t!

This quilt hasn’t gotten any further along -

It is laying in the same place I left it the last time I was up at the cabin -

Sadie has been up here with The Hubster while the window re-do, roof fixing, gas range/dishwasher/microwave install has happened over the past couple of weeks.  I am the one that is out of town while he works remotely from here.  That’s the perk of his job – as long as he has cell data, he can do his job from wherever.

This quilt has been walked around, walked on, and evidently pet-surfed into a corner:

Oh, Sadie!

And my ONE GOAL for this weekend has been to see this mess sewn into a top.

My plan to sew yesterday for National Quilting Day was derailed – with good reason.

It was Dave’s 59th birthday, and what HE wanted to do was head back to Galax to check out the wood stove that Toni and I had seen the day before.

On our way – we stopped to put the old church pew from the previous day’s SECOND trip to Galax up on the porch – right where I wanted it to go:


I can’t wait until folks are sitting on this porch, sharing random chatter while enjoying glasses of ice tea on a hot summer afternoon-

Stove project in truck!

We worked for a bit of a deal – there is a lot of work to be done on this old stove to bring it back to life – but a project he is excited to take on.  It’s going to be perfect in his workshop.

Vintage Carolina Pride Stove.

And I learned some things after google-searching the info on the stove front!

This stove was made by Glascock Plow & Stove Foundry, G. T. Glascock & Son(s) & Glascock Stove & Mfg. Co.  of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Just out the back door as the crow flies from my home in Wallburg, NC!

Two more stoves, just like ours at the back right of photo!

The Glascock family operated a general foundry and stove manufacturing business in Greensboro. The company was established by G.T. Glascock around 1873, and sons Thomas and Lucius joined it to form G.T. Glascock & Sons in the 1890s. 

Incorporated as the Glascock Stove & Manufacturing Co. in 1906, the foundry was best known for manufacturing the Carolina Cook Stove or “Carolina Queen.” It also produced hollow ware, grates, feed cutters, plow castings, wood sawing and splitting machinery, and factory, dry kiln and lumber trucks.

I have emailed the site to see if I can find out more info on the dating of our stove.  The price tag said 1950s..but who knows? The most remarkable thing is that all pieces are intact. No missing finials, knobs, handles, and everything works. It just needs cosmetic attention.

Who would guess that vintage stove collecting would be a THING?  Kind of like vintage sewing machine collecting??

Birthday Movie Night at the Blue Ridge Movie Lounge!

Small town life is better than sliced bread – and when it is served up with Cheerwine or Dr Pepper in vintage style bottles along with a huge bucket-o-popcorn for a comfy showing of A Star is Born, the 2018 version – all is well!

It was late by the time we got back to the cabin – and I am just amazed to say that ZERO sewing happened on the one day of the year where I would make sure to get some stitching in!

But today – today is for sewing.  One last day here of this long weekend.

Tomorrow I am off to Pigeon Forge, TN for Mountain Quiltfest!

And since we are talking about old things becoming the PERFECT thing – remember the the story of the Traveling Catfish from this fall?

It has come to rest at its destination – a gift for a happy hubby who was thrilled to receive it!

Installing the fish at the fish camp!

Peggy writes:
Hi Bonnie,
I told you I'd send pictures of "The Catfish in the Cradle" when mounted. 
I must say my husband was shocked speechless when he was presented with the fish on Thanksgiving Day. 
I wish I had taken a picture of his face to share with you. He just looked at myself and his son Justin like "What am I going to do with that?", and "what were you thinking." Lol 
After we shared the story and your blogs of how this catfish was found and we got it from Virginia to  Michigan, along with our vision to have it on the fish camp he got the idea. 
He then pondered how to mount it for about 6 weeks. Here is the end results.
Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month in Slidell, LA.
My friend Joan Rosencrantz is flying down to take your Boxkite class with me.  See you on that Saturday.
Peggy Klock.

One happy hubby!

I can only imagine how hilarious this situation was – but all this happy hubby needs to do is look at the huge fish mountain on the side of his building and he will KNOW to what lengths is family will go to show and share their love.

I’ve been giggling every time I see these photos.  What a small small world it is.  This fish went from being the ugly weird thing in an antique mall – to a treasure on the side of a building!

See you soon, Peggy!  Gulf States Quilting Association weekend is going to be so much fun.

Now let’s hope we can get that ugly little rusted stove restored and give it a new life, too.

Yesterday’s #IGquiltfest prompt:
“Share Your Favorite Quilting Book!”

This is a no brainer for me. Back in the early 1980s when I was a budding new quilter, and also a newly married gal, I made my very first ever purchase by credit card.

Mary Ellen Hopkins' "It's Okay if You Sit On My Quilt!" was that purchase - and likely the best $20 investment I ever made. This book showed me that patchwork is basically a grid, and if I could draw it out on graph paper I could piece anything.

I still have my copy after 35 years, dog-eared and tattered - now living in a 3-ring binder as the spiral binding it came with is long gone

I never had a chance to meet Mary Ellen in person may she "Rest in Pieces" but if I could I would throw my arms around her and thank her for the path she placed me on, one that would enrich my life beyond measure.

What book has been YOUR go-to favorite?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I'm feeling lucky today, how about you ?

Happy Saint Patrick's day!


  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  2. I love that book! I have so many quilts to make...not enough time...currently working on the flying geese string quilt out of your new book String Frenzy. Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. Lucky? You bet! Blessed? Yes, even more so! With my adopted "posi-speak" I work at substituting Blessed for Lucky... for I believe I am and it gives me pause and alerts me to show gratitude... thank you for being one of my blessings. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Love that fish story! I too wish she had taken a photo of her surprised hubby. It has to have been priceless!!
    Mary Ellen Hopkins was such a breath of fresh air and fun to hear. This book also lives in my book collection.
    Great stove discovery. ♥

  5. I was luck enough to take a class with Mary Ellen Hopkins in Williamsburg, VA as well as attend a lecture. That woman is hilarious !! Never laughed so much in all my life !

  6. PS - Mary Ellen died following a stroke on July 9, 2013.

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I also have a copy of her book. I was lucky to see her,at a quilt day. I think it was at Mountain Home Arkansas. She was a hoot..and a joy. My first go to book was The Weekend Quilt by Leslie Linsley. Made a couple of gingham baby coverlet.
    Thanks for all you do.. I keep on learning and learning from you.

  8. I have that book and my cat sits on it. I have too many books--quilting and reading--to pick a favorite I think. The stove is going to be gorgeous. Actually it already is. I hope you get to sew today. I hope I get some sewing done today. Go away laundry!!!

  9. Designing New Traditions In Quilts by Sharyn Squire Craig. May 1991. There is such a wide variety of blocks and designs. This is one of those books where you could make every one of the quilts presented. Each one is so diverse. The "It's Okay" book is a great choice. Took three classes from Mary Ellen. She was and is one of a kind.

  10. I love your blog because you share little snippets of real life. It is like an update from your BFF every morning. I am so glad I got to meet you and take a class in Denton, TX recently.
    Looks like hubby had a great birthday.
    Happy Quilting Day plus one!

  11. Love Mary Ellen’s book also. Her class was one of the first quilt classes I ever took when learning to quilt w-aaaaay back when, here in Tampa FL. So much fun and she was a mini firecracker of a lady! Loved her and wish she was still with us ❤️

  12. favorite go to book? scrap quilts by jan halgrimson...must have for any scrappy quilter! and mary ellen was a hoot in person...met her once at a guild meeting..

  13. Happy St. Paddy's Day! What a fun day and evening y'all enjoyed. The movie house sounds like a delightful place. Your posts are one of the bright spots in my day.

  14. Quilter's Complete Guide by Fons and Porter was my go to book for a long time. I have a large collection of books (too many). Love your blog and stories. I am going to Mountain Quiltfest for a day to view the quilts and shop. I didn't get to the site in time to register for classes.

  15. My first book that started me out was by ruby short MC Kim it. Was published in the 50 I found a copy at library and found it was long out of print I got one at dover publishing

  16. Oh my, I’ve done something Quilty that Bonnie hasn’t! I met Mary Ellen years ago at a Quilt Guild lecture. This reminds me that I really should pass on her book to my friend who has just started quilting.

  17. Bonnie - your blog is my favorite quilting book!! No contest. I can't even begin to list everything I've learned here. I have all of your print books, too, but any time someone asks me about getting started in quilting, I send them straight to your blog. You're my guru, lady!

  18. Going to a lecture by Mary Ellen Hopkins enriched my life. I have a collection of her books and refer to them often.

  19. It's Okay to Sit on My Quilt book was my first book also when I took my first quilt class also in the 80's. It now resides in a 3 ring binder too. Anyone still have the matching coffee cup? It is what you received after finishing your quilt.

  20. I also had the joy of attending a Mary Ellen lecture!
    she was an inspiration!

  21. Happy St. Patrick's Day Bonnie:
    This quilt is beautiful, as is the quote.

    I can't say that I have a favorite "Go To" book, but I have several sites I cherish, including yours!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it cloudy, and mild temps again today, which means more melting, and no place for the water to go, so more ice at night!.

  22. Not feeling very lucky, but wishing for some of the luck of the Irish to rub off on me!
    Thanks for the fun blog post to read today with tea and toast :)

  23. I also have this Mary Ellen book in my collection; however, my first purchase was a demo and book signing of Eleanor Burns' first book at a San Diego Mall. Also, offered was a class for the Log Cabin 'quilt in a day'.

  24. I have enjoyed and made most of the quilts in Judy Martin's Scrap Quilts. I can't say the exact title 'cause it is around here somewhere. On one occasion, it came up missing and I replaced it at Quiltfest. Now, you are my favorite scrap quilter!

  25. Yep! First quilting book I ever bought. Someone at work had it and I picked it up to look through it at work. That was all she wrote! Been quilting ever since.

  26. I also had that book - I shared it with another newbie and still waiting to get it back. Now I have yours. Funny fish story. Happy 17th!

  27. Happy St. Patrick's Day. This is the 47th anniversary of my first date with my now husband. Back in 1972, he called me up and said he was alone on St Patrick's, he was Irish (true) and would I please join him for a beer? How could I resist! The first book that really influenced the direction of my quilting, was Freddy's House by Freddy Moran. Her use of color, pretty much ALL colors, set me on a path I still follow. I have been lucky enough to take several classes from her. Her early encouragement meant the world to me. I love your blog Bonnie and wish you all the best in your renovation of Quiltville.

  28. As I had mentioned to you in Indianapolis, I had certainly enjoyed your "fish story" and hoped we would hear, as Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story". So I was happy today to learn the traveling fish made it to its destination. I too have the "It's Ok" book. I took a class using it but not with Mary Ellen. Great book that I still reference.

  29. Mary Ellen was guest speaker at the Quilter's Guild of Dallas in the 80's.Such a fun night! People were so excited to hear her and touch her work! I loved her book and wish I knew what happened to mine. Thanks for the memories!

  30. I don't know where she got it but my aunt gave me a signed copy of this book in the 80's just as I was seriously getting into quilting. I don't know if Mary Ellen Hopkins ever came to Australia or if Auntie Gwen got it on a trip to America. Anyway she started me on the right track right away. I still look at it for inspiration and enjoyment.

  31. How wonderful to see the end of the the fish story from Peggy, I love that your ugly antique mall find has become a beloved treasure to her hubby. I’m a sucker for a happy story, your hubbys stove looks so cute and willlook adorable when he’s cleaned it up.
    Have a fantastic day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  32. Started quilting in 1976 and remember my first book was log cabin quilts and quilters newsletter magazine.

  33. Mary Ellen Hopkins book is one of my favorites. I have made many blocks out of that book as I like sampler quilts.

  34. Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston changed my life

  35. As soon as you mentioned favorite book, I thought of Georgia Bonesteel. She was the first quilter I saw on TV. I had to have her books. I was lucky enough to take a class she taught. She was an excellent teacher and such a lovely person. We owe so much to these quilters who were a major part of the back-to-quilting revolution in the 1970's. I am sure they had no idea of what they were spearheading.

  36. I used to work a few blocks from the "Crazy Ladies" store in Santa Monica. I loved going there at lunch time to peruse Mary Ellen's incredible fabrics. Then a few years later she spoke at the Conejo Valley quilter's quild and I had the opportunity to attend. She was very, very funny!

  37. I'm truly hooked on making small quilts....and the book that hooked me is "Little Quilts All Through the House." I bought it a week or so after starting my first quilting class and it is still, after 21 years of quilting addiction, my all time favorite quilting book.

  38. I saw Mary Ellen Hopkins 3 times. Ate lunch with her one time. We had a workshop with Mary Ellen at my quilt guild and broke for lunch. For lunch we had baked potatoes and Mary Ellen accidently up whipped cream instead of sour cream on hers. We all laughed with her.


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