Thursday, March 07, 2019

From Home to Bloomington!

I spy Indianapolis below!
Can you see it?

What a bright and beautiful day it was for flying – clear blue skies, abundant sunshine -

But don’t let it fool you – I thought I was prepared for the blast of cold air that would hit my face when Nola and I stepped outside of baggage claim and made our way to the curb where Wendy would be driving on in to pick us up -

But OH MY!!  Temps in the 20s and breezy – Brrrr, baby, brrrr!

Farms and fields outside of the city.

It was a quick drive to Bloomington from Indy with a car full of chatter and catching up.  Turns out it has been 6 years since I last taught at this show.  How can that be?

The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show also has a perfect location – the convention center is attached to the hotel (Or the other way around – hotel attached to convention center) by an enclosed walk way so once I am inside – I am INSIDE.  There is no driving time to be accounted for in planning my day.  I just walk right on over –BONUS!

Especially since snow is in the forecast for today.  Will this winter NEVER end?

This look broke my heart at the airport in Greensboro.

I’ll be back Sunday, baby girl!

As seen at the show!

Beautiful On Ringo Lake!

I can’t zoom in close enough to remember the maker’s name – but check out that additional border!

Jane’s Good Fortune!

Nola’s Pineapple Crazy!

Great job ladies!

We got a quick tour around the show last evening before dinner.  Vendors were still setting up, but I can tell you there just may be some extra luggage weight going home with me once they are open.  BEAUTIFUL things – just wow.

More photos from the show to come -

(Pinwheel Fancy is today’s workshop!)

It was a long travel day and all I wanted was a long good night’s rest.


3am – sirens blaring down the road and right past my window.

Window heater unit continually going on/off/on/off all night.

4am – room next store has the shower running.


And this point I crawled out of bed and:

When the quilters can’t sleep, the quilters SEW!

This also fits today’s #IGquiltfest prompt – What’s on Your Cutting Mat?

I travel with just a little one that fits my “On the go” project kit.  I use it for subcutting short strip sets, and trimming.  It’s a must have along with my favorite Olfa Frosted rulers (Find them in the Quiltville Store!) and my Essential Triangle Tool.  That's all I need to make these cute Fancy Basket blocks. 

Pattern from my Addicted to Scraps column in the March/April 2016 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  Check your magazine archives or see if you can locate a digital copy.

I’ve breakfasted, I’m ready for class – and my room opens in about 30 minutes.

But before I go – let’s draw for the winner of the February Quilty Box!

This was such a great box – 5,765 entries!

Who is entry #1446?

Cordella Zweemer!

Cordella, I have sent you an email notification.  Please reply with your mailing address.  The kind folks at Quilty Box will be shipping your package to you as soon as I let them know where to send it!

Be watching for more Gift-Away fun in the near future.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage 9 Patch quilt found in North Carolina.

We have a choice on what we choose to bring into our future.

Some baggage can be left behind.

I've been thinking about this during this last year of heavy travel and the big change coming in 2020 with the opening of Quiltville Inn.

Everyone has their opinion on what I should be doing – but I’m following my own heart with this journey.

Have a wonderful Thursday, folks – I’m off to a Pinwheel Fancy workshop from Addicted to Scraps!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that pink ORL! What a beauty! Have fun teaching -- Pinwheel Fancy is on my very long list of quilts to make "next".

  2. You go girl! Follow your heart, because nobody truely knows what it's like to be you other than you! Have a wonderful workshop and day!!

  3. Don't listen to anyone else's opinion of what you should be doing. Follow your heart and you will be led to where you're supposed to be.

    When I stay in a hotel room I use a fan app on my phone or iPad. The sound of a gentle fan, raindrops, nature..... drowns out all of the outside noises.

  4. Choosing to get up and do something good always wins. I feel a nap coming on. Quilt show preview sounds fun! 3 weeks until our Spring Quilt Show. Hoping for Spring!

  5. My thought this morning while reading your shares...how on earth do you do it? Miss Bonnie, you bring sunshine and energy to me with every post. Thank you!

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  7. Following your own heart is critical to happiness. Thanks for sharing with us your heart's journey.

  8. That snow outside will make you feel warmer inside! Enjoy your day with all the quilters!

  9. Welcome to the cold Midwest. There are lots of warm hearts here cheering you on.
    I for one am very excited to make a road trip to Quiltville Inn and your neck of the woods !

  10. That pink ORL is absolutely gorgeous, all the quilts look amazing. This will be such a great show if this is a sample of the work included. The picture of poor Sadie she looks so crestfallen her mummy heading off, she’ll be so happy to have you back on Sunday.
    Congratulations to Cordella enjoy your quilty box the fabrics look amazing.
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. It’s so very easy to give people advice on what they should be doing, much more difficult to follow the advice we’re handing out! I’ve never tried the app for background noise but I have put the fan on continuous run so the start stop cycle doesn’t interrupt my sleep. Nice to know about the app when that option is not available.

  12. I don't know how you can possibly leave home with that loving look saying good bye. One of our fur babies did the "look" so well that we had to take him almost everywhere with us, the guilt trip was far too much.

  13. Dear Bonnie, I like to hear other people opinions and advise, they often provide insights and angles I had not considered. I thank them and warn them, I make my own decisions and choices as I am the one who has to live with them. Thank you, bless you, safe travels!

  14. Don't listen to what others say. You have worked so hard, and traveled so much. If you want to slow down and have people come to you, do it. It's your life, make yourself happy and do what you want to do. You deserve to do what you want to do. Have a great trip and stay happy.

  15. I agree that I like to see all your classes. But all the traveling you have been doing is also wonderful to see. Keep us informed. Thanks

  16. Congratulations Cordella! Love your name by the way, it was my mother's middle name.



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