Sunday, March 10, 2019

Wonky Wishes for the Win!

The snow stopped.

The temperatures rose.

The rain,and THUNDER started!

But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the quilters – Spring is on the way and we were all tucked safely and warmly inside the Monroe Convention Center for day 3 of the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, and day 3 of workshops!

And as the LAST day – we were ever so grateful that precision could go out the window and play time could really begin as we set in to make batches of wonky stars, followed by string sashing.

I was amazed at the number of quilters who were finding themselves in the midst of their very first string piecing and improv piecing experience.  THEY DID GREAT!

Sometimes it is hard to let go of things that have always felt comfortable and allow ourselves to push our boundaries and learn something new.  It can feel uncomfortable.  It can be a bit scary.

It’s like a new dance step that feels all wrong some how.

But with a bit of practice – we suddenly get it!

SO many scraps with memories!

(And a fabulous 503 machine as well!)

The quilters are working so intently!

And some just go gang busters when given half a chance!

By lunch time!  Hooray!

Another happy Signature 3-ply 60 wt winner!

Happy Stitching, Diana!

And bend, and stretch, and a 1-2-3….

Quilter’s yoga feels so good after sitting all day!

Oh wow!  These are phenomenal!

Thanks for the wonderful day – and all of the laughs, hugs and smiles!

You’ll find the rest of our Wonky Wishes fun in the video below.  Click to play:

This day went by lightning fast. It was a constant flurry of activity.

And as it happens with big show events – there is an end to the day, and the packing up and hauling out begins.

There was a shuffle to beat the rain, a rush to bring cars closer to the front doors to load, a last round of hugs and well wishes, and one by one off they went.

Sometimes Quilt Karma comes my way – and this time, it did, in the form of Cathy who brought my one box of random books and stuff from my visit to Indianapolis in November so I didn’t have to ship it home.  And in the form of Gwen, who came back yesterday at the end of the day to pick up what remained after class and will be bringing it to me in Pigeon Forge TN later in the month.  To these Pony Express riders – I thank you!  No FedEx run was needed at the end of the day!

Sightseeing by Shuttle!

Monroe County Courthouse, Bloomington Indiana.

(Yes, I have a thing for old courthouses!)

Two other instructors and myself were loaded up and driven by van last evening back to Indianapolis where we stayed close to the airport.  This morning we all head out as our flight times dictate – our hearts all pointing toward the comfort of home, our own surroundings – and our own beds.

And the icing on the cake – it’s a Spring Forward Sunday, which is leaving me feeling a bit short-sheeted on the sleep end.  I will end up back in Greensboro, North Carolina bya 1:30pm.  There WILL be a NAP!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage orphan block quilt found in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Expanding our experiences will give us a bigger playground to play in!

Hopefully my students found this to be true in this week’s workshops -

Where will you push your boundaries today?

Enjoy your Sunday, folks – is there nap in your plan, too?


  1. Short-Sheeted, lol I did that one April Fool's day to my Hubby.Enjoy your Nap. Sundays are my nap days. Love that you have quilters who help so much and save you time and shipping costs. A Hallmark Movie later will close this day of rest for me.

  2. Happy Sunday - expanding our horizons through life's experiences happen daily. Perhaps in monumental ways or a "by chance" exchange with a stranger or a close loved one. New discoveries lift my spirits. Enjoy your nap - one of life's luxuries.

  3. Thanks for a great experience with this class yesterday. It was fun and imformative. Your explaining of the webbing process will have me looking at books differently. Safe trip home.

  4. So much fun! Welcome home!!

  5. Oh, WW in aqua!!! Or is that teal? I guess I don't know the difference. That picture has me thinking that maybe the scrappy WW on my "someday" list will be an aqua.

    Have arrived at our condo in FL. I was @ DD's just outside of Philadelphia and thought, "Why not?" It's not rented again until sometime in the summer, so I packed my sewing stuff and instead of driving 6 hours north when I left, I headed 17 hours south. A VERY long drive. But now instead of snow, I am looking at green grass, palm trees and flowers while listening to the birds singing. Too tired to walk across the street for Gulf sunset today, I will be here for 6-ish weeks, so have time to do it when I'm not so pooped!

    Thanks, as aways, for the inspiring pictures

  6. Gorgeous stars I so love the wonky stars block, wishing you safe travels and a peaceful nap time
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  7. Good to be going home -- hubby and fur babies are waiting. Thanks for the great photos and recap of your day. I think this wonky star quilt will be on my cutting table later this year. Lovely.


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