Friday, March 22, 2019

Idaho Square Dance–Mountain Quilt Fest, Day 3!

Pam’s beautiful blocks!

How gorgeous in these colors!

She mentioned that this is the 3rd workshop she has taken with me, and I loved hearing how at first she was too afraid to leave matchy matchy behind and let the scraps in to play – she said that she is so happy with the freedom of being able to throw anything and everything in and how much more fun she is having!

It shows, Pam!  These blocks are wonderful!  I can’t wait to see your whole quilt.

Colors were blooming all over the room!

Oooh, I like the purple, too!

How about blacks and white with turquoise and berry?

And when your neutral becomes purple and your blue is orange!

Yes, and yes and yes again!

Another day of sewing, sewing, sewing!

A sweet vintage Blac-kside 221 came out to play!

made during the WWII era when chromium was not as available for machine parts and a black finish was given instead….I don’t find black side featherweights very often..so this was a treat to see! Even the presser foot was black – a great piece of our sewing machine history!
We’ve had mother/daughter teams -

And sister pairs this week -

But how about a trio of sisters!

We couldn’t help but break out into song – “Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted Sisters….”

I love the quilting thread that binds these siblings together – and oh what fun they have through their life from sharing events like this!

And then there are those who become “family by choice!”

The Crazees were in my class yesterday!

Thanks for bringing the sunshine and happiness into my class!

Click to play:

Well done, everyone!

We will see you back here in 2021!

Lost on the way to our evening Basket-weave strings workshop:

Lee Ann was on her way to my evening workshop when the back of the car flew open and she lost not only valuable quilting supplies and fabric, but her Good Fortune quilt top as shown above.

  "Driving down the road about an hour ago near the conference center. The back of my friend’s car popped open & my machine rolled out! We got to the center for Bonnie’s class & realized that a black rolling briefcase full of Christmas scraps, a Cincinnati phone book & my Good Fortune top must have rolled out too! My machine is fine, but I’m heartbroken that the black rolling briefcase & quilt are gone! If you find it or see it or hear about it, please let me know! Thanks!" If you have any information you can reach Lee Ann at: Lee_ann_conard@msn.com

We are devastated for Lee Ann, and gathered together what supplies we could for her to participate in last evening’s class.  If anyone has any information – please contact Lee Ann at the email address above.  Thank you!  Please share this story with as many folks as you can, via facebook, instagram, email groups, message boards, etc -

I an honestly feeling rather like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck myself this morning – I was back to my room after the evening class just past 9pm – but I slept fitfully and that 5am alarm came way to early.

Last night’s half-day class is followed by a full day Sand Castles workshop from String Frenzy today.  Thankfully no evening class tonight!

But there are two more half-day workshops tomorrow – which will put me a bit behind in staying up to date with the class postings – we’ll get them all up here eventually!

I have 30 minutes for breakfast and then off to the show to welcome another big group of 40!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I'm grateful for all of the kindness is of others during this busy week!

The kindnesses we give travel on in ripples affecting those around us!

Pass the kindness around and watch it carry on!


  1. I don't think anyone has mentioned that at this quilt show there is a whole section of Bonnie Hunter quilts, including every mystery quilt, beautifully displayed. What a treat!!

  2. Oh no.. I do hope that is is found and handed back to the maker.

  3. You are a wonder Bonnie. I just don't know how you do it all and keep your sanity. Some days I get weary just reading about all of the activities on your calendar! I truly appreciate your bringing us along for the ride.

  4. Going to think positively about the lost supplies. In that area with so many quilters cruising around I can imagine an eagle-eyed quilter spying and rescuing those things. Thinking very positive thoughts. ♥

  5. Car hatch fail, No Fun! I love my quilts made Bonnie-style. Kitchen sink & Everything thrown in. Kindness is the answer always. Happy for the Quilter's who shared.

  6. What road was Lee Ann on when she lost her things? Has she let the authorities in that area know? Hope they show up.

  7. How heartbreaking to lose a quilt top: it's so much work to find the fabrics, prepare and cut them, arrange and sew them. So much time and expense! Here's hoping some eagle-eyed public service vehicle driver spots the bags (or the fabric if the quilt top got loose) and is wise enough to contact a local quilt guild to help track down the owner. It really depends on how close to the big show this occurred ... the closer the more likely they'll know how to track down its owner. Fingers crossed!
    Bonnie I can't believe how hard you push yourself. Don't forget to take some rest breaks in there! I may never have the opportunity to attend one of your workshops, so I do appreciate you taking and sharing as many pictures as you do. Thank you!
    ~Diana from Toronto

  8. I mentioned this on the Facebook post, but will repeat it here in the hope that it helps. Lee Ann may want to contact local law enforcement via their non-emergency number. If a Good Samaritan found her lost items, without any better ideas on how to locate the owner, they would possibly have contacted the local police/sheriff. Can't hurt to try!

  9. Busy, busy, busy. These ladies doing a fantastic job. So many combinations but one thing in common -- their smiles. Have fun!

  10. Hope Lee Ann's belongings turn up.

  11. So hope the lost items are found and returned soon. Is this pattern available?

  12. The black rolling briefcase may be hiding in the bushes alongside the road Lee Ann was driving on. It may be very hard to spot!! It could have bounced, too. Hope some finds it. Perhaps there was a luggage tag on it to indicate the owner, ot inside it.

  13. Idaho square dance is on my bucket list as i grew up in Idaho. Look at the pattern often

  14. I do hope the owner f the lost bag had a luggage tag on it so that she could be reached. Praying it will be returned to her.

  15. I am praying that LeeAnn's rolling brief case is returned to her!


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