Monday, March 04, 2019

No Time to Catch Up!

This is how I left things when I headed to Texas 2 weeks ago.

I need to piece a back for Jewel Box Stars.  That’s why it is hanging over the rail of the long arm.

Before I left I had been kitting up basket blocks, and the strips that need to be put back into the Scrap User’s System are hanging on the rail just waiting for me to get down to it.

I have fabric folded and ready to put away, some stacks of things, some trays for sorting, it all happens here on the table side.

That white board?  I use it for photography as in yesterday’s detail shot of the items that are found in yesterday’s Quilty Box Gift-Away.

Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?

But seriously – all of the side-tracking aside – I’m seriously running and playing catch up after being gone 2 weeks when I really want time to settle in and play!

For instance – Every March, Amy Ellis at @amyscreativeside runs the #IGquiltfest on Instagram with photo prompts each day – a fun way for folks to share a bit more about themselves and we can get to know each other better as a community.

I was going to opt out.  I mean – who has time for this?  But I want to play!  I was already 3 days behind.  But I started in.  Click to my Instagram to see my catch up posts from yesterday.

Day 1 was introductions.  That part was easy.

Day 2 was Sewing Machine.  Okay – which one??  LOL!  I shared the Pink Atlas –it’s what is in my sewing space at the time. (No I didn’t pan around the room and share that there are actually 2 treadles in cabinets, a Janome 6500, and a Necchi Supernova Ultra at a separate table as well as another cabinet along one wall plus the long arm.  

When it comes to machines I am like the Crazy Cat Lady – what’s one more?

But Day 3? (Which was supposed to be yesterday but I’m playing catch up, remember?) is SEWING SPACE.  Well Crimany. 

And fully believing that things should be kept real, I took some photos this morning.  The way I left it.  When I left for Texas.

It really isn’t TOO BAD?

I mean, it could be worse?

It HAS been much worse!

But the truth of the matter is – I don’t have time this week to clean it up.  I was in the middle of cutting things – and I only have today and tomorrow home because I head to Indianapolis on Wednesday.  WHAT WAS I THINKING about joining in on this photo challenge?

Today’s prompt for Day 4?  QUICK FINISH!  (WHAT?! How can I do this today?)  Can a quilt backing be considered a quick finish?  Maybe if it is one piece of extra-wide!

I’d like to make some table runners for the dining tables at Quiltville Inn – but that isn’t likely to happen as a Quick Finish TODAY.

You want to know what a Quick Finish is?

All of the windows at Quiltville Inn were replaced in 2 days!

ALL 31 of them!

This is the one I am most excited about.  It’s the triangle window seat from Bedroom 4.  These windows match the style of the originals and are SO MUCH BETTER!

Directly below Bedroom #4 – the Den!
Same window angles.

Both windows from the outside.

(Uppers not installed yet in this photo)

What I am absolutely loving – the screens are “half-screens” And you can slide them up or down for cleaning.  The windows tilt in so you can clean them all from the inside.  You can slide the top of the window down, so the screen portion is at the top, or slide the screen down and open the window from the bottom up.  This was the biggest job  yet – and so needed.  And I am so happy with it.

My yesterday was filled with unpacking suitcases, doing laundry and getting a start in on getting mail order ready to go out today.

More of that will happen today as I didn’t get through it all.  (Can I consider getting all mail out by close of post office day today a QUICK FINISH!?)

On the side of this are all of the things I need to place in my re-packed luggage for Indiana on Wednesday.

I thought I was going to get some hand quilting time in -

But I returned from the kitchen to find…..DRESDEN!!!!!!

Dresden and Lola are now able to roam the house while we are here to supervise.  I still worry about Emmy Lou who turns 19 this year.  She is a frail thing and Dresden is so big and male.  I am just keeping a close eye on them both. So far he has left her alone, but you never know.

And since we are playing Catch-Up – I DID take time this morning to compile a cute little video of all of the Show & Shares from San Antonio.

Click to Play:

Fabulous quilts, everyone!

I’m still thinking on a Quick Finish for today’s prompt – but do I ever do anything QUICK!?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage nine-patch found in North Carolina

As with all of us, there are many changes happening in my life.

The hard part for me is letting go of the need for control, and trusting that better things are on the horizon.

We can mourn the changes, or we can look at them as an exciting adventure.

I choose adventure!

Have a great Monday, folks!


  1. Good morning, sweet Bonnie. Reading your posts every morning can be such an adventure, kind of like keeping track of Lola and Dresden now that they're free to move about the cabin (so to speak). I haven't participated in one of those challenges yet, and I think your dilemma today is a reason why. I'm afraid I'd get stuck in the first week and never get caught up -- I guess that's why it's called a challenge! LOL! I am also a crazy cat lady of machines, and I don't have a basement to store them -- they are tucked into every room in the house. Anyway, thanks so much for brightening my day every day.

  2. I will share the photo of your sewing space with my daughter who said my space was too tightly arranged! It's fine as long as we can move between things to get work done, right? Things we need are right at hand as needed so what's the problem? We are not square dancing or doing aerobic exercise in there are we? LOL ♥

  3. The view from that corner window is beyond words. The windows look wonderful and I know they add to the Inn. The excitement is building!!!

  4. Thinking you have several choices for quick finishes - my vote would be for the video you put together from San Antonio. And my sewing room looks in some organized disarray too - lots of projects ready for machine quilting. Also, I usually lose Monday in my week, so now I consider it my bonus day lol.

  5. I love your space. I think the IG Quiltfest is sew FUN! Today is March Fourth!! Parade Day, I hear them joking on the TV Morning show. I'm sure you're anxious to see those win.dows. Dresden is Funny. Did you shoo him away and stitch anyway?? Happy Monday, a new week to play

  6. Ack, I mistakenly hit sign out rather than publish earlier and lost my comment (not enough coffee). Anyway just noting that your sewing room is much neater than mine, which granted is quite small (repurposed smallest-bedroom-in-the-house) and also contains the majority of our bookcases, plus a nice wing-backed chair. I put it there for sitting and doing handsewing, but it is most often filled with stacks of fabric or a cat, or both!

  7. So excited the windows are in... woohoo ��
    Nel from Nebraska!

  8. I think finishing your nice blog post counts as a "finish"! And all the other stuff you mentioned count too! 😁

  9. Dresden appears to take his position as Time Management Consultant very seriously.

  10. Dresden has decided he’s more important than hand sewing and wants some more loving lol.
    I think any one of the pics could be your quick finish but would probably pick your show and tell clip, as that’s such an awesome inspiration to others and I for one love to see all the beautiful quilts created by these very talented ladies and men.
    Your windows look amazing, so pleased you have them all done it’s lovely to see your dream come together.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. The windows are fabulous! Going to be snug and cosy in the wildest weather now. Lol @ Dresden - do not disturb!

  12. I have a pink Atlas too! Mine is the portable version, which weighs a ton. It was my mother’s sewing machine, and she was still using it when she died a few years ago. I sew on a practically new Brother and a 20 yo Bernina, but I love the Atlas best. My mother taught me to sew on that machine.


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