Monday, January 26, 2015

While Bonnie Waited: Antiquing in Charlotte!

This was the view as I drove into Charlotte on Saturday around 11am.

I had HOURS to kill until it was time for me to meet up with both Randy and Lori, each with separate arrival times.

What is a girl to do when killing several hours in Charlotte?


Well, of course, antiquing – but on a sunny day like this after days of rain and road dirt and grime?  Shamu got a car wash!


Oh happy day!


Yes, we’ve got Quilting!  And a clean van!

There are a couple of great antique places in the Charlotte area that I really enjoy.  Sleepy Poet is south of Downtown, and the Catawba Antique Mall is a bit west of the airport in Belmont.  Both are large and worth a long leisurely browse.


19th century applique!


Beautiful quiltmanship!  Sparce quilting --


Be sure to look around and behind and under things!

Recognize this box?


Singer 66 with all the goodies!

I already have a couple of these in great condition, so I didn’t bite on this one.  It is at Sleepy Poet for $99.00 if I remember correctly.  Not a bad price, but not a great one either.


Sweet Dresden Plate!


Sweet 30s prints!




Half blocks top and left side!


Funky 1950s!


She loves you Yeah, Yeah Yeah!


It’s been Hard Day’s Night!

((I so loved this set – if I still had a teenager I would have bought them!))


Awesomely simple Album Block!


Wouldn’t this be a fun “sew it up quick” bundle of love!


Loved this old washing machine!


Sweet Anvil blocks!

Oh goodness, this post is getting way long, and we haven’t gotten to the second antique mall!  I’ve just made the executive decision to save THOSE photos for another post, and get to sewing since Randy and Lori are already at the machines as I type!

But the weirdest thing of all?  The “Just say no!” item found?


Really?  Seriously?



Rainy Day Sewing Today!

Have an awesome Monday, everyone!

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  1. Aww! I need a 66 to go in my collection......guess I'll just have to keep looking!

  2. OMGosh Bonnie. Google Poo-Purri. The video ads are hilarious! I've been watching them for a couple of years now.

  3. Bonnie,
    The Poo-Pouri is fantastic deodorizer!! We sell it at our store and everyone loves it....... a great addition to any bathroom! I LOVE Sleepy Poet.... going there this weekend!! Can't wait! Glad you and your friends are having so much fun.... love seeing all of your progress!

  4. The first time I saw the Poo Pourri was a few months after we had an incident with the hubs mom (Alzheimer's) when she flushed a bag of popourri down the toilet and clogged it. It also had poo IN the toilet at the time. It became a family joke. So, we picked up the name, but never knew there was an actual PRODUCT with that name! When we saw it, it was a good laugh for us all.

  5. Visited Sleepy Poet on one of our trips to see college daughter who goes to school in Charlotte, tons to see there. Maybe I can get there again in May when we go for her graduation! Also love visiting Mary Jo's when we go to Charlotte. Keep telling hubby we should leave this cold Michigan weather and just move there!

  6. There's another great spot to shop in Concord called The Depot. I always find lots of treasures there...check them out sometime.

  7. Love going with you on your adventures. That Singer sewing machine brings back fond memories. I learned to sew on a machine just like that. It was my Mom's. My sister is now the "keeper" of the machine, button hole maker & all!

  8. So is the pattern on that quilt really called the love ring? I should make one of those as it is my last name!

  9. The washing machine reminded me of one my grandparents had in their very tiny cottage (permanent home)at the beach. And the Poo-Pourri - that's funny...I just saw a commercial on YouTube the other day called "Girls Don't Poop" - very funny!

  10. I should clarify, the YouTube video is the commercial for Poo-Pourri.

  11. clkullberg@gmail.com1:18 PM EST

    I so enjoyed your time with us in Texas. I'm sewing like crazy on my Grand Illusion...the only problem is that I'm also sewing on my Jamestown Landing!!! When I get tired of one color scheme I move on to the next. My Husband thinks I'm "industrious!" Hr should meet you to truly appreciate "industrious" Thanks for everything and when you're in Texas again we'll go to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth. Truly fabulous!
    from the "Del" girl......lesson learned!

  12. I loved both the painted Union Jack furniture pieces :)

  13. That first antique quilt is fabulous!!! Love that swag border. Thanks a bunch for sharing your antique discoveries - I always enjoy them so much!

  14. Love the stuff that shows up in malls that isn't antique! Anyway that Poo-pourri really works and is a great product.
    I always feel sad seeing old quilts, sort of like abandoned puppies... I think of what happened to the family of the person who put all the time and effort in for them to end up in a mall... oh well hopefully they will find new families!

  15. I've heard that Poo-Pourri stuff really works. Probably best used if you're sharing a room/bathroom with someone else so as not to 'offend'! HAHA

  16. My Aunt buys that potpurri and LOVES it. It really does work well.

  17. Anonymous9:27 PM EST

    Was behind a young gal in the cashier line and the clerk asked her what it was she was buying. :-) She said she had received it last Christmas as a gag gift, loved it and was buying it for all her friends this year! Should have asked what department you would find it in. :-)
    The Singer 66 was my first sewing machine, still have it and a few more. Love your blogg.

  18. How old is this product?

  19. Our grocery store stocks Poo-Pouri, right next to the t-paper of course.

  20. My mother had that very same Easy Spindryer when I was a child. Remember it well!

  21. Oh Bonnie yes the Poo spray really works, I've got a bottle that I keep for the Grandson who thinks it is funny to blow up the bathroom.

  22. Someone gifted Kathy that Poo Pouri stuff, what they don't come up with!

  23. Anonymous10:57 PM EST

    I live in Belmont and would have loved to show you around! I'm a huge fan!

  24. Oh, I wish I had known! I would have flown to Greensboro to see my new granddaughter and her brothers and sewn along with you this weekend!


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