Thursday, January 29, 2015

Charlotte Antique Run, Part 2!

The H quilt hanging over my railing!

I picked this quilt up in Belmont, NC on Saturday while waiting for Randy and Lori to arrive.

I love this quilt so much!

Especially that little chrome yellow number…it’s more gold, not quite cheddar – and it sticks out like a wonderful sore thumb just begging to be noticed.

“Here I am!!” it shouts…

I love unexpected elements like this, just a little bit loud, a little bit vibrant, a little bit stand-alone.

It gives the quilt so much life and joy.

Without this “shouting at you” yellow block this quilt would be subdued, predictable, ordinary.

A Life Lesson?  YES!  I don’t want my life to be subdued in any way!  Predictability is boring!  Ordinary?  Who has time for that…make your life Extraordinary!


Simple sawtooth star quilt!


I love the alternating blocks.  So effective!

I get most of my inspiration from antique quilts.  From looking at how other people put things together.  This layout is so much more interesting than the next quilt, but didn’t take any more fabric or time to do it this way.  One more predictable?


Same block, different layout, different feeling!


Now this one….same block….a bit crazy!


And some star points upside down!

But so much life and exuberance went into this one.  The workmanship may not be as great, but I bet ANYTHING this maker had much more fun making her star quilt!


Giant Baskets!


Buttonhole Applique!

Big baskets seemed to be the theme of the day. Check out this one:




Big Handle and All!


Apple Core Top!


1920s to 30s type plaids and pastels

This top was not in the best shape as you can see from some of the bleeding ---it had been washed and the seams were almost non-existent.  It also will never quilt flat ----problem child of quilters past!  but it was fun to see what fabrics the maker put in it.




Love the plaids and fans!

Blues and browns, greys and tans.  I’m sure this one had a lot more color to it at some point.  I haven’t made a pyramid quilt in many years ---I’m thinking I might need to get back to it!  This was a fun one in homespuns and humble beginnings.

Our Quilt-Week is winding down.  Randy’s flight leaves out of Charlotte today – so the four of us are headed off mountain for a side trip to Mary Jos and some other shopping depending on how the time goes.  We are playing it by ear.

This afternoon we will be back up here, Lori and I will spend a quiet evening, some sewing tomorrow…and then back down to Charlotte again to drop Lori off on her way home.

Is it really Thursday already??

Have a good one, everyone!

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  1. Hi, Bonnie...are you sure that the "H" Quilt isn't really an "I" Quilt? :-)

  2. I saw a quote this week that said "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra". Love the quilt.

  3. what an eye candy post today! thank you!

  4. In the second red and white quilt did you notice that the border didn't come out even? How many quilters today would do that?

  5. Have a great time and safe travels today with your Girls! Nothing like a Quilt Shop sidetrip on the way to the Airport.

  6. Life should be a bit loud and messy, lived rather than endured. Great life lesson!

  7. Dang! now all I see is "Is". Depends on how you hold your head I guess.

  8. Like that quilt, just when you think life is predictable, it changes! Bring it!!


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