Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day Three with Four!

It may have only been 35 degrees out this afternoon, but we bundled up and went for a hike in search of some long range views and photo ops!

We stopped at our friend Steve’s house –He’s about a mile up the road from us, at a place on the mountain where a moderate hike up the road begins to turn really steep.  Early on after moving here I designated Steve’s driveway as “Turn Around” point ---and for months I was walking up to his place and turning around at the end of his driveway before I ever knew who he was!

He’s become a good friend and we are always happy to see him and his dog Zeke also out for their morning walkabout.

This afternoon we noticed Steve home and asked if we could get some photos off of his back deck – he has amazing views!

Look at this:


Vast.  Layers upon layers in different shades of blue.

This is the Blue Ridge mountain range I love to call home away from home!


I’ve loved having girls take over my kitchen!

Randy made an awesome chicken pot pie using the leftover rotisserie chicken from our first night’s dinner.  YUMMY!


We’ve been BUSY filling the design wall!


Randy is  is busy working on her “Dipped in Chocolate” quilt by Button Stitch designs, a swap project headed up by a group of quilting friends in Wisconsin.  These 4 patches are TINY!!  They finish at 1.5”, so each square is only 3/4”!  ((And she says that *I* am nuts?!))


Lori’s work station!

She’s working on some really cute 16 patch blocks on point, and some Birds in the Air blocks have worked themselves into the piecing in between everything else!


I’m still working on my Twirl Around blocks!

If you are looking for the March/April issue of Quiltmaker because it hasn’t arrived in your mailbox yet, it is on its way!  The pattern for this block is found in my Addicted to Scraps column in the issue, so hang tight ---and watch that mailbox!  I’m having a ball making these.


Busy Little Bees!!

You can see Mona’s blocks have increased from 8 blocks to 12 blocks on the design wall!  Not a bad feat since she came to sew AFTER having a crown done at the dentist this morning.  Yes, she waited for the numb to wear off before she came to sew with us ---

Tomorrow our plan is to head on a road trip to Boone, NC.  We’ve got plans for lunch, some shopping, a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for some photo ops, and back to the cabin for more sewing tomorrow evening.

Time is flying too quickly, and we are filling every minute full making memories.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Glad your having a great time! Enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Stitching!!

  2. Fun times. Love me some chicken pot pie!

  3. Anonymous7:52 PM EST

    Looks like fun times!

  4. I recommend the Daniel Boone Inn in Boone. We eat there each time we are in that area.

  5. This is what I envision heaven to be like... good friends, fresh air, great scenery, good food, and lots of quilting!

  6. Anonymous10:24 PM EST

    Heading off to a 4-day retreat on Thursday out in the boonies. The lodge is up on a bluff by the Platte River. A sanctuary!

    Nellie from Omaha

  7. Wow! Looks like soooo much fun! Friends sewing together and sharing, trekking, taking time for each other...now I call that a retreat ! I did something like that this past September when my two friends and I rented my sisters cottage in the lake. We took our sewing machines,
    Took turns with meals, and enjoyed a movie night where we laughed till the tears ran down our cheeks.,that night was " junk food night" the table was laden with all sorts of the " kinda foods you tell your kids to stay away from" :)
    Oh, we had fun! And isn't that what it's all about. We can't wait for next Sept. to roll around.
    Your views look spectacular!
    Have a great week.keep the pedal on the metal!
    Friends in sewing...hugs Marg.

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous view from the deck! I love the Twirl Around block. Glad your group was able to get together and have so much fun. Happy quilting!

  9. Have fun!! I got my Quiltmaker yesterday. What a cute little block!

  10. Greetings to you all, especially to Lori who I know virtually.
    Looks you all are having a great time, and you all deserve that.

  11. Greetings to you all, especially to Lori who I know virtually.
    Looks you all are having a great time, and you all deserve that.

  12. Seeing all the fun you are having is making me remember and long for the long weekend I had with my quilting buddies last July!!!

  13. Hi Randy,
    I am interested in your "Dipped in Chocolate" pattern but cannot find a source online. Do you know where I can purchase this pattern? Love your quilt!
    Kathy V

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Fun, fun, fun. I love those little pink and green blocks.


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