Sunday, January 04, 2015

More Show & Share Wonderfulness!

We love ANYTHING at Show & Share!

Anything you have made!  It doesn’t have to be something from one of my designs…and PLEASE inspire us with any antique beauties you have, because I go nuts over them.  SO much inspiration.

The humble roots of quilting are the things that just call to me.  I thought I would showcase our antique Show & Share before the slide show so these items are not buried in with the rest of the scrappy wonderfulness.

We had such AWESOME antiques this week!

This is miss Sandra of the tomato red 301, and more recently the electric lime green 301! I’m sure you’ve seen her photos in my slide show before, I borrowed her green machine when I was in Mineola this past October.

She was talking about this lovely find that she calls “Missouri Star” and I asked her to please please please bring it in.

Dating quilts is a passion.  I love finding all of the clues in the fabric that might give us a hint at when this lovely quilt was made.

First big bang clue?  The “claret” or “burgundy resist" of the setting fabric:


1890 –1910!

Other things I love, the plaids that go in every which direction, and the “substitutions” of some fabrics where others ran out.

That feeling of Making Do.

Wherever this quilt was made, and whatever the story behind it…this quilter was determined to finish this quilt with whatever fabric she could gather, even if that meant that some blocks would have points that did not match the others within the block.

Personally, I think it makes this quilt much more exciting than a quilt that is perfectly pieced with all fabrics the same in each block.

This pattern is a variation on the Rocky Road to Kansas pattern, and some others…I wonder why our quilter chose to make this one.  Was she from Missouri?  Can you imagine her tracing each template on the back of each piece of fabric with a pencil and carefully cutting each triangle out with scissors?


String Star, 1929!

Notice:  inner sashings and top and bottom border only.  I guess the quilt was big enough, just needed some added length!

How do we know it is 1929?  Because it says so, right on the quilt front and center:


Grandma & Grandpa, 1929

And it is quilted with my favorite of all the edge to edge quilting designs…Baptist Fans.  Sweet quilt!  I can see Grandma And Grandpa sleeping, snuggled under this quilt, a life time of love spent together.  ((Yes, I am a hopeless romantic!))


Simpe string diamonds on a field of blue!
Possibly 1900 -1920.

Notice: Two sides have borders, two do not!


Close up!

I love the scale of this diamond!  Bigger scraps sewn together, many with seams in them, so were they cut across where the front and back of a shirt were joined, just leaving the side seam intact?  Who knows.  But I love the soft and subtle colors in this one.  More fans.


One more from Sandra – how grapic is THIS string star?

Possibly 1890.  Notice, inner sashings only, no borders!

These fans were amazing, each arc was double quilted, so you’ve got skinny spaces and wider spaces with in each fan.  It’s an amazing texture, and it takes twice as long to quilt that way, so this quilt was extra special to the maker, and to the recipient I would presume!


1930s Applique  So soft and pretty!


Allison’s hexagon & Diamond top, 1930s!


Close up!


Another cool vintage scrappy star top!


Check out those fabrics!

Below are the Show & Share photos from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday’s classes!  And I’m sure there will be more to share throughout this week as I go from Plano to McKinney and on to Arizona!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

MORE Show & Share, Plano, TX 2015

Today I’m teaching an Orca Bay workshop to the Garland Quilt Guild, and they are using the classroom space back at Fabric Fanatics! 

Sleeping under the demo last night!

Nothing brightens up a hotel room and makes sleeping away from home a bit better like a quilt on the bed!

Have a great Sunday, Everyone – tomorrow – Mystery Monday Link-Up!  Can’t wait to see how those Grand Illusion quilts are coming together!

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  1. Many people tell me I get a lot done, but I would certainly like a share of your energy. You are always on the go, but still manage creativity and new patterns, keeping up the blog and website, and two homes! If you could figure out how to share that with the rest of us, you could have your next book!

  2. Fantastic antique quilts Bonnie. How I would love to be in one of your classrooms! Have fun :)

  3. Wow. What a productive group of (mostly?) ladies. I saw one male quilt holder. What an inspiration. Love the two Wanderlust versions, and the various Grand Illusion versions. Your classes bring such energy to a session. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow! This was one of the better show and shares! So much inspiration! Looks like everybody is having a good time!
    Love it! Enjoy every minute of it. Someday I will find a way to make it to a class somewhere!

  5. Thank you, Bonnie, for the most wonderful distractions as I take a quick break from shoveling heavy wet slushy snow before it refreezes like concrete. Those antique quilts are awesome!

  6. The first antique quilt block looks like the block "Signal Lights", which was published in the Kansas City Star, although this quilt is earlier than the newspaper block pattern. Or maybe "Iowa Star", which is similar but has sharper points.


  7. What delightful beautiful quilts! I loved the distraction. Now back to work...or not!

  8. Oh, Love seeing these old quilts! Loving my Grand Illusion! Thank you..

  9. I agree a quilt on a hotel bed makes the room so more important than just a room. A room with CLASS!

  10. Love these quilts. I lead a scrappy sewing group, once-a-month where I work... and I need to show some of THOSE quilts!!! now... how do I post a photo????

  11. What wonderful quilts! They are as impressive as your antique sewing machines.


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