Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hexiing My Way Home!

A long travel day from the Southwest to the Southeast just doesn’t give a girl much to blog about!

But it does give her lots of time to sit and sew hexies!

I’ve been carrying this section around for quite a while..I think I started this section before Thanksgiving, and I didn’t pick it up at all during the month of December.

It only travels.

When I left for Texas, the floral border was still in the making.  I assemble that section separately, and then attach it to the rest.

I completed the floral border, and here you see I am working on the single row of neutral hexies to frame that.

No, no first class this leg, but some how I ended up in seat 20f which had no seat in front of it!  Leg room...but then no where to put my bag!

It's a toss up....leg room won out!


Adding the red!

By the time I left Atlanta I had the neutral row completed and the red half way done!

I laid it out on the carpet to get a good look-see at what simple sewing during otherwise “wasted” time can accomplish:


Over 200 hexies in this section so far!

This is fill in section #4 of 6.  There is still a long way’s to go on this quilt, but you can see how things are coming together in my Thanksgiving 2014 post HERE.  

When I finish these sections, it’s time to figure out what I’m going to do to bring it out to a rectangle.  I don’t want a hexagonal quilt!  Probably mega neutrals..I love that look, and then frame it with some sort of hexie border.


This girl missed me!

But this is what I got when she found I didn’t bring treats:

Hahaha!  I caught her in a yawn, and it deserved a caption!


And so it’s back to work!

This is the pile on my dining room table this morning.  There are over 50 online orders to fill…and FINALLY I can ship out those backorders that were waiting for the reprint of Scraps & Shirttails II to arrive from the warehouse.  Of course, they arrived here at home 2 days after I left for Texas.

It ALL goes out today.  I want everything caught up!

I’ve been asked about Quilt-Cam.  It’s not going to happen for a while.  The Hubster returns from a business trip to California tonight.  We haven’t had a family dinner here for 2 1/2 weeks!  We are headed to the cabin tomorrow afternoon – I need lessons on driving that Rzr!  Monday morning I am off to Georgia to teach for the week.

When I drive back up on the 24th, I’m stopping in Charlotte to pick up friends Randy and Lori who are coming in to retreat at Quilt Villa with me for a week!

I need to have everything together that has to go with me up to the cabin on the 24th WITH ME when I leave for Georgia on Monday because I won’t be coming back here in between.

The ONLY time it would work between would be this Sunday Evening ---and I don’t know if I can swing it because I’ll have just arrived home from the cabin, and packing the van for leaving the next morning.

We will resume Quilt-Cam as quickly as I am able, and if we can do an impromptu Sunday evening I’ll let you know.

It’s good to be home!  I just wish I had an extra week in between before I have to head off again.  At least this next trip is a driving one!

Have a great Thursday everyone – I know this is rambling, but getting it out on “paper” is helping me wrap my mind around all that needs doing.

Let’s get it done!

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  1. Love the colors in your project! I wanted to let you know that I have the same headphones as you received for Christmas and I use them to listen to books on tape. I have mobility and can move around anywhere on the first floor of my house as I listen.

  2. Your hexie quilt Looks beautiful. But then every thing you make does. Enjoy your time with hubstir


  3. Going back to alabama from Apache junction on Fri. Have safe travels to Ga. Waiting patiently for the next Quilt-Cam! Deanna

  4. I clicked back to the Thanksgiving post again - I really like how the four big red diamonds in each satellite are playing in the overall design. And that blue striped fabric is just the perfect accent in this quilt. Love seeing updates on your progress!

  5. I really need to get me a Hexie project. You inspire us all! Happy times a coming at Quiltvilla. Wish I could be a fly on that wall.

  6. Nothing but to read this post I am exhausted! :O
    Best wishes!

  7. Goodness me, Quilt Cam should be WAY down on your list of priorities! Being away since before New Year, all that teaching and travelling, back home, filling your book orders, greeting your husband, family meals etc etc. Relax, enjoy the family, the cabin, friends to stay etc etc. enjoy your brief time off before travelling and teaching again. We will enjoy seeing you on QuiltCam WHENEVER you can manage.

  8. Old quilter2:14 PM EST

    Girl you make me all tuckered out just reading what all you do ! Realize you're just a young-un, but hope you don't use yourself all up and decide to quit and retire. We would rather you slowed down a bit, and kept at it a few more years. My Mom made it to 102, and though I don't expect to match that, I would like a few more years to enjoy your blog, patterns, and projects.

  9. So glad you are home safe Bonnie! That hexie project is really getting done, thanks for sharing.

    You are having Randy and Lori at Quiltvilla, I am so jealous. I follow their blogs daily also. Like you they are always doing something interesting.

    Get a good nights sleep!

  10. I get tired just reading about the happeings in your life.So much travelling and away from home and you still manage to get stuff finished! You continue to amaze and inspire me!!

  11. Its so good to come home to a doggie! DOn;t even think about Quiltcam!! We will all survive and watch the ones on Youtube all saved for us. Have some FUN!

  12. Say Hi to Sadie for me, and oh yes the hubbie, and take a well deserved break. Some people have no idea what it is like to be gone so much. Quilt-cam can wait. We love all that you do for us. I converted a friend of mine to doing the mystery quilt and she absolutely loves it.
    Thanks from the M&M's from Lethbridge Alberta Canada

  13. Yippee so patiently waiting for my books ordered on the last day of your sale. But do put your family and relaxing time first.

  14. Bonnie: I was hoping you would have some rest time at home for a few days before you had to take off again. Hopefully you can at least get a good night's sleep tonight.

    Your Hexi is beautiful- but not something I want to tackle. I take knitting and crocheting with me, to keep me company in the airports and on the plane.

  15. Hi Bonnie....that's a gorgeous Hexi you are working on!
    I LoVe the colors! I did go back to thanksgiving to see the pattern you are making. Awesome! Stunning!
    It's something I thought I would Never make. Until I gave it a try once. I LoVe making them. They are addicting. And it gives me something to do with the leftover pieces of fabric I LoVe and can't bear to toss:) I have a "framed" pattern that was in the "Primitive Quilts And Projects " a while ago that I want to make. It's a light easy project to take along and make while I wait for appointments an if I'm waiting on hubby while he is at the tractor shop or TSC . It's ok with me though because when I'm in my favorite quilt shop , he brings along his farm papers to read. " Take your time" he always says. How many women are that lucky?
    I LoVe reading all your posts, Bonnie" , I would have a hard time keeping up to you. You are a very busy lady...and with that comes very organized.
    Have a great time are retreat and a wonderful weekend! Hugs Marg.

  16. Love the colors on your hexi quilt - they are my "go to" for everything!!!!
    I have a request - whatever vitamins you take, could you pleae tell the rest of us? I want to get that much done too!!! You must operate on a great schedule!
    Take the weekend off - you deserve it! Still working on putting together my GI!

  17. We can survive while you refuel. Take some time for you (and a week of teaching of course). You deserve it.


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