Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Down to the Falls!

The rain cleared up yesterday, leaving us with some cold and crisp sunshine!

After you’ve been sewing for hours and hours, it’s a good idea to clear out the bobbin lint that had accumulated in our brains, shake off the remants of dog ears and thread tails and head outside for some fresh air.

Our Buck Mountain waterfall is one of my favorite places on the planet.

I don’t know if you remember – that is if you’ve been reading me for a couple of years –that we had a major flooding happen during a month of continual rain in the summer of 2013, and the waterfall ran rampant, the creek it feeds into flooding and washing out the road.  They had to do a major build up of the area to fix the road, prevent future issues like this, and reclaim our space around the waterfall because it had all washed away.

It’s now BETTER than ever!  There are Adirondack chairs for sitting and enjoying and contemplation.  There are a couple of picnic tables, and walking paths.  On the other side of the falls are more chairs for viewing, and a hiking trail that goes up to the top.

It was really fun to take Lori and Randy to see my favorite spots on Buck Mountain!


a “groupie” not a “selfie!”


The gazebos at the pond.


Two friends in puffy jackets!  It’s cold!

Being up here makes me HAPPY!

Today things are almost domestic around here.  I’ve showered, I’ve put some things away.  The furnace guy is coming to do a check out of the system.  We use the gas fireplaces for heating, and the furnace is only supposed to go on when the temps reach a certain low when no one is here.  It’s not going on.  We need to know why it is NOT going on, and what is going on there.

Other than that…it’s 28 degrees out, cold and crisp.  We are staying in to sew!

Love from Buck Mountain!

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  1. Light snow fall in the early hours here........ lie a dusted cake! Beautiful.
    Got to make some little doll quilts, and then keep on with my effort to complete those dreaded UFOs!
    Have a super day

  2. what a wonderful setting! Hi Lori!!!

  3. Glad you can get out and see the beautiful spots of your Mountain Home away from Home. Love that Groupie! Just cold and foogy in the PNW. Praying the Easterners have enough quilts to keep warm with the Blizzard hitting them this week.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM EST

    Ads keep popping up making my trying to read your outing difficult....boo!

  5. Bonnie: I am glad you and your friends got a chance to take a hike in the cool, crisp sunshine! It was -10 this morning but got up to 16 above this afternoon, and sunny too. Our air is just a little crisper than yours. Oh yeah, a few flurries tried to fly off and on, but no new snow stuck around.

  6. Hi Bonnie...just a gorgeous spot to have a great get together and sew sew sew and enjoy the views too. Love the pic of the two of you in your puffy vests, in the beautiful gazebo! What a lovely waterfall area! There is absolutely nothing better than girl time with our friends!
    I am really enjoying all your posts Bonnie. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check out the blog you mention too. I LoVe the quilt your friend is making....
    Have a great week..hugs Marg.


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