Saturday, January 03, 2015

Scrap Crystals Over Plano!

All the Comforts of Home!

There are some folks that are just such FUN people to be around.

TOP of my list.  Miss Allison!

I don’t know whether to crown her the Betty Crocker or the Martha Stewart of the vintage machine world, but this woman has panache and class and an attention to detail, and the ability to keep us all in stitches with a huge case of the giggles!

It all started about 2 days ago when Allison found herself at a solo table kind of tucked back into a corner where the light wasn’t that great.  So the next day she brought a lamp!

And in true Allison fashion, she draped the lamp with her scrap strips to decorate the corner up a bit.  We laughed and asked her if she was moving in!

The next day some more comforts of home arrived, and the game got funnier and funnier.

Yesterday….well, furniture started arriving!  Haha!  Not only that, but more lamps, doilies, crocheted rug on the floor and a framed photo of pretend vintage instant relatives.  What a hoot!

But the table..now that is cool…take a look at this:


The original sew easy table from somewhere between 1930 and 1950!

The cover that fits the hole in the top drops down to become the shelf for a Singer 99 or 128 IN the base!


I feel like Veruca on Willy Wonka!

I want a  Singer library table and I want it NOW!

We made a little impromptu video to show how this works.  I should have had my camera side ways to make it the wide view, but here we are on the fly:

So, as you are out and about checking yard sales and antique shops, you’ve got something else to search for.  Lift up the doilies and table cloths on any smallish table with legs like this..you just might find a small table fit for your vintage 99!


Allison cranking away in her make shift “living room!”


This is a shout out to Nell’s son, Preston!

Nell and Loretta left after class yesterday to make their way back to Valentine, Nebraska.  We shot this photo to let him know that he was missed, and that mama was soon on her way home.  Preston, thank you for sharing your mom and grandma with us for a fun few days!  Moms and grandmas need play time too!


Scrap Crystals, All Day Long!

The pattern for Scrap Crystals is found in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders

We had an awesome time --- the weather was HEINOUS, rain rain rain and THUNDER.  But hey, it stayed above freezing so the roads weren’t icy, and we were inside sewing away all day any how.  If it were NICE out, I’d want to BE out, so no complaints here!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing

Scrap Crystals, Plano, TX 2015

Today’s workshop is ROUND TWO of the MYSTERY designed just for this week at Fabric Fanatics in Plano.  The quilt will be appearing as a Non-Mystery in Quiltmaker Magazine in just a few months so you will be able to see what we have been up to then!

Remember that tomorrow is our Mystery Monday Link-Up!  There are loads of completed  Grand Illusion blocks and quilt tops being shown ALREADY!  That’s what an easy mystery does…allows for a quick come-together!  I can’t wait to see what you will be sharing here tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. I just love Allison. She is the greatest. She introduced me to the Plano Guild back in the late 1990's and I haven't forgotten this. She basted a king-sized quilt for me on her long-arm machine when she was just starting her business. I have moved away from the area and have belonged to many guilds since Plano, but I will always remember Allison.
    Bertha Mallard

  2. YAY ALLISON!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! That table is wonderful!! Have to keep an eye out for one of those here in the NW!!
    Becky L
    E. WA
    aka FiddleyBits

  3. Beautiful Machine & table...wow..what I wouldn't do for a hand crank. Been looking for several years now for one..
    We lose power a lot here in the winter...[western massachusetts] where we are anyway..

  4. Actually, I'm working on a Scrap Christal, too, and it's so much fun! Have a happy new Year! Martina

  5. That table is called "Combination Table No. 301". It's listed on the ismacs.net Singer cabinets page.

    I want one, too!

  6. My daughter needs that table for her vintage machine.

  7. Way to make your retreat home away from home so cute, Allison! That table would be a great one to find. I have a couple of those 66 machines in a base that need a table. I'm still assembling blocks to make this quilt MINE. gotta play and sleep on design decisions. Hope to be done by Monday.

  8. I habe a handcrank singer 99 from 1918 and I love to use this old lady

    Ingrid from Moers/Germany

  9. I spotted Irene having a great time! I have never seen the table before and now I NEED one! LOL...thanks Bonnie girl!

  10. I am SO excited! I have this table sitting in my sewing room with a Featherweight in it. I had no idea it was a Singer table. I bought it on eBay about six years ago when it was advertised as a Featherweight table. I was a new quilter and into the Featherweights big time, so I grabbed it.

    It's identical! Thanks for the great information! I always wondered what it was actually created for.
    Karen in Kentucky

  11. Gee, Bonnie, a couple of those 301's match your quilt so well! I am working on Scrap Crystals and I love how the fifth star shows up when the block is put together. (Mine was pieced on my 1912 treadle machine and just needs pressing so I can put a border on it!)

  12. Love my hand crank, but would really LOVE that table for it to sit in!

  13. Thanks for snapping the picture of me Bonnie! It was used in the promotional information for the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild quilt show in Sulphur Springs, TX. Full credit was given to you as it was "marked" by you!! Hugs, Allison in Plano

  14. Bertha! You are missed greatly here in Plano. Becky, hope you find one in your travels. Thanks to abelian for the table number from ISMACS cabinet listing. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX USA


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