Friday, January 23, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! an Etowah Valley Birthday!

I had the most awesome day with the Etowah Valley quilters in Cartersville, Georgia!

Today's class was Midnight Flight , and we spent our day with two different colorways of four patches, half square triangles, and our beloved a diamond in a rectangle units in mirror image!

I love how different these basic units look when combined with each other in different ways to create so many different patchwork designs!
I was also very lucky to head out of class by 3:15 p.m. As bad rainy weather moved in.

Nothing is worse than rush hour traffic through Atlanta on a rainy Friday afternoon!

However, I made it south on I-75 and east on I -20 and have just under a hundred miles left to go before I reach Jason's house in Columbia South Carolina tonight.

Dinner with my son awaits! And yes, I am typing this on my phone while stopping for gas and taking a much needed rest break!

As soon as this sends I will be back on the road arriving around 8 p.m.
It's been an awesome birthday, and it isn't over yet!

Love from somewhere in Georgia,


  1. I love the blocks that people made here. And everyone looks like they're having so much fun, too!!!

  2. I hope you made it to Columbia safely, rainy driving in the dark can be a little unnerving. The midnight flight blocks look great. I love the two different colors of four patches. Thanks for taking a moment and keeping us posted!

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM EST

    How do you not get burnt out? Do you take drugs?😊

  4. Love the block, everyone is so enthused and happy in your workshops, I'd love to be one of those people.

  5. So glad you had a Happy Birthday. Here's to many more. Ramona from Maine

  6. Hello, and happy 53rd birthday Bonnie, Hope it has been a great special day for you. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Looks like your having a great time. Safe travels to you. Markay from Ky.

  7. Happy birthday and lots of blessings. Thanks for all you share with others.

  8. Happy Birthday, looks like you spent it doing something you love, sharing your love of sewing.

  9. So glad you had a good birthday. I meant to send these good wishes to you last night, for fear I would get busy today and let your day slide by. I wish you all the best in the world. There will be a special place for you, because of your giving and loving ways. Happy Birthday and many more.....

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  11. Birthday wishes with many hugs for you, Bonnie. Sounds like a week of celebrating with your opportunity for a retreat.

  12. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!! Nothing better than a quilty one. Safe travels!

  13. Happy Birthday Bonnie, love reading your blog and keeping up with you. Spending time with your family and teaching a class -- what a perfect birthday.


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