Friday, January 16, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Quilt Villa Bound!

All of the day's chores are done and we are headed up to the cabin for the weekend.

There is much on the agenda - my friend Mona had a birthday this past week, and my birthday is this coming Friday and we are celebrating with a birthday dinner at their cabin tomorrow night.

The van is loaded with all kinds of goodies in preparation for setting up for our weeklong retreat that starts Saturday, January 24th.

We've made a Sam's Club and a Costco run because they do carry different items.

I've stocked up on k cups for the Keurig, and picked up some comfy task chairs for hours of enjoyable sewing.

I also picked up three floor mats so the chairs will roll instead of finding that wheels are stuck in the grout lines of the tile floor.

It will be a late arrival at the cabin, but I am grateful to friends Mona and Rick will have already turned the heat up on our gas logs so the cabin will be toasty for our arrival.

I've got the AccuQuilt studio with me, and plans are to kit up as much as possible over the next couple days so that projects are ready for my traveling week  and for the retreat week with friends to follow.

Can you tell Sadie is anxious to spend some time with her buddy Beanie?
Will catch you from the mountain!


  1. Oh.....can I come too? I could bring snacks!...

  2. yeah, me too... oh, heck, maybe 3 or 400 of us will stop by !!! LOL have fun, Bonnie.

  3. Breathe, Bonnie, breathe. It sounds like you have planned carefully. May all go well!

  4. Bonnie: Have fun at the Cabin, and may both you and Mona Have Happy Birthday's. Sadie says, hurry up Mom, I'm ready to go! Emmy Lou looks content, as only a Kitty can in that position, or maybe a baby, too.

    Your schedules sound like mine used to be. But, supposedly I am retired, except for working at the quilt shop, which keeps me sane!

  5. Have a great birthday, and great time seeing with your friends! I am retreating with my friends this weekend too! What fun😃

  6. Anonymous6:44 AM EST

    Hope you are not driving while taking that picture! Be safe and enjoy

  7. Marilyn Sholtis8:29 AM EST

    Happy Birthday to Bonnie and Mona. HOpe you have a wonderful meal out. Bonnie your dog Emmy looks just like my Duffy, a yellow lab who loves to go byes byes all the time. Just say "go" and he is ready. He is a quilting dog to and will gladly sleep test any quilt I leave out for him. Aren't our 4 footed friends the best?

  8. Happy Birthday to you a bit early. Every time I read your posts I get exhausted. How do you do it? You are the original everready bunny. You are amazing.

  9. Can I come too?????? Have a great weekend!

  10. Happy birthday to you both ... and I think Sadie is just happy to be with her Momma!!! She must miss you terribly when you travel ... she's one lucky pup to have TWO places to enjoy ;-)


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