Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Way We Sew!

It’s always fun to  sew with other folks and see how they do things.

No one way is better than another way – we just do things differently, and you can see so much of a person’s personality come through in how they choose to put the pieces together.

From the fabrics chosen, to the quilt design in mind, to how units are assembled, and even pressed ((I press first cut apart second, not so for others..it’s a personal preference)) to how many of each unit to make before moving on to the next step – we are all so DIFFERENT!  And it is such a wonderful way to work.


While some like to make the units for one block at a time, and repeat for each block in the quilt, I am a pusher-through-er.  I am an assembly liner.  If a quilt needs 473 triangles, I cut them all, right sides together so they are already in matched pairs to send through the machine quickly and easily.


Ridiculous Pose!

I will sew all 473 and have them ready for the next step.  It’s just how I roll.  Not because I think it is better or faster for everyone, but more because my brain doesn’t have to THINK about more than one step at a time.  It’s more relaxing for me.

**Note** 473 is a fictional number.  No intent is meant to encourage you to sew that many! Ha!


Pressed, cut apart, ready to roll!


34 Blocks on the design wall!

And yes, I fussy cut the Keep on Quilting piece…it just seemed to be the perfect mantra for our week at Quilt Villa!

These are my Twirl Around blocks from my Addicted to Scraps column in the March/April 2015 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine--  I’m having a great time making these.  Grab your issue and join me!  Issues are just arriving if you are a subscriber, or find it at a newsstand near you.

Today is our Go to Boone day-- Mona is coming at 10:30am and we have plans for lunch out, a bit of quilt shop shopping, some touristy shopping, and a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for some photo ops for long range views.


7:53am this morning!  28 degrees f--  brrrr!

The day is crystal clear but very cold.  Still – it is as perfect as it could be for a parkway drive in January.

It is so fun showing my visiting friends my corner of the Blue Ridge and why I love it so much.

I think they get it, and are falling in love too!

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  1. love your baking pan for holding the little triangles, reminds me of the precuts at Moda... what is it about quilters and baked goods? You are so inspiring!
    precuts make me hungry

  2. Looks like so much fun Bonnie, Randy, Lori, and Mona! Thanks for the glimpses in to your retreat. It's inspiring to be sure.

  3. Your brunette girlfriend could be Robin Williams twin sister. Does she have a good sense of humor, too?

  4. I am kind of a follower and find that I do one step at a time, keeps me more organized. Saw this block in the quiltmaker mag, it is a nice one. Right now I'm busy with HST for the box kite block. Have a great retreat!

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    I got my digital version of the magazine yesterday, but have to finish my Mystery quilt from Plano before I do another one. Having fun making a few blocks at a time. May have progress to show when the pattern comes out in the magazine. Thanks for all the sharing. It keeps me wanting to sew every day.

  6. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

  7. It looks like you ladies are having so much fun and I love to see what you are working on! Love the scenery pictures too!

  8. Bonnie, I like to work the same way you do. I make all of one step before moving on to the next. Have fun sewing with your friends!

  9. I too tend to make all the blocks at one time, steps for each simultaneously. Then I assemble them all. Just makes sense in my head.

  10. I cut a little then sew a little because I get kinda bored easily. I just watched my first Quiltcam and am hooked. It feels like I am sewing with a group and learning as well. Looking forward to viewing a live Quiltcam soon

  11. Bonnie, any tips on how to keep track of the number of pieces you have cut in each step? I don't enjoy cutting the fabric and lose track of how many I have in each stack. I'm more of a cut some, sew some type of quilter and feel like there must be a more efficient way.

  12. Bonnie, any tips on how to keep track of the number of pieces you have cut in each step? I don't enjoy cutting the fabric and lose track of how many I have in each stack. I'm more of a cut some, sew some type of quilter and feel like there must be a more efficient way.

  13. Anonymous2:13 PM EST

    I just got my quiltmaker issue in the mail today. Hope to begin your block soon Bonnie. kjhallquist@mchsi.com

  14. Love the chain piecing picture. way to Get it DONE. Now you just have to lay out each block and get them sewn. it is much easier now that all the hst's are ready. I try to chain piece as much as I can before I stop to press and trim off dog ears and square to size.

  15. I like to assembly line piece in great big batches too Bonnie. It also makes those final steps more exciting because things come together very quickly!
    Who could resist the Blue Ridge Mountains - that's God's Country!

  16. to be able to celebrate everyday a birthday when halftrianglessquare-dancing around! love the sight of it!
    from a dark and very windy witmarsum
    love, irene

  17. You look like you are having so much fun. I am still plugging away at my Grand Illusion. Hope to be able to share sometime soon. Finished clue 3 today. About two thirds of the way through 1 and 2. I like to mix it up as well by strip piecing some and then putting components together. Fun stuff.

  18. Anonymous8:37 PM EST

    How do you KNOW that you need exactly 473 BEFORE you make the quilt? For example, right now I have 4 orphan applique blocks and want to make enough pieced blocks to make a decent sized top. I think I need 32 with chunky sashing, but it might look better as a rectangle instead of a square, or with thinner sashing and a border, or .... I can do the math, but I can't imagine knowing what the finished quilt should look like before I start.

  19. I am usually a pusher througher too. I want all of that step done before I move on. Love that block!!! Now I must hunt down the magazine.

  20. Martha Cook7:21 AM EST

    Beautiful view and I like your comment about keeping it one step at a time. Me too! martha.cook51@gmail.com


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