Friday, January 16, 2015

Catching up and Keeping Up!

Emmy Lou couldn’t care less!

Or maybe this is how she shows that she is happy that I am home. 

I keep a scrap piece of batting on the chair for her..the leather is cold, the batting is warm, and it collects her shedding fur and holds it there, keeping us both happy!

I shot this photo yesterday morning, and I turned around just now to check – yes, she is back in the chair again, keeping close watch on me…behind closed eyelids!

Yesterday was a bit insane.

This is where I admit I haven’t had time to even unpack my suitcase – there it sits at the end of my bed just waiting, but it will have to wait a bit longer.

I spent yesterday catching up with this:

No rest for the road weary traveler!

I am happy to say that all of the orders that were waiting for copies of Scraps & Shirttails II to come back from reprint are OUT the door, as are all of the other orders that have been waiting since I left for Texas on Dec 29th.  As of this morning, we are ALL CAUGHT UP!

I want to thank you for your patience on the whole thing…of COURSE the warehouse would run out of books.  Of COURSE it would have to go to reprint..and of course, the reprints would show up on my door step as soon as I hit TEXAS.  If it wasn’t so frustrating it would be laughable!

The best part of yesterday?

Celebrating my birthday and my son’s birthday at the Village Tavern in Winston Salem last night.  Love that place!  My birthday is the 23rd, Jeff’s is the 25th, and I’m going to be gone for both since I leave the 19th and won’t be back home until the 31st.  My baby will be 25!  Don’t ask me how that happens, but it does.  We had a fun night of good food and celebration.


And I came home to this!

I have 4 quilts to make before summer to make my next book deadline, and very little at home time to make them, which means kitting things up and sewing on the road.  Since I leave Monday – everything for this project needs to be ready to roll.  So I am kitting up!


Love it when already made bonus triangles can be added to the mix!


Cutting more strips!

Something has happened in the course of the past couple of years – we have used a TON of scraps and I’m finding my strip stash really low on colors I need so I finally get to really dig into those treasured fat quarters and larger saved pieces and strip them down!  Here I’m replacing the 2” strips from Grand Illusion with new ones.  I am desperately low on fun greens.


5 seconds later…a whole handful of strips!

Kitting up for quilt projects that I can’t show you yet is really not all that fun! But you will be seeing this at some point! Be looking for the March/April issue of Quiltmaker and you’ll have an idea of what I’m doing with these bonus triangles and green strips!

Today’s plan:

Pack up the machines that Lori and Randy will be borrowing for our week long retreat at Quilt Villa that starts January 24th when I pick them both up in Charlotte on my way home from Georgia!

EVERYTHING I need to take to the cabin for our retreat needs to be ready to go this evening because I won’t be back home after I leave for Georgia on Monday.  Oh goodness, I hope I can remember everything!  ((Hence the kitting up of projects – I need all of my project stuff ready and at the cabin too!))  I need to be sure to have all of the machine cords, feet, bobbins, parts, and extra oil, etc.  Lori is borrowing one of the Berninas and Randy one of the 301s.  Oh, it’s going to be fun!

I’ll catch you from the cabin this weekend!

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  1. Your birthday is the 23rd and we close on our new house that day. I will never forget your birthday. Looking forward to seeing you in Italy in May!

  2. I love the vibrant greens you have cut. Can't wait to see the result.

    Hope yor girly retreat goes well and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Happy travels.

  3. Travel safely. Happy Birthday to you and your son. Mine is the 29th...January is a fine month. Looks like some great quilting is going to be in progress.

  4. So happy I will get to see you next week in Georgia. Unable to get into one of your classes here, but I will be at your lecture next Tuesday. I left San Diego to soon and had to pass on the 2 classes I had planned on taking last October.

  5. Old quilter12:55 PM EST

    Your baby is 25 - and mine is 52. How can this be happening ? You think time flies now, just wait Miss Bonnie, it goes faster every year. Have a grand celebration ! Eat Cake!

  6. whew....can't imagine anyone couldn't be patient while you unpack...but you know best....and looks like fabric fun!

  7. How fun that your son can share a Birthday month with you. I have a son born 4 days after my Birthday. He was a great be-lated Birthday gift that year 31 years ago. Mine was yesterday and hearing from all of my kids just made is the best! It made turning older a bit easier. Today I feel like I've been run over by a Truck. Safe Travels. Can't wait til we see Randy & Lori on your Blog from Quiltvilla

  8. Is this going to be a birthday retreat with your friends? I had one with three friends last summer for my 50th, it was a blast.
    Of course you should have cake...maybe they will take care of that!!

  9. Pinks, purples, and greens! Looks like a fun combo. Early Happy Birthday to You. Hope you get to relax some at the Villa.

  10. You have got to be the most organized woman on Earth Bonnie. Can't wait to see what you are making with all those pretty colors!
    We love the Tavern in Winston Salem (My daughter attends Wake Forest) Glad you had a fun birthday celebration with your son!

  11. I can't believe all that you do! We just went to Austrailia, (step son lives there) and the airline business drove me NUTS. I don't know how you do it day in and day out. Goes to show how different people are. I loved Australia, but think I will pass on the flying for a while, like, FOREVER. I am amazed, as you keep me wondering...although, my husband is the same. They were constantly going in AU., and the girls needed down days! Don't burn out, we need you!

  12. Is the Village Tavern the one at Reynolda Village? I love that place. Have visited it several times when I was in Winston vending at a needlework show. My friends and I always had a good meal there. Would go today but I live in Chicago!

  13. I've said it before, and I'll say it again! I wish I had your energy level! Or whatever you put in your coffee :o)
    Looks like the furball is happy to be with you, I bet she missed you a lot :-)


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