Saturday, January 03, 2015

Stitchin’ at Fabric Fanatics, Day 5!

Full full class at 34 students strong today!

Would you believe with this many women sewing and pressing that we actually had to turn the heat off, and the a/c on?!


It was great fun to see everyone, some had taken other workshops this week, while some had come in just for this day – a one day Mystery that shall remain nameless and photoless until it shows up in Quiltmaker Magazine for their May/June issue!

When class was over I boxed it all up to Fedex on up to Golden, Colorado so it will  be arriving there about the same time I arrive in Phoenix, with my quilt bag one quilt lighter!


This is not everyone!

I am standing behind the last row, but there are a couple of folks on side tables that missed this camera angle, and there are a few around the corner of the wall that can’t be seen, but I know right where they are!

At the time this photo was taken MY quilt had not yet been revealed so all were working on parts without knowing where they would turn up in the finished quilt.  Don’t you love the suspense?


We missed you, Shelia Gilbert!

Shelia has been with us in previous years but was unable to come this time.  Hopefully she will be back next year.  Ana wanted to be sure she also got a shout out photo with the both of us.

Helpful Quilter’s Tip:


Emergency Thread Cone Holder!

This cone was too big to work on the featherweight, and if you DON’T have a separate cone thread holder, whether you forgot it, don’t have one, didn’t think you’d need one but do, here is a solution!  Simply cut a hole in the side of a 2 liter plastic bottom, and set the cone inside the opening.  Feed the thread through the opening in the top of the bottle.  Thread machine as usual, and sew away!  The thread will feed off of the cone, lifting it up through the next of the bottle, giving it the height it needs to unwind from the cone easily, allowing you to sew blissfully away!

I thought this was ingenious!

One thing I WANT to share from today!  We had a couple of Grand Illusion finished tops!


Oh so speedy!

This top was finished by Robin, part of our Louisiana contingency, if you remember she was the first one to bring in her Celtic Solstice top after the reveal last year!  I just love the motion this quilt has!


And another, slightly different, every bit as fun!

From what I can tell, there are Grand Illusion finishes happening all over the place, and I can’t wait to see them on our next Mystery Monday Link-Up.

As for the rest of the show and share, I’ll be setting up a slide show of the quilts shown over the past several days to air tomorrow since I can’t do a slide show of what we did in class today.

Tomorrow is an Orca Bay workshop with the Garland guild which finishes up my time in Plano, and I’ll be moving on to McKinney for a couple of days with Quilt Asylum!

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  1. Thank you to the person that came up with the thread cone emergency holder. Working on putting Grand Illusion together today...but I'm not nearly as speedy as the two that showed their finished tops!
    Thank you Bonnie for a great mystery quilt.

  2. Thank you Thank you for my first class ever! I loved it & can't wait to take more! See you next year.c

  3. Hoping to have my Grand Illusion done to show off on Thrusday when I see you!!!! I have 11 blocks done and as soon as I get off work I will be back at it! Love seeing all the finishes popoing up!

  4. Looking great. Love the GI mystery. My blocks are pieced and ready to press. Sashing is pieced as are the border pieces. Now to assemble them into a top. Can't wait. My change of colors will be exciting to see what they look like when assembled. Brown, apricot, blue, yellow, of course black and beige to tan. Should be interesting. Thank you Bonnie for these wonderful mystery quilt alongs. Can't wait for the new quilt to come out in Quiltmaker this spring. Still have to do Wanderlust from last year, but it is on my list.

  5. Thank You Bonnie for a wonderful day! I love this mystery quilt and cannot wait to finish! Love grand illusion so I just had to finish before I started on this one! You are a great teacher and always make class fun! Thanks again!

  6. The Grand Illusion quilt is gorgeous! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. is there a male quilter in this group? On the first photo right side in front of the wall?
    If I see this right, it is a rarely exemplar in quiltclasses.
    Ingrid from Moers/Germany

  8. ... sorry, it's the second photo
    Ingrid from Moers/Germany

  9. looks like Grand Illusion is pixilated! wow!

  10. I love the New Year and all the classes you do in North Dallas..... I tend to know several of the peeps and that is fun!


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