Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Travel Day to Boone!

This is the statue of “The Mountaineer” at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC –the destination for our travel day out!

I had a plan to show the girls some gorgeous views, share some southern cooking for lunch, and experience this bit of Western North Carolina High Country I love to call my second home.

As you can tell from the photo there is still ice and a skiff of snow on the ground.

It’s about 35 degrees, but the sky is bright blue and that sun makes all the difference!

We originally wanted our photo with the Daniel Boone statue, but the mountaineer man made a much better photo op:

Randy, Lori, Me, and Mona!
Being chased by some wild mountain man!
The cutest thing ever were the ducks on the frozen duck pond.  We parked the car and got out, and I guess they thought we had snacks for them ----

So funny!
It didn’t take long for them to figure out that we were not going to pony up with the bread crumbs, so they turned right around and went back to their warm sunny spot!
Today’s Parkway view!
Vastly Amazing!
Mona took this shot!
Lori taking a picture of Mona at a cabin off the parkway.
While the cabin was fun, we really came to hike down to cascade falls.
On the stone stairs down to the lower falls!
Down the Falls!
Look at that ice!
I made a video!
It was a really great way to spend this  bright and sunny cold afternoon.  We were the ONLY folks on the parkway.  The ONLY ones crazy enough to be hiking this trail down to the waterfall with temps just above freezing.  We passed a security vehicle on the way back to the highway –other than that, we owned the whole place, ourselves!
Time is winding down so quickly.
Randy flies home tomorrow afternoon out of Charlotte, so we’ll be making a morning pilgrimage down to Mary Jos and some other places in the morning..dropping her off at the airport after lunch.
Lori flies out on Saturday morning early early early, so she is back here with me after dropping off Randy tomorrow afternoon, and Friday afternoon I’ll be driving HER back down to Charlotte where she will stay at an airport hotel and shuttle herself to the airport for her 7:20am flight out.

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  1. You girls certainly have been making the most of your time together! What fun!

  2. sew blessed to have great friends to sew and hang out with...

  3. You could always stop by the Tatesville quilt dhow on Friday

  4. How about Statesville, not Tatesville

  5. Anonymous8:24 PM EST

    I used to live in Johnson County, Tn not far from Boone,NC. Beautiful country.

  6. I think that what Melinda was trying to tell you is that there is a Quilting and Needle Arts Expo at the Statesville Civic Center in Statesville, NC. Not too far off of I -77. Quilter's Gallery (an online store) does a great job of putting on this expo with really great vendors. Enjoy your remaining time with your friends. Nothing is more important that your family and your friends!

  7. Bonnie and Melinda, is Statesville close by where Quiltvilla is? I have a friend in Statesville with an online quilting business. I want to make sure she knows about the Quilt Expo.

    Bonnie, Great Pictures of your Fay out! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your remaining time with your friends!


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