Friday, January 23, 2015

Another Year older in Cartersville!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Etowah Valley Quilters and Friends!

I left home on Monday at 52 years old.  I finish up my teaching trip this afternoon with a Midnight Flight workshop – leaving a year older, 53!

53 is going to be the best ever, I can just feel it.

And who better to spend a birthday with than a fun group of quilters who have gone out of their way to make sure that this IS a birthday to remember!

Before it was my turn to speak last night ((Get a load of this crowd!)) I was presented with the BEST CAKE EVER:



the cake was made and decorated by the daughter of one of our attendees….check out the patchwork!  Purples and reds and cheddars, oh my!  And yes….those ARE cheddars….as in cheddar cheese!  because it is hard to get fondant the right color and the right consistency with too intense of coloring added.  Don’t worry, the cheddar was pulled off before serving!  however the rotary cutter and the cutting mat were completely edible!

The cake matches today’s Midnight Flight workshop!


Audience at attention as announcements are being made!


Walls decorated with show & share!  Grand Illusion!


Another Grand Illusion!


Another Grand Illusion still!


Celtic Solstice!


Orca Bay!

The light was VERY yellow in this building, the ceiling has big globes ((seen in photo above)) that add a nice ambience to the space, but it is not great for complexions or quilt photography!  The quilt here is framed in shades of light blue, not dirty gray!


Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll!

I loved that they decorated the room with previous mystery quilts!  How fun!


Birthday Quilt and basket of fat quarters!


A plethora of NEUTRALS!!  Weeehaaa!

**Confession**  There was also a pecan praline patty in here, but I ate it right away.  LOL!  See the little treadle ornament? LOVE!!


Thank you for making my 53rd birthday so special!

It’s raining.  It started raining last evening during the lecture, and it rained all night.

And this was here to greet me in my hotel room bathroom:  HA!

Someone please fix this!!

Looks like winter is finally arriving to the Southeast – and after the workshop today I am driving from Cartersville, GA to Columbia SC to spend the night with my son, Jason.  Please send positive thoughts, prayers, karma, energy, whatever that temps do not reach freezing! 

Saturday I’m on my way up to Charlotte to pick up Randy and Lori and we’ll be on our way to Quilt VIlla to retreat for the week --  but winter storm warnings are including my mountain area, so we need to get THERE safe too!

Off to teach a class – have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! What a great way to celebrate your birthday retreating with some of your besties at Quilt Villa. Safe travels!

  2. Happy Birthday! Safe travels and enjoy your time with family and friends.

  3. Happy Birthday Bonnie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!May "53" be a delight all year long. Safe travels today. This morning in the upstate SC, it is above freezing and so far no rain.

  5. Happy Birthday! Have fun today and a safe trip home!

  6. Happy birthday Bonnie. Hugs from Norway.

  7. Happy Birthday Bonnie, here is praying for you and yours to get where ever you need to be safe and sound. please drive safe. Bless you !

  8. Happy BD 2U, happy BD 2U, happy BD dear Bonnie, happy BD 2U !!!!!

  9. Happy, happy Birthday, Bonnie! I wish you safe travels to see your son and then on to Quilt Villa. I will be in Charlotte visiting my daughter on Thursday through the weekend. Will go to some of my favorite "haunts".... Sleepy Poet Antiques, Mary Jo Fabrics in Gastonia, etc. Are there other places I am missing?? Enjoy your quilt retreat and let us know what you are creating and the fun you are having!!

  10. Happy Birthday Bonnie!
    Safe travels for you!

  11. Happy Birthday from one January baby to another!! Have a great day and safe travels!! More family time ahead, I am sure your son will spoil you!

  12. Wow, what a great birthday celebration! Amazing cake and quilt! I'm glad you got to spend your birthday with such and amazing group. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Bonnie. Looks like those quilters really made it special. Lane

  14. Happy birthday, hope you have a great time with your son. Enjoy Quiltvilla and good health and happiness to you and your family. Nobody deserves it more for all you give to others.

  15. Happy birthday and many more!

  16. This is just the Start of your year. I loved my class with you for Midnight Flight. Spin those rchevrons all the same... Safe travels as you see your son and meet up for a Scrapilicious time with Lori and Randy! oh to be a Fly on the cabin wall next week...

  17. Wonderful quilts, great birthday cake...and safe travels!

  18. Glad you had such a great celebration for your birthday. You deserve it. You give us all so much of yourself. Praying for safe travels for you today.

  19. Happy birthday and Michigan greetings! We'll keep the cold here, so you will have safe travels!

  20. Happy birthday and Michigan greetings! We'll keep the cold here, so you will have safe travels!

  21. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! I'm glad your driving trip has been so fun and successful. It beats the heck out of flying anytime! Thoughts and prayers are coming your way for a safe return trip (especially with the yucky driving weather) back up here to North Carolina and a wonderful retreat at the "Villa." - John

  22. Happiest of Birthdays Bonnie, safe travels.

  23. Happy new year of life. Enjoy it.

  24. Glad you had a well celebrated birthday among good friends. Many more best wishes.

  25. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Have a safe trip home. So far in Mooresville, NC the weather has stayed warmer than was originally expected. Hopefully it will stay that way until you are in the mountains! Wish I was going with you for a great week of quilting! Have fun.

  26. prayers for no ice or snow and happy birthday

  27. Happy birthday and many more! Safe travels home!

  28. Happy Birthday Bonnie. That cake is just magnificent. Looks like a fun time. Safe travels.

  29. Old quilter2:37 PM EST

    Glad you had a happy birthday !!!
    And it's good to know that I'm not the only one who goes a little nuts about bathroom floors !

  30. Anne Johnson4:09 PM EST

    Happy Birthday! Most importantly, be safe!!!

  31. A basket full of lively neutrals as a gift for Bonnie? Those quilters in Cartersville have been paying attention! ;)

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for all you do.

  32. So glad your on the road birthday was special! That cake was dynamite and I love the keepsake treadle! TOO COOL!

  33. Happy Birthday Bonnie glad those ladies looked after you and treated you for your birthday. Quilters are generous people.

  34. Happy Birthday Bonnie and safe travels. Those gals through a terrific birthday for you, and you deserve it :)

  35. Glad it was a glorious birthday. Love that cake! Gifts galore along side beautiful Bonnie Hunter patterned quilts. Life just doesn't get much better than that :)

  36. Anonymous6:51 PM EST

    Happy Happy Birthday Bonnie! Safe travel to your son's and to Buck Mountain also! God Speed!

    Catherine S in SW IN


  37. I can think of no better way to spend one's birthday if you have to be away from home. Happy birthday from Whidbey Island. Oh, you share our special day as well, it's our wedding anniversary.

  38. Travel Safe, Bonnie! I see that there is a storm headed your way, as we also have one in Alaska. We are to get three days of snow, stating yesterday, then bitter cold. It seems winter has finally found us.

    I hope you have a Great Dinner and visit with Jason, and then on to pick up your friends and on to Quilt Villa. I will be praying from your safe journey.

  39. Happy birthday Bonnie! Glad to see you celebrated in style- you deserve it!

  40. Wow....that is the most awesome birthday cake ever!! How creative!! And so thoughtful!
    That tile floor had potential....but oh, those corners....safe travels! You are safely in Columbia as I write this..hope weather holds out!

  41. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! Your cake was amazing! It looks like the ladies took very good care of you on your birthday.

  42. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a good one. Look forward to meeting you when you come to Maine in October

  43. Happy Birthday. The cake was amazing. :) Hope the weather allows you to get home safely.

  44. Looks like it was a wonderful bithday for a wonderful gal! Happy Birthday!!

    Kudos to the cake decorator! Excellent job!!


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