Monday, January 05, 2015

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 6!

Mackinac_May2014 2208 - Copy
A view to the water above the town on Mackinac Island, May 2014!

Crisp and cold, just waiting for spring to really arrive in Northern Michigan.  Isn’t the view of the old church steeple so classic?

“It was the Victorians who made Mackinac Island one of the nation's most favored summer resorts. In the post-Civil War industrial age and before automobiles, vacationers traveled by large lake excursion boats from Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit to the cooler climes of Mackinac Island. They danced to Strauss' waltzes, listened to Sousa's stirring marches, dined on whitefish and strolled along the broad decks.
To accommodate overnight guests boat and railroad companies built summer hotels, such as the Grand Hotel in the late 19th century. Victorians, like travelers everywhere, shopped for souvenirs, and Mackinac shops supplied them.

Mackinac_May2014 047-001

In the 1890's wealthy Midwestern industrialists who wanted to spent more than a few nights on Mackinac built their own summer cottages on the east and west bluffs. Soon a social life including tennis, hiking, bicycling, examining the local natural wonders, and at the turn of the century, golf at the “new” Wawashkamo Golf Course.” SOURCE

Grand Illusion, The Finale!

My colors are not quite true here, it was a bright and sunny day the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we shot these photos before driving my dad back to the airport in Greensboro.  However, sunny cold days beat rainy and cloudy days any time!  These colors are more true:


Showing Border detail!

I am looking forward to seeing your progress!  You know the drill by now, but just in case there are newbies amongst us, may I present you once more with the small print:

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  1. I've read about Mackinac Island before and my friends want to do a group trip there soon.

    Your quilt turned out great. I wish I had been part of your mystery.

  2. It's always nice to see how alternate color choices work after the final reveal. I hope to have at least one block ready to show later in the day. Thank you Bonnie, for all the fun you create in the quilt world.

  3. Question about the Linky. Do you have to open each individual post or can you open the Linky like a slide show?

  4. Thank you Bonnie for another wonderful awe inspiring experience. I finished the borders this morning, my top is done and I am in LOVE.

  5. You have to click to view each link..that's the POINT to get you to visit other participant's sites. it is not a slide show.

  6. Hi Bonnie, with the fabrics you chose for you quilt, the movement in the quilt comes alive! You have to love a quilt that comes together like you imagined it would! It's really cool to see the secondary pattern catch your eye, too. Excellent quilt!

  7. I'm still working on Clue #1 and #2. The holidays got me. Now Downton Abbey MQ started. Oh my. Off to cutting :)

  8. I think these are all amazing . I have enjoyed the entire journey with all of you & have posted pictures along the way in the facebook group .. I don't have a blog or anything to join the linky but I thank all of you for your help & especially Bonnie for the opportunity to learn ...


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