Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Jamestown Landing at the Quilt Asylum

Thank you for so much fun, ladies!

We had a great time making a TON of units needed for the Jamestown Landing quilt everyone has dancing in their dreams…making the dream a reality with a simple start.

Looks hard?  It’s not!

Yes, there may be over 800 half square triangles, but the use of simple strips and the Easy Angle ruler mean those triangles take less time to create. 

I told the ladies…DO NOT COUNT!  just cut and sew.  You’ll see how much you’ve done, concentrate on the progress, not on how much is yet to go.  STOP COUNTING THE PIECES and intimidating yourself when it comes to a big project.  Just sew!


These seams are less than 2.5” long.  You can sew a whole lot of 2.5” seams in a very short amount of time if things are cut correctly and sewn correctly so there is little to know sliver trimming down.


Love  of the Blue & White!

The String blocks are a simple fun pleasure….the more the merrier, and such a great way to clean out stuff that has been hiding in the deep stash for far too long.  And you aren’t limited to blue and white…we had some red:


And some orange and grey!


Check out the cat pin cushion!


He ate my pins!  Ha!


Showing off our units!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Jamestown Landing, McKinney, TX 2015

I spent last night at a DFW airport hotel…6am shuttle will get time to the airport on time for my flight to Phoenix.  Dinner was my last chance attempt at Texas BBQ and we succeeded!


Hard Eight in Coppell!

SO good!  I satisfied my craving with a brisket stuffed baked potato with all of the fixins’ Mmmmm MMmmm Texas GOOD!

I’ll be back in Texas in February, down around San Antonio for a 3 guild visit!  ((Please make it warmer!))

Catch you from Phoenix, everyone --- Hexies all the way!

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  1. "STOP COUNTING THE PIECES and intimidating yourself when it comes to a big project. Just sew!"

    BEST Advice EVER!!

    You've probably been saying this in some form or another for years because you conveyed this thought it to someone at dinner a few years ago when you were here in Ohio. It wasn't my question you were answering, but I never forgot that.

    Ever since, I almost always make too many pieces, but I have learned to add them to the back to use them up and the freedom it brings to sewing a large project is incredible!

  2. Hard Eight - LOVE IT love it love it, did I tell you I love that place! The food is delicious and the building speaks Texan all the way. It's one of those places that needs a bigger parking lot.

  3. That does it, those blocks in red ROCK! I have been undecided about a red and white quilt for so long...pretty sure this is the one I am doing in red and white! Gonna at least start it this year, lol! 3 more borders to get on Grand Illusion before tomorrow morning's workshop..one more sleep!

  4. I am starting to cut my fabrics and collect up everything to make this quilt. It so reminds me of the ocean and the sand. I have wanted to do Jamestown Landing ever since I saw you demonstrate it on the Quilt Show.

  5. Tracey Honig6:44 PM EST

    I agree about the red blocks! Where can we find this pattern? It's being added to my "must make" list! Happy quilting!!

  6. Anonymous12:44 AM EST

    Bonnie, I know you don't like us to post links, so you'll have to google Spring Creek Barbeque. They have lots of locations in DFW, Tyler and Houston. They have great bbq and the best hot rolls! Like you, I always have to have some bbq and Tex Mex when I go to Texas. If you don't get it done during your visit, in a pinch you can always eat at Cousins BBQ in the DWF airport... terminal B or D...while waiting for your flight! I've done it many times. bjohn00@hotmail.com

  7. Amen to Paul's comment! I've been following your Blog for several years & love the encouragement I always get from you. I'm in the process of working on a big project with lots of pieces & was definitely discouraged until I saw this post. I have been so productive today because I just sewed and didn't count. Liberating!!!!! Thank you.

  8. Hexies all the way --- you are a hoot!


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