Sunday, January 18, 2015

All About Cutting and Blazing Trails!

Yesterday’s strip cutting adventure proved to be MUCH of a success, totally emptying one bin of scraps that had been held for cutting down.

I mentioned in a recent post that my trip drawers are dangerously low.  We have made MANY quilts from the pre-cut scraps, which is the whole intent and purpose of cutting them down into useable strips in the first place.  Scraps ready to sew when a few minutes of sewing time are available means that I can actually make loads of progress in little bursts of time – when I have it.

Neutrals ((Also called low-volume by those of modern-quilt-circles)) are a mainstay of my scrap happiness.

I need them, loads of them, and tons of variety makes using them so much fun.  In this handful alone I’ve got everything from 1980s VIP calicoes to a y2k with a while background and silver glitter print to civil war type shirtings and on to modern neutrals.  Give me them all!

Even this…remember these panels from the 1980s?


Gifted!  But what to do with them?

I remember these from my early quilting days as a young married gal wanting to make her home in a comfy country style.  Now?  I chopped them up into 1.5” strips!  They will look just fine and add interesting texture to the backgrounds of quilts-to-be.  Just wait and see!


Tray loaded and ready to crank through.


These are all 1.5 – I was completely out of neutrals in this size.


This is where I finished…1.5” 2” and 2.5” strips ready to sew!

There have been many questions regarding the APQ Quilt-Along.  Those answers are coming as info is released.  I’m just prepping myself ahead of time because I’m leaving tomorrow for a week of teaching in Georgia, and then coming straight up to the cabin after to retreat – so be watching for future posts with all the details, it’s not time to release them all yet!  But for those of you who have finished our Grand Illusion Mystery and need something to help you sew up your stash in 2015, this will be a fun one to participate in.


Afternoon trail riding!

We headed out to blaze some trails with some friends on the mountain yesterday afternoon – the sun was wonderful, but it was still a bit chilly!  However, I will take chilly sunshine over cloudy and rainy or snowy any day.  I am still learning all of the ins and outs of my Rzr, but we had a blast!  In this line up is our friend Rick on the 4 wheeler in front of us, in front of him are Mona and Amber in Mona’s side by side, and in front of them, Amber’s hubby Tim on his 4 wheeler.


Mud on my windsheild!  Rick waving!


Our destination..this waterfall only accessible by off-road trail!

Jan 17, 2015 Out riding the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

I made a quick video so you could hear the sound of the water…it was just a beautiful spot!  Will have to come back in the summer and see how different it is when things are leafed out. So amazing! 

Nature does recharge my batteries!


3 trail riding girls! Me, Mona & Amber!


3 wild & crazy guys! Dave, Tim & Rick


Our Vehicles of Mayhem!


My Rzr goes anywhere!


Sunset through the trees ---

It was just a very fun very much needed play day out with friends.


Pink Sunset at Rick & Mona’s for dinner.


HA!  I am the Farkle QUEEN!!

The game was over.  Each person had one more round.  There was no way I was going to win this game without a miracle ---I had to play to the death for even a chance, and here, in my last turn I rolled for 4900 points to take the lead, the last person to finish the round and end the game.  Hooray! This roll of 6 sixes was 3,000 points.  I doubt this will ever happen again!

So far today ---we’ve had a hike around the mountain that already added 5,000 steps to my fit bit.  I’ve enjoyed a leisurely late Sunday morning breakfast.  I’m going to shower, clean things up so they are ready for when Lori and Randy come next Saturday, and this afternoon Mona is coming to sew.

Perfect!  Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. yesterday was a beautiful day here too - 62 and perfect for a hike in the mountains, my fit bit had 14,600 steps on it! and wow do I feel it today - what you did with those panels was a great move - now you will use that fabric - if they had stayed panels - doubtful that you would have used them

  2. You give me the permission I need to cut up anything and everything!! ha
    I think it is the perfect day when you get to sew with a friend. I got to do that yesterday so today is laundry and maybe machine quilting a baby quilt for Tuesday!!

  3. Slow stitching my Sunday :) Love your Farkle win... and how you unwind in your Rzr... I would more likely drive that than a open ATV :) Enjoy your time away... I know it is a comodity in your life but appreciate all you give to all of us daily here on your blog and on Quiltville fb and other outlets too! Thanks :) Kathi

  4. sigh...always wanted braids...and yours are blue! LOL...

  5. What fun friends you have on the mountain. I'm so glad you can recharge up there. You do so much for all of us! I'm ready almost for another Linky, My Grand Illusion is now two smaller quilts laid out while I think on it more and sleep on it. Have a Safe and Wonderful Birthday week!

  6. What a delightful wonderful time you have had in the mountains! Games, trails, and rides. Perfect top-off after cutting so many strips! Love the idea of strips out of old-not-ever-used-again fabrics and blocks.

  7. Nice neutrals there, Bonnie! Over at Quiltvilleswap, we are doing the same thing to prepare for the 1½" washed half width of fabric strips swap due to be mailed in by February 15th! Whooo hoo!

  8. Bonnie I love all neutrals even those older ones. When you cut these on your Accuquilt are you just laying them on hit or miss or do you have a mark showing where the next 1 1/2" starts?
    Thanks Paula in KY

  9. Those printed panels brought back great memories, I had dozens. Don't know if you ever saw(or did) but I put them in wooden embroidery hoops with matching ruffles. Wish I had a picture. Sold and gave away a lot. They came in browns, burgundy, green.
    I think there are still a few buried in a tub and I now have permission to cut them up, they will be great as neutrals. Thanks :)

  10. Hey, great idea to get rid of those prints you never used. Thanks for the suggestion. I have a bunch of those.

    Love your newest mystery though haven't started mine yet. Finally getting another project done first.

    Barby, MH, ARK


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