Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Quilting Around Here ---

Look what’s in the machine!

I loaded my Box Kite top into the long arm yesterday evening, but really didn’t get much time to quilt on it ---I did run a couple of rows of quilting just because I was so excited to see what the design would turn out like.

Why do I like edge to edge designs?

For many reasons.

Mostly because my quilts are scrappily busy, with no real area where fancy custom quilting is going to show. 

Remember I quilted for the public for 16 years ---this adds to the realization that I have no desire to micro stipple or do extreme filler textures and ruler work on another show quilt ever again.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t love to look at it and admire the work of others – I just know that I’m much happier as a piecer playing with my scraps and loving my vintage machines rather than having the quilting be the main focus of my quilts.

There is room for all kinds of quilters, all kinds of quilts, and all kinds of quilting!

There are FABULOUS designers out there creating luscious edge to edge designs that bring my patchwork to life.

Check out PLUME by Hermione Agee for Lorien Quilting of Australia:


Can you see it?


How about here?

The lighting wasn’t really all that great when the quilt is IN the machine, but I get much better shots of the actual quilting when I take the quilt out of the machine and drape it.  That will come.

So finishing this quilt will happen in between getting all the Super Cyber Sales out the door ---oh my goodness, you have been busy!

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I’m sending out a special thank you to Lisa Gray in California for the squishy envelope full of scrappy greens!

How great are these??

I know they will be a great addition to my green scraps…the ones on the left are “lighter than medium” and have neutral backgrounds so they may find their way into my neutral stash.

Thank You, I love them!

ALSO..If you haven’t checked since yesterday morning, click HERE to visit yesterday’s Mystery Monday Link-Up! 

As I write this post this morning there are 235 entries sharing their progress!

I also changed my format, putting things in REVERSE order, so newer entries are at the TOP of the list of links, not the bottom..so it is easy for you to see the newer postings.  The older links get pushed to the bottom. I think I like it this way.

Do you?  It gives EVERYONE a chance to be first on the page.

This year it is extra easy – if you don’t have a blog, you can share a flickr photo, a pinterest photo, and even an Instagram photo as long as the URL goes to the photo, and not your entire profile.  Instagram only works if your profile is PUBLIC not PRIVATE so keep that in mind.

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New entries will be accepted until Thursday night at 11:33pm EST.

And of course…since it’s Tuesday –it’s only 3 more days until our NEXT CLUE!

I better get busy ---

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I like edge-to-edge designs too. Doesn't take away from all the I-spy fabrics that I like to look at.

  2. I love this quilt, it is so much fun! I love that anything goes and it works out great!
    It makes me smile as I remember your reaction to the cow and heart print and seeing it here brings back the great memory of when we finally met face to face.
    I guess now I have to make this quilt and use that fabric. :)

  3. I like the way you think....there is room for everyone in the quilting world.

  4. You may have said this before and I just missed it but how big did your quilt wind up? It's beautiful!

  5. if and this is big "IF" i live to be a million i still could not make all the bonnie hunter quilts that are dancing in my head. i love the fun fabrics in this fun kite quilt!!. (i'm a sucker for novelty fabric). guess i better get to my juki and chain!!!

  6. I have some of that cow and heart fabric. I am using more and more edge to edge patterns. No worries about what to put on the borders or turning the quilt to do them. Thanks for making our life easier by showing the texture of this new fun pattern. Heading down to the QuiltZone! I got the rest of my HST's cut for Clue 1 after QuiltCAM.

  7. Thank you Bonnie for posting my exact feelings regarding piecing versus quilting. I love piecing so much & I'm much better at it than I would ever be at quilting. I figure I can pay someone else to quilt more quilts than I'll ever be able to piece & still not come close to the price of buying a longarm. I might as well keep my talented longarmers busy & enjoy piecing even more tops!!!

  8. I can't wait to see your quilt when you are finished. It is going to be beautiful. I also love edge to edge. I can't do my own so I take it to my dear friend, Linda and she does them for me. I like a soft quilt and that is what edge to edge does for me. Thanks for all you do. I am hoping to get clue 1 done tonight. Loving the process because I can squeeze the clues in with my busy work schedule and I love the suspense and surprise with each clue. :)

  9. I am a fan of edge to edge quilting also. I am using Gardenia by Urban Elements to quilt my Easy Street right now. I have officially stated the MQ. I am quite scrappy happy today after making all those HST's.

  10. I just love this quilt and it's colors. I can see your quilting and love the design. I try to get mine uniform like that but it doesn't quite turn out. I haven't tried it with the lazar yet. So new at this still. Your words ring true quilting is a process and last night in quilt cam you nailed it. We rush to much... I am learning that lesson. I am slowing down and becoming more cautious with the whole process. I am learning so much from you and others on Quiltville Studio I am forever thankful. I am producing better looking quilts and enjoying it more. : D

  11. I like the reverse order for the linky. It is nice that those who add their links later aren't just down the bottom of the page where few people might take the time to visit them. It's a good way of everyone having a chance to be noticed. last night when I was looking at it, I found a good friend of mine in the 200s, who I didn't know was doing the mystery. I might not have noticed her if she hadn't been in the top line of the links at the time!

  12. Anonymous5:29 PM EST

    I love this quilt, thanks for sharing it!

  13. It looks wonderful, love all those bright colors.

  14. Love the quilt and the design-have to agree with Brenda -my fav is piecing and I'm willing to let someone else use their longarm and talent to quilt them. Really like the newer posts at the top.Clue 1 is under way. Thanks for all you share with all of us.

  15. I must say Bonnie, that you must be absolutely thrilled and humbled at the response you get from your mystery quilts! You are definitely a household word when it comes to quilting! Thank you for all you do!

  16. Bonnie, how DID you do the border on the box kite quilt? it is fabulous and just right for this amazing quilt! love it!

  17. I prefer the focus to be on the patchwork piecing rather than the quilting. I like my quilts to be used

  18. I think it is the work of a very amazing. Although simple but can make a best result. you got me inspired. Thank you

  19. Looks Beautiful with all the colors. Is that the digital panto or paper panto? I want to use that on my quilts.


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