Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cultural Fusion Quilts WINNER!!

Final Cover

Every time I see the cover of this book I oooh and I ahhhh!

This is Sujata Shah's new book, Cultural Fusion Quilts, and we featured our Giveaway HERE.

I LOVE the colors..all of them!  Whoohoooo!

What is that saying?

Art Ddoesn'tHave to Match the Couch?!

I so feel that way about quilts.  I mean, decorating with quilts that fit your “color theme” of your house is one thing….but exploring color and letting color play a bit out of the box is another!  I’ve done both.  Sometimes I feel like playing with a certain set, and sometimes I just want to play and see where it leads me.  I LOVE the colors in the cover quilt of this fabulous book by Sujata Shah!

And obviously 613 of you liked it and wanted it enough to leave a copy on the Give-Away post and I’m about to pick one of you as the winner….

Are you ready?


Number 245!


Carol Candlish, you are the winner!

Carol, I left you a message through google+  Please check for it and get back to me with your snail mail address so I can get it off to Sujata and she will get the book out to you ASAP!  Congrats!

As for what’s been going on here today:


Sewing more hour glass units!

I can’t show you the quilt, but the block is being featured in NEXT Nov/Dec issue of Quiltmaker..and I want the full quilt done to show with the block….so I’m sewing Christmas a year ahead of the Christmas it will be featured in. 

AND…I’ve discovered the series Broadchurch on Netfflix….what a who dunnit!  I’m only on season 1….and it gets more and more intriguing with every episode.  Makes chain piecing a gazillion units not quite a chore.


Happy Happy, Merry Merry!

I’ve been ruthless in pulling in the old vintage 1980s and 1990s prints from Christmas Past into these blocks as well as incorporating some newer holiday fabrics, and every day red, green, neutrals.  FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!


Mona even came to sew this afternoon!

Can you see what she is doing?  She’s got the seam ripper in her hand.  Unsewing is just part of the journey, isn’t it?


Beanie and Sadie don’t think quilting is very exciting at all!


More vintage fabric fun…look what I uncovered:


Old old old Jinny Beyer!

This stuff should be worth something by now as old as it is, shouldn’t it?  HA!

While we were sewing, the guys were working on fixing a winch on one of the vehicles.  Time has gotten kind of late, it’s now dark….we haven’t packed up to go home yet, so the suggestion was made that we just stay up here tonight and drive home in the morning.

Another night at Quilt Villa?

I’m game for that!

Tomorrow morning bright and early…..Mystery Monday Link-Up! 

Luckily I can write that from here and have it ready to post while we are on our drive home.

Have a lovely Sunday evening, everyone!

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  1. Awww, poor Mona, having to rip out what she has already sewn. It's part of the learning curve and we must all do it at some time in our quilting lives. Enjoy your evening at Quiltvilla!

  2. Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday, and yes the seam ripper is our friend.

  3. I just woke from a Sunday Nap. DH teased it was time to take him to work. I thought I had missed the Link-up! You were in my dreams, Bonnie. You came to MY town, stayed at My house and we went antiquing and on a boat ride. I don't live very close to an Ocean...weird huh? That really would be a good dream to come true!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting the tour. It was great fun to read everyone's comments. Thanks to all those 613 quilters who left a comment.
    Picking the fabrics for the cover quilt was as much fun as making it. I did what you are doing with your Christmas quilt. Some old and some new, all mixed in together!
    Congratulations to Carol. Yay!!! I will wait for your email with carol's address.

  5. I need to find Broadchurch and watch it. We just finished watching "Gracepoint" an American version of Broadchurch that was filmed here locally in Victoria, BC last spring.

  6. Anonymous11:59 PM EST

    Not very exciting?? But I bet Beanie and Sadie think the end product is all theirs! At least my two do.

  7. Mona is just darling! Imagine learning to quilt with all of us watching. Mona, you now have your own fan club. Unsewing is a second (or third) chance to enjoy the fabric.

    The book problems will work themselves out so relax and enjoy your time with friends at Quiltvilla.

  8. Broadchurch was a great who dun it. We are waiting for season two here in the UK. Hopefully it won't be too long. I would give a lot to be in Mona's place. None of my friends sew but you just have to get on by yourself. Hope you enjoyed your Quiltvilla time!

  9. Hi Bonnie. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from across the Pond. Thanks for all your inspiration and hope that 2015 is a good on for you

    Hugs and Happy quilting.

    Helena D.

  10. Anonymous8:12 AM EST

    The series you are watching has been on American tv as Gracepoint on the CW channel. I don't think it was advertised broadly enough as probably cancelled for not enough viewers. It was outstanding and I wish there would be more in America.

  11. What fun your life as turned int! Vacationing/working at quiltvilla! Was that ever in your horizon as a young bride and mother! Love the hourglasses!

  12. Hi Bonnie Broadchurch is brilliant. It kept us hooked. Best crime story I've seen for along time series 2 is out here, England, next year can't wait

  13. I love all the red, green, and light 1/4 square triangle units. Can't wait to see what you make with them. What size are they?

  14. You mean we have to wait a YEAR to see the finished product of the Christmas blocks you have been working on?!?! Oh, the SUSPENSE!!! And they say that kids start anticipating Christmas too early - I'm already anticipating Christmas next year! :)


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