Saturday, December 06, 2014

Fog on the Mountain!

Hello from Quilt Villa!

This was the view as I stepped out onto the front porch this morning.

Pea Soup weather!

At least the fog is as thick as Pea Soup ---I regretfully don’t have the makings for Pea Soup up here…or the time to make it.  There is a ham bone in the freezer, and I think I am going to work this in reverse order.  The ham bone will go back HOME with me tomorrow and I’ll cool\k my Pea Soup there.

As far as today goes ---

My “you will never see ME doing that quilting thing” friend Mona is on her way to spend the day with me….

For quilting lesson 101!

Yes, I think she’s been bitten by the bug…

Or more like…

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”


I rearranged the Quilting Nook last night!

I don’t have a huge area to sew at the cabin, but this is just right for me.  A table, an ironing board, a cutting station and a small cabinet.

Oh, and the overflow:


My “Cabin Stash”

Usually I’ll transport my projects back and forth because I am working on specific things that have deadlines, but a girl can never be without her variety – so I’ve got crumbs, strings, and bigger hunks of scraps that can be cut down.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep a variety of neutrals on hand! 


I’ll sew at the 301, but I’ll show Mona the ins and outs of a little 1954 Featherweight.

She says she’s never sewn at a machine before.  This will be easy for her.  The needle goes up and down.  It stitches forward.  You can make it go backward.  End of story. 

I don’t want to discourage her by telling her that quilters often have machines that cost many thousands of dollars.  And that fabric for a quilt can cost you mucho dinero at the same time.

I have scraps.  We can get her started.  If she likes it, we will ease her into it ---but she has to start somewhere, and I’m glad it is here with me!


She and this sweetie will become good friends!


My plan is to start her simple.

This quilt is from a Fons & Porter book I’ve had for eons and eons.  It’s got 4 patches sewn into a 9 patch format.  They start with 2” strips, I’m going to biggie size this using 2.5” strips and 4.5” squares.  We will start with strip cutting, and getting that 1/4” where it needs to be.

I brought her scraps in Red, Blue and Neutral!

You know, this is really exciting for me to take someone who is completely new.  NO BAD HABITS.  No one who will say “Well, I've always done it this way and it works for me”  or  “I heard so and so teacher say to do it this way…” or the dreaded "my seam allowance doesn't matter as long as I am consistent." ((That last one ONLY works if all you are sewing is squares of one size!))

She will listen to me, learn, and soak it all in.  My desire is to give her a good foundation that she can grow from in her own direction, but basics are basics first.

Cut right, sew right, measure units not the seam ---quilt happy!


And while she is sewing 4 patches I’ll be making hour glass units in Christmas fabrics!


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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Have a great Saturday, Everyone!

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  1. did you make that grid design wall that you show or did you buy it somewhere - if you bought it can you say where you got it from?

  2. Learning from the master - priceless!

  3. Mona is one lucky girl ... private lessons with Bonnie Hunter!! Christmas is coming early for THAT girl ... LOL Enjoy your time together. Linda

  4. Bonnie - I wish I could quilt with you someday.....Karen - I bought a similar design wall from Fons & Porter 60" x 72"...very reasonably priced (under $20)

  5. I can't even imagine how many priceless tidbits you will be teaching Mona!! Another quilter is born today!

  6. Wow, lucky, lucky lady! Enjoy your day! Love, love, love that Featherweight!

  7. WOW! What a way to start a quilting journey--with a professional! Green with envy right now! I would love to know what kind of table the 2 sewing machines are on. Can you say where you got them if you know? Thanks.

  8. Old quilter11:09 AM EST

    Clicked on the "you might also like" square at the bottom of today's blog. Love the Carolina Lily with the string settings ! I was not aware of Quiltville back when you posted it. Please know this old lady really enjoys reading your previous blogs, and the opportunity to pick your very scrappy brain. Thank You !

  9. Pam Sherman11:18 AM EST

    We have had Pea Soup here in Redding,CT a couple of days this week. I am going to my friends' house to sew today. I haven't seen her in about 8 weeks. Her Dad died and she needed a lot of space and time alone. I am going to work on two UFOs as leaders and enders for for each other.

  10. Anonymous11:27 AM EST

    Bonnie do you have more fabric either in scrapes and yardages then say 10 years ago.

  11. Hi Bonnie! I am sure you will enjoy today as much as Mona will, especially with her Euricka moment!
    Please feel free to answer my question when you have time.... I ran out of blacks before finishing cutting this week's clue, how many more times will we need blacks, I will get FQs vs begging for scraps!
    Thanks for all you do! Leslie

  12. Does Mona realise what a lucky bunny she is? Being able to learn right from the beginning from an expert like you? I would love to have a one to one lesson and would be very happy for you to correct my bad habits, I must have a lot. And to learn the exact 1/4" seam from you would be awesome. Unfortunately it will only happen in my dreams as I live too far away, right in the middle of England. Have a great productive day.

  13. Someone already said this, but I'll repeat: "Oh to learn from a Master Quilter! Your friend, Mona,is indeed blessed!" I hope she realizes this and makes the most of the experience!

  14. Enjoy your day with Mona!

  15. If Mona has been friends with you very long sh was bound to get the bug. Have fun teaching just one student.

  16. Wonderful news you are showing such basic starter steps, there are so many rulers, gadgets, books about that beginners are put off thinking quilting is a too hard and expensive hobby. You could have a whole new following - newbies and folk who are overwhelmed and lost their way. As said in MQ it's not a race it's fun. Discovering fabric is a joy forever!

  17. Bonnie I hope you took lots of photo's. And will share her progress with us. She is a very lucky lady to have such a excellent teacher. Oh I hope some day I can come see one of your classes.

    I've always wanted to go to The Grand Hotel Island. Maybe 2016 ? I think that's when you are their. How do I find out about this?

    Thanks love your post. Enjoying Grand Illusion. Leaning a lot, lots of mistakes, but that is what happened last year with my Celtic Mystery, which was my first.

    Love making mistakes, lol, Makes me a better quilter.

    Thank you so very very much.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Wendy , Ontario, Canada

  18. I hope she loves it! We're biased, but quilting is really great fun.

  19. nothing like starting at the top!

  20. I hope Mona's lesson went well. I love the “If you can’t beat‘em, join‘em" mentality! I once worked at a quilt shop where the owner would tell customers "The seam allowance doesn't matter as long as it's consistent" and I would bite my tongue so I didn't get in trouble. :/

  21. Wow ~ what a very blessed and super lucky lady! :-D Welcome to the addiction and obsession "club" along with with the rest of us Bonnie fans, Mona! ;-) Y'all will have "sew" much fun sewing together up there in the beautiful and peaceful NC mountains. ☺ And, learning and sewing for the very first time on a gorgeous Featherweight = Priceless! :-D Awesome! Sew and quilt on, ladies!

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  22. I think its wonderful to bring someone new into the quilting world. Have sew much fun teaching her!! YEAH...Question for anyone
    The 1954 featherweight on the table looks like the perfect size machine to take to classes and retreats. Is that right? I am looking for a machine that fits that bill. If this one does I'll start looking more specific. Thank you.

  23. Bonnie- Mona is indeed a very Lucky, Lucky Gal! I hope she gets bitten by the bug and enjoys it as much as the rest of us! I hope you enjoyed your day!

    It snowed off and on today, but the weather is hovering around freezing, give or take a couple degrees (back and forth between 28-32). It can't make up its mind, which makes driving FUN (NOT)!

    Work I done foe a couple days, Can I please get some sewing time in?

    Donna, in
    Soldotna, AK

  24. Wow, Mona must be a lucky girl, getting private lessons from the wolrdfamous Bonnie Hunter! Cool you let her sew on the Singer Featherweight, that really is a friendly machine to learn it. And I bet, after this day, Mona will be as addicted to quilting as we all are. Have fun together! - Betty.

  25. Nook! - that is as big as my house! Wow! How wonderful, and what a lucky friend :) Hope the learning went well...

  26. Oh what fun! A new quilting friend. When we became empty nesters 3 years ago I taught 2 of my friends how to quilt so I could have someone to play with. What joy to see them fly on their own!


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