Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Bigger They Are…the Harder They Almost Fall…

This was my view from the therapy table in the office of my Chiropractor, Dr Wright.

I needed Dr Wright to set me RIGHT because I did something really inane and stupid.

It really doesn’t take much to send things out of whack with my back.

Something as simple as a sneeze, or getting out of bed wrong, or something like….

Getting ready for a shower, disrobing, standing on one foot to pull off a sock…losing my balance, correcting myself automatically to retain my balance..and wrenching my lower back in the process.

What a dinglehead!

I thought it was muscular.  But it wasn’t getting any better.  After a couple of nights of not being able to roll over in bed without catching my breath –I made an appointment.

I’m having to take it easy.  ME?  EASY!?  DDoesn'the know I’ve got a Cyber Sale going on, and there are book orders to get out the door?

I’m working this in shifts---in between icing down and resting.  Bear with me.  I’ll get them out as quickly as possible.

He wants to see me again in a few days. 

But before going, I did do this 5 minute power-purge: 


This is the antique ice box in my kitchen.


These are my treasured cook books in the ice box in my kitchen.


These are my treasured cook books in the icebox in my kitchen after I straightened and culled some.

I love the ones that church groups, schools and quilt guilds put together out of tried and true recipes turned in my members.  Those are ALWAYS the best, aren’t they?

Maybe while I’m down on the couch with that ice pack…I’ll thumb through some more and see what catches my eye that I haven’t made in a while.

Do you find yourself still using cook books?  Like to thumb through them?  Or are you mostly looking online for recipes anymore.

If I know what I want, and know where to find it, I’ll go to my cookbooks.

If I’m just browsing, I’ll often pick an ingredient and google it along with recipes and see what comes up.

What have you 5 minute power-purged lately?


I spy the last border!

But I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to finish it.

Back to the couch ---

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  1. Bless your back Bonnie! Seems when our schedules take over we can't possibly slow down so our bodies seem to do it for us, eh? Sorry it happened like it did, but glad you finally went in to get right. If I were closer, you know I would come help stuff envelopes and make a run to the post office for you!
    Take care, take it easy and I'm sending wellness hugs your way. Allison in Plano, TX

  2. Heal well Bonnie! Remember everything will 'keep' while you take your time to heal. And it will be more fun pain free!

  3. Rest when you can Bonnie. Today I was out lunching with my small quilting group. during conversation I learned that there are some individuals who have been whining about the mystery and te original clue. Well isn't it a shame that they have so little appreciation of the gift we are receiving.I believe this is my fourth year of participating with other scrappers in your mystery. I do appreciate all your efforts. Hugs

  4. Pam Simmons6:44 PM EST


    Sorry to hear about your back......I'm with you...I fell two weeks ago.....oh what pain on an already fused spine......tomorrow I'm headed to a spine specialist....catscan shows I have a fracture at L1....but I have been working on this week's clue and am ready to sew the squares together.....which of the color arrangements is correct? The drawing or the photo?
    Prayers for you and quick recovery, Pam Simmons

  5. Oh dear, I hear you! I did Fall on our Ice outside and couldn't roll over onto my favorite side to sleep. What a pain and embarrassment. I'm not bad enough to go to the Chiro though. Hope the ice treatment works for you. I take a couple of Naproxin (Aleve)too.

  6. I just got to the last border quilting my Easy Street today. It is so encouraging to see the end in sight!
    My power purge today was 3 drawers in my dining room. I wanted to sit in and watch TV in my living room so I got an empty box and just pulled everything out of one drawer at a time. I took the box in front of the TV and sorted. I found so many cords that I had no idea what they went to. Handed those to my husband to decide. It feels so good to clean out and organize!
    Rest up and feel better soon!

  7. Mary Anne7:02 PM EST

    You did this 2days aha and you still did Quilt-Cam last night?? You are a robot or you have a copper topped battery installed in your chest. Take a rest and get better.

  8. Hi Bonnie, You need to take it easy, Girl!!! It's hard for us who have a million things going on at the same time but really, it will serve you well in the long run. I fell down the stairs at my son's house over Easter weekend. Had to have surgery and I am still recuperating -- course I am 10 years older than you which doesn't help the healing process. Love the Mystery Quilt -- it's the first one I have done. Can't wait to see the rest of the clues. Thank you so much!!

  9. So sorry about your back. That's SO painful. Do what the doc says though & you'll be back to full speed before long. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  10. Mary Anne7:04 PM EST

    Darn auto correct- it should say 2 days ago!

  11. Praying for a quick recovery! I so appreciate this mystery quilt. This is my 1st mystery quilt! So very excited! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!

  12. Anonymous7:25 PM EST

    Sandi McMahill

    Been there and it is no fun. Be careful and take care.

  13. Take your time and get well. My book order can wait!

  14. Sorry to hear you are down in the back. I know how that feels.......as for group generated cookbooks, I have been trying to think of a way to print all the recipes recently posted to you site and putting them into booklet form for my own use. They looked like really good recipes.

  15. Oh Bonnie! I am so sorry! I know what you are going through! If I laugh the wrong way, or cough or sneeze, my back goes out! Like you, I visit my chiropractor on a regular basis. He has really corrected some things for me. I collect these very cook books you are talking about. I am in the process of collecting one from every state. Stay well and thanks again for all you do!

  16. I put my back out just picking up a piece of paper off a chair, just before I was to leave for a boat ride to Monhegan Island for a hike that I had wanted to do for years. I went anyway and was absolutely miserable, but finished the hike. I think the walking/hiking was good because I was only miserable for just a couple days instead of weeks like I have suffered before! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. So sorry! I have done that and it is miserable. I do hope you heed the Dr's orders and rest, take it easy, slow down and just get better. The true Bonnie fans will wait for the books to arrive no problem. Hope you are better very soon.
    Diana in Texas

  18. take care of your back - book sales can wait a day or so to get to the post office, quilters understand. yes I have cook books and use them, favorites for years. I do the clean up in 5 minutes or so on Thursday to get things ready for daughter to take to the mission for their winter get ready day - old coats we no longer use, gloves, scarves, old sleeping bags - that will get rid of some of the unused things.

  19. I can relate on the taking it easy. One month ago Ihad bilateral knee surgery. Total left knee replacement. I'm ready to be healed.

  20. AnnetteJ8:28 PM EST

    Bonnie, I am sooo sorry to hear that your back is out. I have the same back condition and it hurts like nobody's business. Take care of it. I don't think any if your fans will object uf their books are delayed a day or two while you mend.

  21. Oh Bonnie Dear..I do sympathize...We always want to do more than our bodies allow...I've permanent damage in my back & leg..[disabled]...constant pain..I'm so use to it, I just don't dwell on it..Please feel better soon..I'll send some prayers up for you..Do take care & stay on that couch!! Quilty Hugs, Debra in Ma.

    P.S. I'm working on my adorable Cheddar Bow Ties tonight..Thank you so much for the pattern.

  22. Bonnie, I will pray, for a quick recovery for you ~ God Bless you ~ One of your Quilt followers

  23. Books will wait - bodies needing to rest & heal won't! Take the time you need and richly deserve. I haven't placed my order yet but will and when it gets here, it gets here. Don't rush. I have a very special cookbook from the Women's Guild of my childhood parish. Many of the recipes in this book are my grandmother and great aunt's. Gram gave one to each of her 6 daughters. Several years ago, I took my Mom's well worn copy out of the plastic binding,made several photocopies and bound them for my Mom, DS, SIL and myself and laminated the original inscription page - preserving my Gram's handwriting and words for the next generation to come. Wouldn't trade it for a million dollars! Take care of yourself & get better! Loving the GI mystery - can't wait til Friday.

  24. Oh I feel your pain. Healing hugs and thoughts to you!!
    Wish I could be there to help you out with your orders.

  25. Bonnie, you could have slipped or herniated a disc, which chiropractic care won't fix. I would schedule with an orthopedic dr. You might need an MRI to see what's going on. When a disc is out of place you need therapy to help it get back in. Lots of backwards bending exercises. My therapist used the "McKenzie Method" from New Zealand when I had a slipped disc. In the meantime, sleep on you back with a fat pillow up under you knees-- flattening the curve in your lower back.

  26. Girl... you better take good care of yourself now or you won't be able to get all those things done! ♥

  27. I hope you feel better very soon. I enjoyed quilt cam last night, but you probably better stay away from your too-short treadle for awhile until your back is 100% again. :(

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  28. i too love my cookbooks. sometimes its so much easier to read it from the paper copy than try to consult an eletronic device.
    My power purge- cleared out the Christmas decoration stuff of the shelf in hubby's garage! More than 5 minutes, but it's done and he's happy!
    hope you heal fast! so you can get back to your projects!

  29. Umm, the power purging can wait! Stay on the couch. Love the box kite and will hafta begin one of those soon but my blocks will be a little bigger! Yes, love the church cookbooks..our class just republished ours with 50 new recipes! But I use allrecipes.com more than anything anymore.

  30. rest. do some cyber shopping. get well. soon. Merry Christmas!

    tyvm for the wonderful patterns and cyber activities you provide for us!

  31. Actually, I did a 5 minute purge of the junk drawer in our kitchen which doesn't hold kitchen items but batteries, tape, screwdrivers and such. I was looking for a small laser level which I knew was in the drawer but I couldn't find it so I emptied the whole thing out and straightened things up. found the leveler, BTW.
    Hope your back gets better, I know how crummy it feels when things aren't right.

  32. You poor little mouse. So sorry to hear that Bonnie, please rest up.We couldn't bear being without you.

  33. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope the Dr. visit will help. I also love the church recipe books, my favorite it the one my grandma's pumpkin pie is in. (That is the recipe I posted here last month.) Thank you for being so gracious with your quilt patterns. You are the best.

  34. My sympathies for your back....this whole getting older thing (as my dear mother puts it)sucks. When asked how she feels, she says "if my back didn't hurt, I'd feel great" She has osteoporosis really bad which has caused spinal curvature. Take care of yourself!
    My son asked for pictures so I was going through the file drawer and was able to locate those and to discard about 50% of what was in there! Tax records from 1994 to 2000!!

  35. Quick addition to my entry--
    I too collect cookbooks, especially the self-published organization and guild cookbooks!
    I just love to read them and imagine the good meals but I don't as it's a lot of trouble to cook for just one person.

  36. Those little cookbooks are great!! We have a cookbook here in Australia which was first published in 1923 as a fundraiser for Kings College in Adelaide. My mum had one in the 1950s and I still have one. I don't know what edition they are up to but they are still around. "The Green and Gold Cookery Book" is the name so grab one if you can. Basic and simple recipes and tips. The Cream cake recipe was one mum used to get me to bake back in the sixties to use up leftover cream. Must make that cake again!.:)
    Hope you're feeling better soon. Cheers from Dana in Australia.

  37. Take as long as you need with the books, the quilting and the purging! Patience and feel better. We can all wait a few days when your health is concerned!

  38. I feel your pain. I did exactly the same thing about 6 months ago...lost my balance undressing, lurched sideways...and pain that wouldn't go away. Ended up with a pain doc and PT.
    Love cookbooks that tell stories along with the recipes. Favs are my 3 from the Mark Twain library in redding ct. He was one funny guy.

  39. OMG, do everything your chiro says to do. Stop the 5 min purges. Took much twisting and bending. Sometimes you just have to surrender and do down and rest, rest, rest. I know it's a foreign word. I have the same problem and had to laugh remembering the sneezes. And I gave up unloading the dishwasher. I pay the grands $1 to do it.

  40. Anonymous12:08 AM EST

    take your time on whatever I ordered!! I just watched Somewhere In Time! I am SO GLAD I STAYED with your colors. I finished my triangles tonight-- will get the blocks done by Friday, easily. I really appreciate learning!!!

    Get better soon!!!
    Nan in Oklahoma

  41. I still use cookbooks. I have 5 tried and true from le cordon bleu, cooking a-z and of course, Better Homes and Garden. Keep the books, and expanding some really old sewing, quilting and embroidery books that inspire quilts.

  42. I still love my "group" cookbooks. Yes computer is faster but I love the browsing 0of tried and true. Know the back thing-as so many others have said. My chiro kept me going for many (UPS) years. I will say ice is my FRIEND a lot of times. R & R for awhile, we'll all wait.

  43. Bonnie- Please follow your Chiro's suggestions. We want you to get better, quickly and not have set backs. Your back is important, as are you. Take care of your health. We are patient (or can be) about our orders.

    I have balance issues myself, so I just have to take it slow and try not to do things that I know will tip me over.

    Take care, Donna E. From Soldotna

  44. I love my Cook books, too. I even have an old old White House cook book. I would like my mothers old Watkins Cookbook, if she still has it.

  45. Bonnie, I feel for you and a back out of whack. Reading cookbooks is good!

  46. Bonnie, hope your back gets back in whack! It's no fun sitting over a sewing machine with a bad back, friend, so get better!

  47. Bonnie, I share your pain. I had an avulsion fracture of my ankle a couple of years ago and it had been giving me a little trouble over the past couple of days, then last night I was just putting away my sewing things before bed and it gave way completely so back with the "boot" and crutches today! I suppose it has a plus side as I now have more sewing time but I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet. Thank goodness for the internet! I have only managed 6 HST's towards the MQ so far so hopefully later today I will be able to get further along with those. Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out and thank you for taking the time to do this. Couldn't believe all the moaning minnies the other day, That's what they get for wanting to be first to finish!
    As for cookbooks, I have my favourites but also browse the internet for ideas these days and have complied my own cook book which I keep on my computer.

    Hope you get better soon, please don't worry about rushing to send out book orders, we can wait!

  48. Vicki Cooper6:45 AM EST

    I want to thank you for the mystery quilt .. my sister and I are doing it together, she lives in GA and I am in MD.
    I love church cookbooks and love to browse them..the recipes are the best!! Take it easy on your back. my theory on that is that as soon as you have time off from work or school etc that is when you get sick.
    Vicki from MD

  49. Anonymous7:09 AM EST

    Bonnie take care of yourself. You are a buzz saw on everything and the energizer bunny so........watch out for the back. My experience is that once you get back troubles they come back quicker and last longer. Take care of yourself. I need to do MORE moving and maybe you need to do a little less. I like reading about the purges but I could not have thrown out cookbooks. Take care and get well.

  50. My five minute power purge today was to finish up a tote bag I'm donating for a Christmas silent auction. Been sitting around for a year with no cover on the bag bottom. I went to the chiro yesterday as well. Missed my appmt two weeks ago and it was telling. I've started going to a yoga class and missed that for a month as well. The yoga and the chiro have really helped me and not going last month told the story! Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy!

  51. Feel better, my back goes out every now and again, feel your pain. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  52. I love my cookbooks too ! Some of them have pages that have torn out or ingredients on them ! Take care of yourself !

  53. Hope your back is feeling better today! I power purged my pantry yesterday and thought of you! I had too many canned goods on the bottom shelf...way too heavy. So I sorted and pitched and moved things around...much better. I love purging!

  54. Hope your back is feeling better today! I power purged my pantry yesterday and thought of you! I had too many canned goods on the bottom shelf...way too heavy. So I sorted and pitched and moved things around...much better. I love purging!

  55. Oh ouch!! have had back problems over the years, but haven't for a while. Yes, I still use cookbooks and the church/organization are my favorites. In a rush I do type in an ingredient and do a search. but still like the feel of a good cookbook in my hands. Hope your feeling better soon. Joan


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