Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yuletide Antiquing!

We headed out on a foggy rainy morning for provisions:  Today would be the last day I would be willing to “run into town” for the things we need for Christmas.

Running into town meant about a 40 minute drive to West Jefferson, NC. 

You can’t even see the mountains, the fog and clouds and one and the same.

But West Jefferson boasts one of my favorite places to wander…the Main Street Antique Mall!

I never know what I’m going to find there, but it is fun to see how the vendors have decorated their booths.  I love to see the vintage ornaments and hear the Christmas music playing as patrons wander around looking for that last perfect gift.

Christmas music that will soon be over in 2 more days!  ((Not that I am counting down or anything, but this year I have heard “Baby, it’s cold outside” about thirteen gazillion too many times!))

I ran into some lovelies!  None that came home with me, I was looking for a tall boy dresser for the guest room downstairs, and I didn’t find a one that looked in any decent shape.

But look:


Singer 201!

These are probably the most sought after of the heavy-duty straight stitch variety as far as Singers go.  The motor is “potted” which means the motor has direct drive to the hand wheel, there is no belt.  The sew ultra smoothly, and this one was in extremely good shape, that is if you have $198.00.  I tell you what, the prices of vintage machines have skyrocketed in the past 5 years or so!

I already have one, so this one stayed put right where it is.  They weigh about 43 lbs, so it isn’t anything I would “really” consider portable, but if you are looking for a good heavy duty full sized straight stitcher..you can’t go wrong with a 201.


Western Electric!

Almost missed this one, it was in it’s “bread loaf” shaped case pushed under a china hutch, almost missed it!  The decals are lovely, but the wiring is completely hammered.  Is it treadle-able?  I suppose it could be but as it is an off-brand who knows if you could find a cabinet that would fit that base.  They all are not the same.  Cabinets usually were brand-specific, until you get to the Class 15 imports which would fit any Singer class 15 cabinet.

I’m still looking for a cabinet for my 301!  Still haven’t found one, but that means I can keep looking which is part of the fun, right?


Well loved beat up quilts here and there!

This one was so well tucked in that I didn’t unfold it to check it out, but I like what I see…ohio stars and 9 patches on point….set in horizontal rows with alternate blocks.  Cute!!


This poor thing was in shreds…but look at the blocks!



Half square triangles as a border on the outside edge.

I loved how the triangles turned various ways in some of the bocks, but in others..they all march the same.  You can see the ripping and tearing.  This comforter was tied, not quilted.  Fabrics from around 1900.


Close up!

Love those dots and stripes and the double pink!


Well loved and well worn bear paw.  SO CLASSIC!


I loved this display over an old red/white single Irish chain!


Michael Landon!

This photo made me smile, thinking of how I loved Little House on the Prairie growing up.  I remember many Christmas specials.  I wonder if they are on Netflix?  It sounds like the perfect thing while snuggling under the big blue denim quilt to finish the binding.  Do you have Christmas favorites that you watch?


Guess what I’m building??

Cabins for my cabin!

Simple log cabin blocks in blue and neutral.  Super easy since I already keep 1.5” strips on hand.  These are definitely making me happy!


As darkness falls, our Christmas lights on the porch illuminate the fog!


Tomorrow!  Right Here!

Come link up with me sharing a post or photo via blog, flickr, instagram, pinterest, google+ of YOUR favorite holiday quilt, no matter whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, or just WINTER in general.  I’ll set the linky to go live at 5am…we’ll leave it running for a week, so if your Christmas quilt is a gift for giving, you can come back after it has been given and link up then.

Share stockings, table runners, tree skirts, wall hangings, quilted slippers, bags, whatever it is.  Let’s share the Quilty Love of the Season right here, tomorrow morning.

I’ll see you then!

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  1. thanks for the antiquing wander!
    OH, I am in the market for one of those Western Electric machines as my father worked for WE pretty much his entire career until retirement. Sigh...there is one locally but I just can't swing the $75 asking price with wiring that looks "hammered" as well and not knowing if it even turns on as the seller says they don't know if it is safe. So the hunt goes on for me too

  2. I wonder if you are to "blame" for the increase in prices! After all, you introduced us to those wonderful vintage machines LOL! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM EST

    I have a 201 Singer and i've been trying to find a cabinet for it. Will it only fit in only one certain cabinet?

  4. Hi Bonnie. Love those vintage machines and I am positive that you are the reason the prices have gone up.LOL I was so happy to get 'More Adventures in Leaders & Enders' in my mail bos today.Looks like I need to get busy and cut my scraps up to usable proportions.Thank-you for signing it, too.
    Barb S. in IL

  5. I'm just right up the road from you in Fancy Gap! Merry Christmas to you, Bonnie. I'm enjoying the mystery quilt!

  6. mmmmm, Ashe County cheese shop! Love that place. :)

  7. Merry Christmas, Bonnie! I watch Prancer every year, because Sam Elliot is in it! And of course we watch Christmas Vacation. Uncle Eddie's black dickey under a white sweater cracks me up every time.

  8. Bonnie, It is Christmas Eve morning and I am watching Little House on the Prairie on Channel 87, INSP on cable. It has all the old shows, my fav quilting channel. Merry Christmas on the Hill. I'm in Traverse City,Michigan quilting of course.
    Lou Wolf
    tcmay2@gmail dotcom

  9. Some Christmas video's and DVD's I USED TO HAVE before loaning them to Some one...? Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Tailor of Glouster, Love Affair with Irene Dunn and Charles Boyet, Little Women with Katherine Hepburn, Little Women with ?? for got her name, Donovan's Reef with John Wayne, a version of the Christmas Carol with the guy who played John Luke Piccard on a Star Trek series, ...

    We have or replaced Miss Potter, Scrooge, 3 Godfathers with John Wayne, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Muppets Christmas Carole, A Very Merry Muppets Christmas Movie, The Holiday, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, A Christmas Carol with Alistair Simm.

    Used to have enough to watch one each day of December up to the 25th. Also had Prancer, Samantha's Christmas movie, and others.


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