Monday, December 08, 2014

From the Mail Room to the 5 minute Power-Purge!

This was my view today as I spent all day filling orders that had come in over the weekend.

Happy Day oh Happy Day – there were a couple titles that we sold out of that arrived today as well, so those are happily on their way to their new destinations.  We were out of Devoted to Scraps & Quiltmakers new title, Patch Pals.  Since those are now in, I can get those orders out to you.

There are still more books arriving from the warehouse – you guys bought me out of everything and then some, so I hope you will be patient with me as I am filling orders as fast as I can, and as new books arrive, I am doubling back to take care of those that were set aside while waiting for missing titles.

Please remember I am one person, but I hope to have everything out by the weekend.

Orders are being filled in the order in which they came in, so if you ordered mid week, those that came the 3 days before yours will be the first to go out, and let me tell you I was filling orders as fast as they would come in all last week.

Titles I am still waiting to arrive:

Nickel Quilts & Borders by Pat Speth.

Scraps & Shirttails by ME!

200 Blocks by Quiltmaker.

These titles are on their way to me and if you ordered them and I ran out before I got to your order, you are in line for them and I will get them out as quickly as possible!

Please remember when you order from your favorite author/designer that likely they are a one person business.  We don’t have the man power to mail to you as quickly as Amazon, but we will give your order every care and concern and get it to you as quickly as is humanly possible for one person to humanly do.


Purging in the Dungeon!

The far left drawers have been a disaster for a long time. 

These drawers hold notions, ribbons, floss, other craft supplies that are NOT exactly fabric, but still need somewhere to go.

Marking pens for the white board,

Glue gun,  which I haven’t used in I don’t know how long!

Stuff…oh yes, there is stuff!


Top drawer!  Let’s just start with the top drawer ---


Oh boy.  This is going to take more than 5 minutes!


I actually gave it 15!

Here’s what I discovered.  I am a stasher when it comes to things on sale that I might need later, and many things were STILL IN THE PACKAGE!

Why didn’t I open these?  Probably because I was in a hurry and I thought I’d do it later, or I thought that whatever the item was wouldn’t be as good or contained if I unleashed it on the rest of my stuff.

But packaging takes up sapce. Much of this stuff is pencils, pens, marking tools for fabric ----I spy a package of thread heaven still in the package.  The package more than doubles the size of the thread heaven itself!


All the quilt marking pencils went HERE!

And I am going to put these up by my comfy chair where I actually DO quilt marking.

The thread heaven and other hand quilting stuff also went up by my comfy sit n sew place upstairs.

Stuff came OUT of those bubble packages.  Pencils went with pencils, markers with markers, scissors where scissors go --- bye bye packaging!

Pencil sharpeners? How many do I need?  I kept the best 2 and pitched the ones I remember didn’t work very well.


Repurposed 3 drawer organizer.

This 3 drawer plastic organizer lived its former life in the underneath world of our old bathroom vanity.  It was empty, and I had put it away just waiting for a purpose for it, and here it is.

Top drawer: Pencils
Middle drawer: Sharpies
Bottom drawer:  All of those white board markers that still work after testing.

That’s right…I tested any suspicious markers including white board markers and highlighters on paper to be SURE they weren't dried up before putting them back in the drawer.  I pitched quite a few.

I pitched a lot of things!  Bye bye, be gone – if I need you in the future, I’ll go buy a new one, but I’m not hanging on to stuff just because I MIGHT need it in 5 years from now.

Things I kept:


Oh what a difference!

Glue gun is bagged up with the glue sticks along with the Glue Baste-it and my little card thingy of embroidery floss.  Haven’t touched that in years either, but who knows, I might pick embroidery back up some day?

Rolls of tape, a couple of scrap booking dies to cut circles and some scissor sharpeners, a few sand paper dots ---that’s about all that is in this drawer now.  Oh…a bias maker.  In case I ever decide to REALLY pick up applique and do a ton of skinny stems.  I’m ready.

But don’t hold your breath!  Hahaha!

All in all, I think it was a successful purge, and I’m looking forward to purging more areas in my sewing space now that the other areas in the main living quarters of the house have been handled.

I hope you’ve checked this morning’s Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 2!  Over 130 Grand Illusion quilters are sharing their progress, and more links will continue to be added through the week.  Feel free to add YOURS to the listing!  You can link a blog post, a flickr photo, a Pinterest pin, or even an Instagram photo if your profile is set to PUBLIC so we can all see it.

Quilt-Cam will be happening Wednesday evening at 9pm EST.  I hope to see you here then too!

Have a great night everyone…now go PURGE something!

Back to the mail room for me --

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  1. Your books are worth waiting for and to have them packaged by your fair hands...that's the hot fudge sauce on top:)

  2. Anonymous9:40 PM EST

    Proud of your efforts to purge today! I can't participate tonite as it is Green Bay Packers winning so far. I wish work would not interfere with all the things I would rather do...........

  3. It is understandable about the orders and I don't mind waiting for my books it will be something to look forward to when I do receive them. Great job reorganizing today, I need to do the same too.

  4. Anonymous10:41 PM EST

    There was an extra page on the print friendly with nothing on it. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and that you're spinning out of control. Your calendar is impressive about scheduling out 3 years in advance.
    I usually just do about 1 hour at a time. I am impressed that you have the energy. Petal to the metal.

  5. When the books get here, they get here! No worries. I know they'll be worth waiting for. Purging my sewing room too, but can't stop at 5 minutes!

  6. Hi Bonnie ; I am bummed that, I never asked you for your autograph on the book I ordered. Darn it. JulieYoung happy purging I am getting a lot done! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. I am amazed at how much you get done as "just one person". I would need at least 6 clones! I'm still trying to figure out how to be in 2 places at once on Wednesday...
    The book will be worth the wait with anticipation being half the fun!

  8. You have inspired me to go purge some more. Your drawers look a lot like the ones I have for the kids school supplies. I am going to go through those drawers today and see what I can purge. Thursday the donation truck is scheduled to come by and pick up this huge pile of stuff I have for them. I am feeling so organized these days!

  9. It will take me all year to power purge my house. Maybe I should start on Jan 1, 5 min a day.

  10. Have you considered hiring a high school student part-time to help with your mailings? If you sign all your books, your helper could handle the mailings and count inventory. Maybe they could jazz up your storefront, too. Remember, you don't have to do everything yourself!

  11. You've inspired me - I have one of those plastic organizers with drawers that stores office supplies. I'm thinking of repurposing it for quilt markers and supplies. Probably a 15 minute purge!

  12. No hurry for my book order Bonnie. I am happily working on your Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. Your the best.
    Lisa Mikel

  13. Thank You for being you. Your a blessing to so many. I want to say you lit a fire under me when you came up with the purging. I have started on drawers and totes and feel I am making a difference especially in knowing what is in that place once more for a few minutes at least. Finding things I barely remember having.

  14. No rush for my book as i am loving working on the MQ at an enjoyable pace and actually keeping up !! I'm not even sure which book i ended up getting. The fun was checking them all out before deciding. I am trying to slow down with what i do for fun. And Bonnie, may i say once again what excellent instructions you give. I love my newly discovered Easy Angle ruler.!!! PS. Order up a few minions to help in the mail room :)


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