Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 minute Power Purge and a Throw Back Thursday --

It went like this…

I’m sitting at my computer and I’m talking to a friend, and before I know it – I’ve opened this top desk drawer and I’m pulling stuff out, and organizing.

It’s amazing what you can do during a phone call on speaker phone.

It’s also amazing what you can find deep inside a humble desk drawer.

Have you ever wondered just what the contents of your drawer would tell a stranger about your life?

Well, besides the fact that I evidently have messy drawers…and I can’t seem to slow down enough to just take the time to KEEP them neat.

But if you dig deeper, what would you learn about me?


SEWING KIT…IN the package.

I’ve just noticed myself over the past few power purges that I seem to buy stuff and never take it out of the package.  WHY is this?  I don’t know.

But this one I bought just for those little scissors – ((Traveling internationally)) and the little needle threader for my treadle machines.  I still like these old fashioned needle threaders.

As for the thread, we know it's crap so it couldn't be for that.  But WHY is this hidden in this drawer where I completely forgot about it, still in the package?

Lack of time to deal with it I suppose.


Notes from my mom.

I’ve saved most of these because I love her handwriting.  It has never changed –it’s one of those things that a computer typed email, text, Facebook message, or whatever will NEVER match.  Handwriting is so personal.

I wish this one was dated, but it isn't.  As I’ve been going through stuff I’ve found her notes tucked here and there throughout the house in drawers and baskets and boxes…I need to corral them into one pretty box for safe keeping.  On the front side is the golden gate bridge photo you see in the top photo of this post.  This note is a keeper.  It just needs to go somewhere better.


Photo circa 1976??

I loved to play the guitar and sing.  As I look at this photo I remember some things so vividly.  That piece of leather tied on my wrist – my girlfriend and I both did that and swore that we wouldn’t EVER take them off.  The ring on my finger was a birthday gift.  The scratches on the guitar where my strumming nails had worn the wood down.  And the sewing machine in the background!

I learned to sew first on my mom’s old Kenmore, then when she married my step dad when I was 14, she got this as a wedding gift.  I sewed clothes all through junior high and highschool on that Pfaff, it was the top of the line then.  I would love to have it now!  I don’t even remember what model it was – but what a great machine.

I look at the pictures hanging on the wall.  I REMEMBER those!  Where did they go?
The puka shell necklace was also a gift, and I remembered being SO thrilled with it – all my friends had one and I wanted one in the worst way, and this one came interspersed with blue beads.  It was different from the others and I loved it so.

Braces on my teeth!  They wouldn't come off until I was 17.  I was late getting them on, so late coming off….I look at this photo and I have to stop and say “Oh, hello!  There you are!  I’ve missed you!” to this young girl who had no idea where her life was going to go. 

“Don’t worry!” I tell her.  “It’s going to turn out better than you’ve ever dreamed possible!”  And in my mind we both smile.


And now I have one more clean drawer!


Today’s Lovely Free pattern!

I love scrappy Christmas stockings, and Clover and Violet have a WONDERFUL version here with fabric covered buttons as accent.  Click HERE for the tutorial.  I love the softness of these colors – so pretty!

I hope you are ready for Grand Illusion, Part 3!  As soon as I hit send on this, I’m working on that clue so it is ready to post!

Catch you bright and early in the morning, everyone!

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  1. Hi Bonnie...boy, that was like finding one of those Treasure bottles....great stuff. All set for the morning..take care & get some rest yourself.

    Debra in Ma.

  2. Hiya Bonnie-cleaning drawers is good fun! The things we find!..even Primary school things! I kept my big High school 'port' (as it was called)..and decide to place ALL things old a& beautiful in it..so my kids can have it! Thanks Bonnie, Marietta brisbane

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM EST

    There will be a big power purge at my apartment for the next several days as I prepare to move. It will be so nice to get rid of the clutter and the "Stuff" stored in closets. My quilting friends all want to know if I'm going to move anything in addition to the fabric and the machines. Ha, Ha. Not much I reply, with a smile.

  4. I love coming upon old pictures. I leave them in my closets and drawers, just a few. It makes me happy when I see them. Bobbi

  5. I want to know if you still sing and play your guitar??
    I'm psyched for clue #3!!
    If you don't know I'm a BH NUT!! currently working on GI!
    I'm on step 3 of Orange Crush (and I LOVE the extra split four patch row so YES I'm gonna do that also!)
    AND my Easy Street is on my long arm and almost finished!! (As soon as more thread gets here!! Grrrr)

  6. Bonnie, I have that Pfaff! I think the number is 1197. Mine was a Christmas gift from my ex when we lived in Germany. I believe I got it in 1973. Mine wasn't the top of the line, but one model down. My neighbor is using it right now. I used that machine for over 30 years. It made all my clothes, all my children's clothes, curtains for every house we ever lived in (ex was in the AF) and many many quilts. It still sews like a dream. I bought another Pfaff because I wanted a few more bells and whistles like needle down and the integrated walking foot. But you're right, it's a great machine.

  7. Heather hill10:28 PM EST

    38Hi Bonny, I recognise that sewing machine as a Pfaff 122E. I had one of those and it did heavy duty for over 20 years making all the clothes for my 4 children and even a canopy for my husband's boat. During that time I wore out 2 tension springs and eventually I was advised to look for a new machine as it was in the shop more than it was out. I have since purchased several new machine since that one and eventually settled with a Janome 650. My daughter refused to let me trade in my Pfaff as she loved that machine and it would be okay for the small amount of sewing she does. Meanwhile the machine is still in use today some 35 years since I bought it.
    best wishes, Heather Hill in sunny Queensland

  8. Anonymous10:50 PM EST

    I am going to make a snip comment.

    Bonnie that is a great story, but I can’t help but wonder if you don’t ever go a day without bragging, or seeking attention that you lack as a child you might have a condition called Megalomania it is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. What do you think?

  9. Anonymous, I think you can take your comment and find some where else to post it. You don't even have the courage or courtesy to let your name appear. FYI, Bonnie is the most loving, giving, genuine person you could ever know. We look forward to her posts every day and especially to her wonderful mysteries each year.

  10. Anonymous11:36 PM EST

    Ah Bonnie I think that's the pfaff 1222e I bought mine in 1978 I believe, it was the best machine I ever had and I wish I had it back. I used it for years, sold it to get an industrial machine that I love just as much but that pfaff is a wonderful machine.

  11. Bonnie, You live your life big and friendly to all. All the posts about your days and travel and even the cleaning are the very reason we come and read your blog. Keep it up Please.

  12. I'm smiling at the snip comment. Obviously depended heavily on spell check since 3 sentences are run together. :-)

  13. Bonnie, I have a tip for you. A drop of Superglue on your needle threader where the wire tucks into the holder will keep it in great shape for years. I love 'em too. Great note from your Mom. What a treasure.

  14. Leslie says:
    I hope that you feel free to release your clue in the morning with a smile on your face for those of us who love them so. Don't make this want you to run and hide. The majority of your 20,000+ friends see this as the gift it is, and look forward to making an artistic statement for ourselves. We love ya! :)

  15. Thank you Bonnie for all that you do for us. I am looking forward to clue #3. I always enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts each day as I know thousands more would agree with me. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. whatever happened to: "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all"? Boo anonymous

  17. I'm up late/early on the West Coast- hoping the clue would be up, but not quite yet. I told DH to take the car to work, I'm stitching ALL day! I love the Throwback Thursday Picture. My Brother in law says the 122 Pfaff's are the Best ones they made. He has a few of them. He finds them at Goodwill and fixes them. your note from your mom makes me miss mine! Thanks for posting your everyday doings. I have a LOT of Messy drawers to. Good to know I'm not alone.

  18. The drawer you cleaned out looks like my desk drawer so I am off to go clean it out. Thanks you have inspired me to go clean out once again!

  19. Anonymous needs to delete the pseudo psychological jargon which is not applicable to BH at all, and instead be kind. Rosemarie said it all.

  20. Love your photo! Remember those red and navy striped shirts! EVERYONE had one....guys and girls alike!

  21. Bonnie, You've really inspired me to purge my sewing space. I've been getting up earlier in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and getting to work before the rest of the day's activities take over. I'm accomplishing so much!

    The note from your mom is so sweet. Maybe you should copy some of them onto fabric and make a special something with that beautiful handwriting.

  22. I had my first 5 minute purge today. Making mince pies for Christmas and hunting for plastic freezer bags in a very untidy and cluttered kitchen drawer. So I decided to get everything out of the drawer, tidy, sort and throw stuff away. Then I wiped out the drawer and put things back tidily. Wonderful!

  23. Bonnie, something that works good for cutting thread is a empty dental floss box and I used a Pfaff when I worked a short time sewing costumes-wool capes, I was amazed how it could sew through 7 layers of wool. My Dad resently told me he keeps all the cards and letters us Girls send him.


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