Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Post Office Runs & Power Purges Continue!

This batch of somewhere around 100 orders went out TODAY!

On their way to you, wherever you are – and there are more to follow tomorrow, and the next day and the next until we get these all on their way.

I ask for your patience and understanding!  Things are going out in the order that they came in as quickly as possible.

Fed Ex brought me 16 cases of books today – there are more to be delivered at the end of the week if they make it in time.

My goal is to have EVERYTHING to you long before Christmas.

There has been ZERO sewing since I left the cabin Sunday.  So I am really looking forward to Wednesday evening’s Quilt-Cam at 9pm EST – and I’ve consoled myself with a bit of peeking at yesterday’s Mystery Monday Link-Up and smiling at all you have accomplished!

I also FORCED myself away from mail room duty to tackle TWO MORE DRAWERS in the studio drawer disaster.

I felt so good about last night’s purge HERE that I just had to continue.

Second and Third drawers down respectively !


What in the world?


Let’s dump it out!


Mostly –this is fabric I had set aside for cutting into hexagons for my current traveling hexie project.

It wasn’t as bad as it first looked once I sorted them into color families and baggied them up but good.  And yes…there is a baggie of already cut ones, my busy bag doesn’t need to carry them ALL..when I run low there, I’ve got sets to stick on in.


I found some more 2.5” strips ready to go to the cabin for the current Christmas themed project I’m working on!


I tossed, I pitched, I rehomed..and I now have THREE great drawers with breathing space!

There is a 4th drawer at the bottom, but I think I’ll leave that for another day.  It’s mostly fabric –it needs sorted and culled and decided what to do with.  There are loads of 10.5” squares that were left from pieced backings..but they might be better used if I strip them down into my strip sizes and file them away into my Scrap User’s System.

And though I haven’t sewn a stitch, I heard from a little elf that my friend Mona has been going hard at it..determined to get all 130 4 patches done and the block assembly underway before I make it back up to the cabin next Friday evening!

Go Mona!  Sew Mona!!

She’s got the cutest little cabin in all of Buck Mountain, and she has set up my featherweight card table and is sewing away like a pro!  I love this!

Time to get some dinner on --- have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!

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  1. thanks for all that you do for us mystery quilters amongst your very busy life.

  2. I'm getting ready for my December Guild Mtg and Potluck. We are exchanging quilty gifts this year. I dug into my scrap users bins today for more neuitral and pink strips. I found some real fun treasures to go in my Grand Illusion! Glad your friend Mona is having sew much fun.

  3. your boundless endless energy makes me just smile! Thank you for all you do :-)!
    Go Mona Go!! Lynne in MN

  4. Good for Mona. What a great teaching opportunity. Please. Encourage Mona to get a swivel chair. Her back and shoulders will suffer with a growing affinity for stitching.

  5. Mona has a determined look on her face. I'm enjoying a bit of a forced break from sewing after catching the tip/side of my finger with the rotary cutter this afternoon. Nothing serious but I've got a bulky bandage on it now that I hope to exchange for a band-aid tomorrow. Looking forward to QuiltCam!

  6. Awesome job Mona. Welcome to the quilting addiction. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful talented teacher.

  7. Anonymous9:17 PM EST

    Way to go Mona!!! Keep it up girl!!!

  8. Hey Bonnie, Let Mona know if she plans on using the card table for a while before she invests in a sewing table to put a slab of wood or metal on the table. they tend to get a sway back (down) in the middle when there is any weight on them. Ask me how I know. lol

  9. Dad and I were just siting down for a night of laptop and tv. when want do my delightful eyes see, but a bin of bonnie book packages- I hope one's for me! as I see visions of quilt tops and and mystery blocks dancing in my head.

  10. michelle a9:42 PM EST

    That didnt take long, Mona is one of us now. Lol. Its sew addicting but sew much fun and sew rewarding.

  11. The thing I envy about Mona is...no U.F.O.s!!!! To have only one project started and to be working on it. If only I could get there and stay there, sigh.... She looks like she definitely has the bug and good for her. It was only a matter of time to be closely associated with Bonnie and not be a quilter just defied all sense! Can't wait to see her finished quilt.

  12. Hi Bonnie I think I told you about this chevron technique last New Years but in case I didn't....


  13. Hi Bonnie. I am so loving this years mystery quilt. I have the blocks laid out for clue 2, and think it would make a beautiful baby quilt with just those blocks. Can't wait for clue 3. I so appreciate all you do for us. And I have been motivated to do some power purges. Thank you for that. I'm taking your pineapple blossom class in Jan. So excited. Hugs to you !!

  14. Anonymous12:09 AM EST

    Wow, I just got home from Ikea with a Jansjo light. You were right, it is amazing! Who would have thought a $10 light would change my life. I can SEE to sew! Thanks for the tip and all the inspiration. I love GIMQ!

  15. It was bound to happen. Mona getting advice already from those who know best. :-) Looks as tho she's having fun. Looking forward to seeing her quilt top! I loved the picture of the two pups napping as you gals were stitching.

  16. I am a pitcher - my husband is a piler/hoarder! I LOVE the power purging and get almost as much joy from watching your progress as I do from my own - lol! So happy that Mona is happily sewing away - awesome to have another quilter in the world!

  17. Could you explain the featherweight card table? I just was gifted a featherweight and would love to have more info on your table.

  18. Bonnie: Just wanted to let you know that I have already received the books that I ordered during your recent book sale. Can't believe how fast they got here and personally signed. They will have pride of place in my sewing room. Having so much fun with the GI. Thank you for all you do.


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