Monday, December 15, 2014

Shake, Rattle and Roll Baby! ((And 5 Minute Power Purge!))

Growing up the the bay area, San Jose, California, I have felt earthquakes in my time…

It was something expected on the west coast, but it has been many many years since one has happened near me.

And so the rude awakening at 2pm with the cabin swaying and Sadie going bonkers was quite a shock!  With no after-shocks, thank goodness!

2am is a groggy time to be awakened by anything – and it took some time getting back to sleep after that.

The quake happened just north of Lenoir, which is directly SOUTH of the cabin about 25 miles.  3.0 is SMALL on the Richter schale, but still.

Earthquakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

We left for home about 7:30 am after making the decision to stay the night since everything we had hoped would be done by dark just wasn’t.  If we had come home last night, we probably wouldn’t even have felt this tremor, rumble and boom.

As soon as the car was unloaded I headed right into mail room mode:


Jeff called this the “Leaning Tower of Books!”

Say good morning to the sunshine pouring through my window and get right down to business!

The “Nickel Quilts & Borders” books by Pat Speth are in and I have caught up on MOST of the back orders!  Guess what is out now?  200 Blocks by Quiltmaker!  But more are on their way.

Scraps & Shirttails II is running VERY low, and when I tried to order more, I was told that they too are backordered because they have gone to reprint, with a print date of Dec 18th.  I’ll be contacting those folks via email to let them know.

I am within a day and a half of being TOTALLY caught up on everything!


This all went out today ---

The lines at the post office are horrendous of course, it’s the last week before Christmas.  The two back bins and part of one of the front bins are all pre-stamped so those were just drop off…but others needed customs forms and weighing.  Let’s just say it takes a while when there is a line out the door of a one window country post office!

And don’t think I’m going to let that stop me from my 5 minute power purge!  I came right home from the post office and set to it…ONE more desk drawer:


Auughh!  This will never do!

I dumped it out and started pitching, sorting and making quick decisions.

The one thing I had never done with this drawer was put in hanging folders.  They don’t go front to back on this drawer, they hang side ways and I didn’t think I’d like it….

But let’s give it a try anyway.

While purging I found:


Hey! My old wallet!  With $32.00 in it!  Merry Christmas to me!


Sweet memories!  I sure love the men these boys have become!


Hello, sweet reward!  How long have you been in here?

This is my favorite chocolate bar EVER, hands down.  It has a dark and sultry sweetness with a slow burn….Mmmmmm!  Do you think it’s still good after who-knows-how-long?  I’m afraid to open it to find out!



I have put this chore off for so long because I have had so many OTHER things on the front burner and it really didn’t seem to matter….  And now it’s done.  And I can open up both of these drawers, know their contents, find what I’m looking for, and smile that YES!  I did this!  And it didn’t take too long, and it is nice being proud of just little accomplishments.

Did it take more than 5 minutes?  Yeah..maybe 15 total.  5 of that 15 was locating some empty hanging folders from the file cabinet upstairs.  The rest?  Piece of cake!

Are you participating in the 5 minute power purge?  I don’t post about it every day – I am only able to do it when I’m home here ((And not swamped)) But if you are participating, leave a comment below on your latest accomplishment!  It can be big or small – and it WILL encourage others to downsize, clean out, straighten up, and enjoy what we have just a little bit better!

Tomorrow on the blog --- I’ve got a special giveaway featuring a DVD by very talented friend of mine!

I hope you’ll stop by and see what it’s all about….you could be the lucky winner!

Have a great Monday Evening, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM EST

    Not exactly a power purge, but I am sending on our 4 grown childrens' ornaments so they can enjoy them now!

  2. I power purged the little bedside table dresser the other night before bed, what a feeling! Yay for finding 32 bucks!

  3. Yesterday, I purged a bag of Minkee scraps leftover from quilt backings. I found enough to make 5 infinity scarves for Christmas presents - all done and ready to wrap!

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM EST

    I have faithfully spent at least 5 minutes (it's usually more like 15-20) since you began the Power Purge on November 11 working on my sewing room. I haven't needed to purge much, but this space was in desperate need of tidying and organizing. The biggest surprise is that, despite it being a very busy time of year, I have kept at it. A couple of times I have nearly forgotten and have had to do my 5 minutes just before bed. I've convinced myself that you will find out if I skip a day and that there will be dire consequences! I should have a wonderfully clean and organized space to work in during my two week Christmas vacation.

    Cindy in NC

  5. Susan beard7:02 PM EST

    Susan Beard22205@verizon.net

    My version is to open the shipping boxes, wrap the presents, put them under the tree or in the bags from Santa and break down the boxes and shipping material for recycling. It takes about 10 minutes a delivery. Much less chaos!

  6. No power purge here today, at least not yet - there's still hope.
    You're right that 3.0 is not very big, but I suppose if you're no longer used to them, they can unsettle you for a bit - especially in the wee hours of the morning. I remember the Northridge EQ in 1994 VERY well - it too was in the wee hours of the morning but a whole lot stronger, so your 3.0 would still unnerve me as I now jump with the slightest earth movement.
    After seeing your several posts on how many mailings you've sent out, I'm glad I didn't contribute to it (this year), though I was very close to ordering at least one book (I have two but can't find one and want to find it so I can know what I CAN order.)Maybe I need to figure out where to do that power purge, eh?

  7. Growing up in Cape Town, we would get a minor tremor about every 18 months, startling but not very dramatic. A few months after I moved to England I was VERY surprised to be woken by a serious shake at exactly 8am one morning, and ran downstairs to get out of the house. Flatmates all laughed at me for a while, and then the radio confirmed it was the biggest quake in that part of the UK for 400 years!

  8. I cleaned out my silverware drawer today and put in my new organizer. Now I need to find a tray skinny enough to put in the side of my drawer for my scissors and tools.

  9. Anonymous7:39 PM EST

    I've been purging my cupboards and fridge of outdated food!!

  10. Purged my basket by my chair (no table with drawers). Found a few things I have been looking for. Wishing I would find the JoAnns bag of embroidery thread that my husband moved. I have been looking for it for months it has over $100 worth of stuff in it.

  11. I don't think that you ever get used to earthquakes!! I find them scary. You probably felt it as it was a shallow one.

    Here in New Zealand we get lots of earthquakes, especially around Christchurch where there was major damage a few years ago. They had a 4.0 just a few days ago.

  12. My husband is enjoying me purging, each day he says "keep going don't quit now".

  13. Anonymous7:54 PM EST

    I have not purged every day but keep your admonishment in mind and have finished one drawer with old Christmas cards and began one in the kitchen with old receipts stamps, old corks, dry glue sticks etc. thanks for the follow-up with pictures. Johanne

  14. I've been thinking about cleaning the fridge, does thinking count?

  15. Power shopping and wrapping for me these days. Back to purging after the holidays. And I don't think chocolate ever goes bad...might not taste the best but not rotten!!
    Chocoholic in Canada!!

  16. Oh my, too scary with the earthquake so very close. Glad you are okay. Our purge . . . we walked around the house this evening and pulled the silk flower garlands, vases, nic-nacs that are just gathering dust. Because you know I'm just too busy sewing Bonnie projects to be bothered with actually dusting!!! LOL. Thanks for sharing your successes that spurs me on. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  17. I have been purging old canned goods. They just seem to hide in my cupboards. I'm working a little at a time, but I'll get there. Also, making the geese on a string blocks so does that count as purging scraps? I certainly hope so, because I have so many odd shaped pieces that it so much easier to just use it in the geese than to cut into strips or squares. Keep sharing your purging. Love reading about it.

  18. i experienced my first earthquake here in TN in the middle of the night a couple years ago. Something in OH rattled all the way down here and into GA and AL too if I remember correctly. What a shock! Funny thing was we had been watching earthquake movies on TV so when I woke up I thought I was dreaming and I couldn't understand why the mirror on my dresser was rocking and squeeking!? Did I really feel the bed moving!?? I got up and walked around the house and nothing seemed amiss so I went back to sleep. The next morning hubby thought I was nuts until I heard about it on the radio.

  19. Anonymous9:14 PM EST

    I wish there was a 'LIKE' button for some of these comments! I have been 'thinking' about purging. I have been 'thinking' about exercising since the Jane Fonda videos came out... I could still stand to loose at least thirty pounds!

  20. Anonymous9:17 PM EST

    5 min.purge this morning...the top drawer of my bedside table...so many old receipts that are now gone, gone, gone...what a great feeling...

  21. helen@helenfox.org9:25 PM EST

    My whole house needs purging! Two lounge chairs are clear, and 7 weeks mail has been sorted (recycled, paid & otherwise dealt with) such that that part of the table is now clear. Next is the ironing board (the bit that I don't use for ironing! Oh yes I also purged the garden over the last couple of weeks . . . all weeds GONE!

  22. Purged our pantry. 6 days at 5 minutes per day. All shelves cleaned and organized with a huge donation to our local food pantry. There are hungry people out there that can uwe it. None of it is outdated - just things that aren't our favorites anymore. Also did my sock drawer. Wheeee! Feels great.

  23. Anonymous9:41 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, You've really got me started on the purging. Cleaned kitchen and bathroom drawers. It's always nice to find those unexpected items especially cash. Now my sewing room is being organized and it feels so good. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Phyllis paballoon@aol.com

  24. Today, while purging a drawer, I found what I was looking for about a month ago. So yes, its worth doing. I haven't done it every day but trying. I need to do the nightstand and think of it every night but know there is no way I could do it in 5 min. so I have put that off. What has been done is made me feel so good.

  25. I cleaned out a bag that had yarn in it and found a check to deposit for $84.00 from last January!

    And by the way, I received my book on Saturday! It was so exciting.

  26. Dear Bonnie --- you need to hire help for these mailings! Gloriana!

    We had a small earthquake about 2 years back that sounded like a giant running in the hall. Scared me to death - never thought of the Smokies with earthquakes!

    Drive safe
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  27. Received my books today. Thanks so much! Looking forward to checking them out tonite and tomorrow.

  28. As always, thank you Bonnie for all kinds of incentives. Loving the power purge even when I don't get one done daily. How can so little time and effort give such a feeling of accomplishment.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  29. Moved twice over past 6 months, so everything is a mess. Purged and reorganized my fabric stash and quilting supplies recently. It only took a couple of days. Then I was able to reorganize in the kitchen and the pantry closet. Thanks for the inspiration to get organized everywhere. Also, I love your vintage sewing machine collection. My Singer (Baby) belonged to my parents and is almost 80 years of age and finally had an overhaul at 75.

    Eugenia Read

  30. I've had a couple of unintentional power purges lately. woke up to a puddle of water in front of the freezer side of our 'side by side' fridge. Yep, things were thawing. Rescued what I could, tossed the rest. Next morning, the fridge side is out too. Another...rescue & toss. New fridge installed, hubby says its too big...we don't have enough to fill it up...hahahaha! Just wait dear, remember we threw away lots of things, (condiments, jellies, etc. It will fill up soon enough.

  31. Also did a purge of my spices after realizing most everything in my spice cabinet was out of date...by a lot!

  32. I am about to start a huge purge of my stuff. My house contents have been boxed up in storage since January when I sold my house. Yesterday I got the keys to my new home and I can't wait to start unpacking some boxes but I know I've got to slim down what I've got so much.

  33. Anonymous12:02 AM EST

    Bonnie, i should call myself the "Purge Queen" but i don't like the sound... My formal dining space is a catch all for assorted papers and other odds and ends. Spent an hr cleaning that space and in a travel Pocket I took with my on a cruise i found $100 and and $83 gift card for Costco! I am rich!! Now dining area is all cleaned and ready for guests next week. I also cleaned my laundry room and the two cupboards above the machines. Tossed 3 30 gallon bags of just junk. Makes me think I may have the "hoarder" gene. Heaven forbid! Thanks for the continued encouragement in purging and sewing. Love you! Carolyn Barnett csbbobbin@yahoo.com

  34. We started a big power purge last month of stuff in the attic, shed and garage that we simply no longer needed. Took 3 loads of stuff to an auction guy and got a check last week for over $900 as our share! That's gonna buy me a lot of fabric!!

  35. Quakes are very common in the Midwest. The aren't big news tho, because they usually aren't really big, I've only felt one. And no chance of us falling off into the ocean. ;0 But just look them up online, you'll be surprised! (Long ago, the Mississippi River flowed north temporarily because of one.)

  36. How unsettling to wake up to a "whole lotta shakin' going on". I'm glad that you are safe and no damage was reported. I spent the first 28 years of my life in Southern California so I know exactly how you felt.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration in so many ways.

  37. Bonnie- 3.0 is hardly anything compared to CA, and we have some good ones here, in AK, too. We had a 5.8 last week or the week before. But when you aren't expecting them, and in the middle of the night, it is hard to get back to sleep. You are always waiting for the next after shock.

    5 minute power purge: This morning I finished cleaning out under the kitchen sink, put a new vinyl mat down and reorganized, and emptied another box of cleaning supplies from the other house. Most went under the kitchen sink, but some under the spare bathroom sink. THEN, this afternoon, I power purged my office, emptied one big box, organized the rest, now I can move around in here. BUT, I still can not find my BELKIN Wireless modem! Now, Tomorrow night I can vacuum in here!

    Soldotna, AK

  38. mamie poupette563:35 AM EST

    hello Bonnie!!!! je purge moi aussi 10 mn tous les jours!!!! et hier Lundi la journée pour ranger et réorganiser mon atelier bonne journée. Danièle

  39. Today it was purging scraps of fabric and I do mean scraps. Some were big enough for my 1 inch hexagons and some short lengths for strips I am working on other than that garbage. Then the hexagons just begged to be made so I did that. 125 tonight and some fan blades as well.

  40. Never be afraid to open a bar of chocolate. Especially if it is Lindt!

  41. Dorothy Karman

    Canberra, Australia

  42. dorothy@karman.id.au
    How many more times.
    Dorothy Karman

  43. Still working on cleaning out the basement..I love to pitch things out..DH is the opposite..sigh..
    What a Beautiful pic & family you have Bonnie...your Sons are so very handsome..good job Mom.

  44. Because I have been piling fabric yardage on my sons bed, I am forced to do some editing since he is coming today from CO! Does this count?

  45. Pam Sherman8:46 AM EST

    Bonnie I have started power purging. I have done two kitchen drawers and a 6x6 area of my studio. What a good feeling! I will continue with the purging until I am done. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

  46. As we are in the process of buying our first house, I foresee a lot of more than 5 minute power purges. But I rather do it now, than after we move. :)

  47. Anonymous12:56 PM EST

    Craftsy.com had an article on how long you can store stuff and it said up to 10 years on dark chocolate.


    Happy Holidays!

    Lisa B

  48. i purged my documents tote...old bank statements, other stuff went to the shredder, which overheated, but finished the pile after it cooled off!

  49. Hello Bonnie, glad your property suffered no damage during the tremor! Thanks for posting your purges. It is encouraging seeing your progress. I cleaned the closet under the stairs but got rid of 2 boxes full of boxes. I also purged my spice cabinet & got rid of spices that expired years ago. Still more purging to do but it's a start. Happy quilting!

  50. After my baskets of hats and mittens fell all over my head on Monday, I decided to clean my mud room.
    It was well over do. Now, I can walk in there now, and even have room to dance. I found my mom's costume jewelry in a box and found her old Texas Instruments watch. I bought a new battery and I love wearing it, somehow it makes me feel closer to her. Thank you Bonnie for being an inspiration.


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