Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When Presentation is Everything!

I have the dearest friends ever!

And it is always a treat to come here and see them over New Year’s – celebrating the end of one year, and the beginning of another here in Plano!

I’ve known Allison for a number of years now, and she has become such a dear friend.

Long Arm Quilting was our first connection, but our love of finding, repairing and using vintage machines is another link in the chain of friendship.

Add to the fact that she loves scrappy quilts, funny fabric combinations and using her stash until there is nothing left ---it makes for such a fun time when we see each other.

This is the second year I’ve borrowed Allison’s 301, BelAir Betz, and I was giddy with delight when she presented her to me this morning in class.

But I laughed out loud like a kid in a candy store when I opened the box to set her up to sew tonight:


Personalized Packaging!

Betz has been freshly serviced, new needle, new LED light ((which I can’t wait to sew with and I will post more info when I know more)) and tons of love and thoughtfulness went in to making sure that this quilter had everything she needed for several evenings of night time sewing!


Even a dolled up tin of Leader & Ender squares topped with favorite tea bags!

Check out that bow!!


Cold weather facts attached to the notions box!

Yes baby, it’s cold!  It’s 28 degrees right now, before dinner time, and tomorrow is not even supposed to get out of the 30s!

That’s okay – today we had 31 women all over a ‘'certain age” keeping the temp warm and toasty in our Mystery class!

But Brrrrrr…it’s cold OUTSIDE!


Goodie box with EVERYTHING!

bobbins, needles, thread, little screw drivers just in case, and of course a seam ripper.  The case also held extra LED light stuff ((going to explore that further after dinner)) and a pair of red thread snips.



Two bags of crumbs!

And I’ll be working on these:


Mini bear paw units!

If you ever find yourself befriended by someone like Allison, you will have a friend for life and then some.  Just being around her makes me want to be a better friend to those friends who also cross my path.  It's a wonderful way to make someone feel special.

Thank you Allison!

I haven’t touched these since I was in San Antonio at the end of October.  Let’s see if I can remember where I was with this and pick up where I left off.

((Yes they are paper pieced, no I am not supplying templates or measurements at this time, they are for a future magazine/book project!))

We had a WONDERFUL class today and it was so great to see everyone!  I’ve got lots of lunch time show & share to post for my morning post tomorrow..you won’t want to miss it!

It is always good to see what they brought FINISHED from last year’s workshops!


  1. I realize that you won't be showing the gals working on their new mystery quilt, but take and share photos of the quilts they have finished and have brought in for lunch show 'n share. We all so much enjoy them. So sorry that it is cold where you are, but the friends you have there will warm your heart.

  2. Yes, Allison is a real gem of a friend. Sew glad she is making your visit more enjoyable since the weather certainly can't claim the same. Had a wonderful time in class today. Thank you so much for all you do.... but especially for sharing your expertise. No matter how many years I've been quilting I always manage to learn something new from you. You, too, are a real gem.

  3. Tell Allison hi from me! I'll keep my strep sickness home!

  4. It was those temperatures here in Boonsboro, Maryland today. HOPE IT WARMS UP FOR YOU.

  5. Heck, it is warmer than that here in Southcentral Alaska! It's been in the low 40s all da, and tonight we're in for some freezing rain and high winds. I'm staying in and sewing. :)

  6. How sweet is Allison to take such good care of you! She's a keeper.

  7. How very nice of Allison!! So sweet! That 1983 article brought SHIVERS to my spine as that was exactly the time of year we moved here to TX and froze our you know whats off!! It was HORRIFIC! Hope I never see that again.

  8. Sounds like Massachusetts weather!..nothing like fresh cool air..
    Busily quilting your Baptist Fans free hand...I Love this pattern..Thank you Bonnie.
    Allison sounds like a Jewel..
    Take Care.

  9. Do you always do a mystery at Plano?

  10. Supposed to be 20 below all week in Wyoming...we esaped to FL for a couple weeks. Hit a quiltshop today! Sewing tomorrow! Yay!

  11. That's the temps we have up north in Washington state. But what a gorgeous blue sky!!! Crystal clear with Mt. Baker looming in the distance painted with a pink glow on the snow as the sun went down. Can't wait for your sharing of past projects tomorrow. They're always so inspiring. Hope to see you in Washington next year when you're here. Fingers crossed that I can get a spot.

  12. So sad that it looks like I won't get to make it to my Jan. 2nd Scrap Crystals class! I live in Coleman and it looks like we'll be iced in through Friday afternoon.... But, as you say, No Whining! I'll be working on a RRCB on my 503a Rocketeer!

  13. Bonnie I can attest to those cold temps there in 1983- I was there at that time! I had finished at Ft. Sam Houston, and stopped in Dallas/Ft Worth to visit some college friends. It snowed while I was there, the worst blizzard they had had in forever! So, enjoy your stay and know that just about everywhere in the lower 48 is caught in the Deep Freeze. Here in Soldotna, it has been 40 degrees the last two days! Have fun Sewing!

    Can you please explain what "Crumbs" are? I am not familiar with that term.

  14. Bless that Allison! So sweet and thoughtful--happy clapping for you! I love the bear paw and think I have found my next paper piecing project for when Wild and Goosey is done--no rush, lol I have plenty to go! :) They are TOO cute!

  15. Anonymous8:36 AM EST

    So wonderful to have a friend like Allison, so thoughtful. It sounds like you will be having a wonderful time. I hope to get to my sewing room today. It was 4 degrees out this morning in central Maine. Burr......

  16. I will take your 28, it is -24 here in Colorado this morning, our high is supposed to get up to 26. Come on spring!

  17. Bonnie: that pic of you is before the "Big" haircut!! Looking at it again, do you wish you still had long, long hair?


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