Monday, December 01, 2014

Quilt-Cam 12/1/2014

Hey everyone!

It’s December 1st!  How did that happen??  Goodness Sakes!

And for those in Australia, It’s the 2nd.  So I am not complaining – they are always one day ahead of the day I am just ending.

I love how that is!

This photo is from Diana who writes:

All ready to sew with you on Quiltcam tonight. I just need to grab the IPad and I am ready to continue on with the first clue.

I only have about half of them left. I completed all of the half square triangles , now to assemble the blocks. I am using my Black 301 since it is the one I used for Celtic Soltace and now it is the traditional machine for the Winter mystery Quilt.
My black machine currently does not have a name, maybe your Quiltcam viewers can help me name her? See you soon!
So, does anyone have a name suggestion for Diana?  Leave your answer in the comments section below!

It’s also been a busy day here in Quiltville for many reasons ((Besides the bone density scan, the haircut, the lunch out, the mammogram and Quilt-Cam tonight –))

I’ve got a SUPER CYBER SALE going on over at my Quiltville Book Store. 20% off EVERYTHING in stock, even seam guide rulers!  Flat rate shipping for orders under $100 and Free shipping in the USA for orders over $100.

This offer is only good for a week – it Ends next Sunday evening, Dec 7th – so don’t wait too long!  Click HERE for more details!

But amidst everything else…I’m ready to SEW!  I also did some rearranging in the studio….I was thinking of how we really haven’t had the treadle machine going during Quilt-Cam, so I moved some cabinets around and voila!


We are treadling tonight!

This is my 1920s Singer 127.  She’s got a bullet shuttle/bobbin and if she happens to run out of thread during Quilt-Cam I’ll show you ((albeit poorly!)) how these little gems wind….it sure gives your thighs a work out.

Which reminds me…my fitbit is going on my SHOE tonight!  Treadle steps count!


And I took time to fix my inside out unit!

When I first pieced this, it was in a hurry – I was finishing the post, and rushing to go get my dad at the airport last Monday before heading to the cabin for Thanksgiving – and I sewed the pink triangles to the inside instead of the aqua ones – an easy mistake, but I should have known better because the GRAPHIC was right..my sample block was wrong.  How is it that sometimes we just have stared at something so long, that we don’t see it?

Hopefully everyone caught my updated post FIXING the issue ---Part 1 for Grand Illusion should look just like THIS above.

Check out our Mystery Monday Link-Up post from earlier today to see how everyone else is doing, and feel free to add your blog post link, your flickr photo or pinterest photo to the line up HERE.  So far, more than 200 of you have already joined in and shared your progress.  Hooray!

Click the screen below to start the feed…let’s sew together! I hope you brought something. 

Yes, I’m still working on those baby quilts ----

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  1. Hi bonnie just a quick look in while at lunch at work will catch the repeat when I get home. Pauline Australia

  2. Sandra B9:09 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, Sandra from Sunny Queensland in Australia. Loving sewing along with you live this afternoon. I'm working on the last of my Step 1 blocks for the mystery and loving it so far :-)

  3. I was thinking of the black seal in Dr. Dolittle, named SOFIE or maybe SEWFIE would be a good name for your sewing machine

  4. Hi Bonnie! I'm sewing along with you tonight in Michigan. Working on my 1/2 square units and using the easy angle for the first time and I"m loving the accuracy! Thanks for helping me learn something new!

  5. Bonnie - you are involved at any given time in making a few quilts almost at once. Do you ever just draw a blank and forget which and what is which and what ... just for a sec?


  6. Working on embroidery tonight. Puppy dogs for baby quilt for my 1 month old granddaughter for Christmas.

  7. i think its matching for use with tongsis :D

  8. Just ordered 2 of your books. Just a little Xmas present to me from me. Got all my broken plates done and can work on the rest of my quilty Xmas presents.

  9. HI Bonnie So glad to see you are treadling tonight. Thanks for the helpful hints on treadling. I do use mine and right now my Celtic Soultice is on her I"m quilting it on my Singer Treadle its the same as yours. Long bobbin as well. I love Treadling.

    Thanks so much for everything you do. Tonight I'm sewing bindings on two table runners while I watch quilt cam.

    Wendy Bradley Ontario Canada

  10. Watching you and cutting off rabbit ears! So enjoying this mystery quilt process! Thank you!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sewing step #1 blocks tonight in Southern Ontario, Canada. Do you have any recommendations on seam pressing for these units? Thanks for the mystery and for QuiltCam fun!

  13. Hi Bonnie! Just watching you from my deck chair beside my Rv here in Australia. We are right bused the beach at a Tathra which is in the south of New South Wales. I am hand piecing!
    I can't start the MQ till I get home Saturday but I will be seeing like a demon to catch up!!
    Thank you once again for your generosity!
    Cheers Maree

  14. In crumb blocks are all the crumbs supposed to be the same size or different sizes?

  15. Hi bonnie from Indiana. Quilting with you tonight cutting out my hst for your mystery quilt. Just now getting started. I work retail so been busy at work.


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Anonymous9:22 PM EST

    I am not sewing. I am on treadmill trying to get to 10000 today
    Jeannette in NJ

  18. Hi Bonnie. This is so exciting my first live quilt-cam and my first mystery quilt. Been quilting since 1974 and looking for something to spark my creativity and this seems to be it. Started a batik storm at sea to keep me busy while I wait for clue number 2. Love quilt-cam. Joyce in Tucson.

  19. 108Enjoying MQ, triangles are not my strong point, but I'm much better now. Muscle memory! Using my taupe 301a long bed. Love her!

  20. Thanks for quiltcam tonight - sorry to hear you got so much grief after your generosity. I'm using my GI pieces as leaders and enders while I work on my Christmas sewing. I am one of those who loves the timing of your mystery, as a single mother who is now an empty-nester, it helps fill some of the time I find on my hands.

  21. Hi Bonnie
    Hello from Melbourne Australia, I am at work at the moment but will be watching from the archives tonight and finishing the remainder of my 40 blocks for part 1.

  22. I think the machine looks like a Slick

    Sewing w/ you tonight from Maryland.

  23. Anonymous9:29 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, I am sewing in Western Australia, it's 10am here and I am home on leave. Am doing my first Sister's Choice for my sister, have wanted to start this for a long time. I recently bought my first Featherweight to add to my other vintage Singers (including one treadle), and hope to get it running soon. Thank you for everything! Andrea

  24. Hi Bonnie, I'm working on a Christmas present that didn't quite get done by the first clue and I'm working on oops HST from the mystery as a leader/ender. I must have fallen asleep for about 30 units and doing it leader ender style is keeping me from pulling my hair out ;) I may have to do this until after the present is done. Love what I'm seeing so far and love using the easy angle as this is my first quilt really using it. Kelly from Colorado.

  25. Anonymous9:32 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie:
    working on binding a quilt for my daughter for Christmas, have not started my HST yet but will. I was wondering if "Grampa's Star" will be in your new book? Thanks for all you do I love reading your blog every morning with my coffee!
    Colleen from Sault ste. Marie Ontario

  26. Would you be able to show how you pressed the center seam? Some say to twist the center but I'm not sure what they mean?

  27. Hi Bonnie, checking in from warm & rainy NYC. Not joining you for the mystery this year,I'll be watching from the sidelines. I have three UFO mysteries from past years. Didn't do so well with that resolution to finish more quilts this year. Maybe next year?
    Tonight I am working on a hand appliqué class sample, so you are sitting with me in the living room.

    Enjoy your time at home!

  28. Hi Bonnie I am joining you from Ormond Beach Florida. I came to forida to visit my dad for the thanksgving holiday. I brought a huge tote of scraps to press so I would have them ready to cut into strips, etc when i have more time ater I return home. Once I saw that you were having quilt cam tonight I had to run out and get a mat, roatary cutter and ruler. I had a big coupon to use. I wanted to strecth my $ as far as i could since what I was buying I had at home 3 states away and really dont need once I return home. Anyway I bought a package that had a mat, cutter and ruler. Not my usual green mat and yellow/gold ruler and cutter. Even so, what I bought was a big name. The brand I bought is inferior to what I am used to at home yet cost just as much. Its funny how we are so used to our old standbys. But I am grateful to be able to cut down my scraps while watching quilt cam even tho it is a struggle. Many thanks for quilt cam tonight. Always a treat.

  29. I am working on finishing up two baby quilts. I finished quilting the first today, and tonight I basted the second. I love basting spray, I know some people don't like it but it works for me. I started laying it out on the floor after quiltcam began and finished basting the layers by 9:25.

  30. I am working on finishing up two baby quilts. I finished quilting the first today, and tonight I basted the second. I love basting spray, I know some people don't like it but it works for me. I started laying it out on the floor after quiltcam began and finished basting the layers by 9:25.

  31. Hi Bonnie! I love listening to your machines as you sew, there's just something about the sound of a vintage machine that is so soothing. I have an old Singer 31-15 from 1927, it was an industrial treadle that was converted to electric a long time ago. I would love to turn it back into a treadle, but the drive wheel and pittman arm are long gone. One of these days I'll find the pieces I need, and then I can treadle too! I look forward to that day. :)

  32. No computer down in my sewing dungeon so I brought the ironing board upstairs to iron the HSTs for Grand Illusions. Fun for me to spend sewing time with you!

  33. Good evening Bonnie! I am intrigued by your treadle machine as I am watching one on Craigslist, I think I will consider tonight's quiltcam as the omen that I should go ahead and get it! What do you think LOL?

  34. Hi Bonnie,
    What is the beautiful quilt you have on your longarm machine in the background?

  35. I have finished all of my grand illusion blocks. I am now working on a Christmas Gift. It has a ton of hst in it. It says to cut squares at 2 7/8" then cut in half. If I wanted to use the easy angle instead, would I cut strips at 2.5"? I have already done all the cutting but was wondering for future use. I think using the easy angle ruler is more accurate. Thank you for all you do! I can't believe people have the nerve to criticize you! I have also have been having fun working on my first hexie project thanks to you. I really am enjoying the process.

  36. Bonnie,
    Thanks so much for the tip on sewingNEXT to the line and not on it. NOW I know why my seams always came out a bit small!

  37. For your fabulous 301, how about "Grandie", short for Grand Illusion?

  38. Anonymous10:04 PM EST

    How about naming the black machine "Cinder". We had a little black dog once that we named that, and always loved that dog and that name. Love quilt cam but can't sew and watch at the same time as my computer is too far from my machine.
    Jeanine from Iowa

  39. For the lady looking for help with her Franklin Treadle. There is a TreadleOn on group on yahoo that is fantastic. They have helped me so many times.
    Upstate NY

  40. Bonnie, I'm just relaxing and watching quilt cam.I'm also relaxing because my clue 1 is finished. Ready for clue 2 :) Thank you for so kindly putting on your mystery quilts every year. I look forward to the all year. Hope you'll be teaching in or around Kentucky sometime soon.
    Stephanie in Kentucky

  41. Hello, Bonnie, watching you tonight from Sherwood, Arkansas. Absolutely love Quilt Cam and I have learned so much from your books and blog. I am having trouble finding a 6 1/2 inch Easy Angle ruler though. I have only been able to find the 4 1/2 inch, and that was on Amazon. Any idea where I can purchase the larger one? Sharon Brown smdbrown.24@gmail.com

  42. It's cold here at home. These bright colors are so cheery. I'm loving my inside out blocks for the mystery. I went out to sew on the mystery with my Quilt Buddy today but she was too sick to sew. :(

  43. Since Diana's 301 is the official winter mystery machine I think she should name her Winter.

  44. You are fabulous and this is my 2nd MQ! I love sewing with you on Quiltcam and feel you are right there with me. I am working on clue #1 on my short bed 301. Thank you for all you do, from Sue (1 hour south of Spokane,WA)

  45. How about calling her Miss Terry since she likes to sew the Mystery Quilts lol

  46. Thanks Bonnie for the Grand Illusions Mystery. I finished the Tumalo Trail from the workshop in Davison, MI and working on some Christmas sewing. But I did manage to get about 150 pair of HST cut and some sewed this evening and hope to get the yellow and blk squares cut out tomorrow and get a few blocks together. Love this Mystery Quilt....thanks again.

  47. Diana should call her black machine Midnight Louie - like my Granddaughter's cat who's up all night (although not sewing!)

  48. Well I woke far too early this. Owning so I sneaked downstairs to watch QuiltCam on UTube. You put your Fitbit onto your shoe. How many steps did you clock up? I bought a Fitbit after seeing how much you enjoyed yours. I am hooked.

  49. Anonymous2:00 AM EST

    Ok it's 11 pm Pacific time and I am just getting to see a bit of your web cast. Good thing it's recorded. I'm going to bed and will watch it later this week. All my HST are cut and sewn and the yellow and blk have been cut. Just waiting for a time to sit down after working and caring for my dad then home chores to sew a few together. Love the post.
    Dena-Washougal, Wa

  50. staring at something and unable to see it: i call it the elephant thing... because when you sit under the elephant it's not quite clear that the shade of the "canopy" itself IS from the elephant.
    this morning - tuesday - i'll enter the quiltcam society, and expect to have a good time for this day to be =^}
    looking forward to have a good time, love from a chilly witmarsum,

  51. Dear Bonnie, you've done such a great job! Don't give the turning of the triangles another thought... such things happen... Love you still... ;)
    I'm getting ready to view Quiltcam, as it was night for us Europeans, doesn't matter, as I'm rather ill with a flue-thing.... (fever, coughing, tired..)
    Quiltcam will be a lovely distraction.
    And as for the Black 301 Diana is sewing on; what if she called it "Lady Di"?
    It is such a grand machine (whish I had one!) and as her name is Diana... :D
    Seems just the perfect name to me...
    Love from the Netherlands!

  52. Diana I would call your machine sew noir..

  53. Hi, Bonnie. Well I would call the machine Agatha Christie or just Agatha because Agatha Christie created wonderful mysteries and this machine has created (or will be creating) two mystery quilts. Love the blocks on the baby quilt. Can't wait to find this in a new book since I am addicted to using those small squares to create magnificent quilts.

  54. Hi Bonnie,
    Love the machine in the photo - I would call her 'Black Beauty' - she is a beauty and is black!!

  55. name for that beautiful black sewing machine at top of the post: Black Beauty!

    hubby and I got a head cold at he same time, so are recovering and missed your SHOW last night! boo-hoo, but we WILL catch up with you on you tube! Love the inspiration you give all of us!

  56. We are all human, no one is perfect. I am very grateful that you so generously share your knowledge and your life with us.
    I am settled in today treadling on my new to me 95 year old White Treadle Machine that was gifted to me by my dear friends in Erie, Pa. I just started a fire in the wood burner as it is getting colder here in Ohio. I was delighted to see you sewing on your treadle machine.
    The project that I am working on is a log cabin quilt as a surprise gift from Lizbeth, that's what I named the treadle sewing machine and myself to my ever so generous friends in Pa. I shopped from my resource center here at home and only had to buy fabric for the borders and binding. I am using one of the great IKEA lights you spoke of on a previous Quilt Cam.
    My husband chuckled and came and gave me a hug, he said" it sure don't take much to keep you amused and happy". Life is good :-)

  57. I think the machine's name is Liz....star of Black Beauty. And that machine is certainly a beauty.

  58. Wow all of these wonderful names, now I guess I will have to choose... She does need a name , I am ashamed I have had her for over a year and not named her. I appreciate all of your comments and Bonnie for getting word out my machine had no name. thanks Again !
    Diana in Texas

  59. Anonymous8:43 PM EST

    Name her "Black Magic" for all of your mystery quilts.

  60. I think Ebony would be a lovely classy name for Diane's black beauty.

  61. Hi Bonnie. Checking in from West Australia and catching up. Am a very newbie but something about thrifted shirts got to me and I'm using my late husbands shirts for memory quilts. Thank you for your shirt-tails book! 2670

  62. Hi Bonnie. Checking in from West Australia and catching up. Am a very newbie but something about thrifted shirts got to me and I'm using my late husbands shirts for memory quilts. Thank you for your shirt-tails book! 2670


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