Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something’s Cooking on Buck Mountain!

It’s a cold and crisp clear day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina!

According to the weather reports, it may even hit as high as 60 today!


That means that I’ll be spending some time out and about on the trails this afternoon, getting used to driving my NEW TOY!

BUT!  It’s going to have to do some serious warming up first!

We arrived last night after a stop for groceries, and then a run over to Lowes to pick up ONE of our doors…..remember we ordered doors for the cabin back in OCTOBER?!  Well, there has been a serious screw up, they drilled holes for knobs in the two side doors that were supposed to be solid….it’s two sets of double doors…one gets the hardware, the other one is solid – anyway, we’ve been delayed and delayed and now they say that it will be JANUARY before we get the two sets of front upper and lower doors.  They were supposed to be in before Thanksgiving.

I kind of KNEW in the back of my mind that this could happen because rarely does any kind of home remodel project go swiftly along on schedule.  But JANUARY!?


Kitchen door!

Our matching kitchen door was ready for pick up so I can at least show you this one….it’s replacing the old ugly and multi-times-painted aluminum door that has been on the cabin since it was first built in 1999.  I LOVE the glass!  And I’m excited about the amount of light this is going to let in to my little kitchen area.

The other doors will have the same glass….looks like a quilt pattern, doesn’t it?  I wanted something classic, but not too fussy.  And I love the walnut color.

These doors are HEAVY and very well insulated while the old doors are warped and letting in lots of cold air, so it is time.


Of course while at Lowe’s I had to go buy some of this:


Oh happy happy containers!

I bought some for under the cutting table in my sewing nook at the cabin.  A girl must have plastic bins in which to PUT STUFF!

Once we arrived last night and put groceries away, it was nearly 9pm, so there was not much else to do but this:


Binding and Castle!

I didn’t get much progress done on this binding over the LAST weekend we were up here..I ran into a snafu where I had sewn the binding crooked, and some un-sewing had to happen last night.  I re-seamed that section and am back on the go to completing the binding on my Carolina Chain quilt.  Can’t wait to have it done!

Also last night…I started this…so it could cook while we slept:


16 bean & ham soup!!

The cabin smells wonderful this morning.  The only thing in here yet is the ham bone ((that had quite a bit of meat on it)) and one bag of 16 bean soup mix, about 3 cups worth.  I covered it with water and let it cook on low all night.  This morning I’m going to separate the beans and ham from the broth so I can remove any bones and cartilage, and then I’ll add the veggies and the spices.  This is tonight’s dinner!  And tomorrow’s lunch, and next week’s lunch, etc!

You can find the recipe for my 16 bean crock pot soup under the Recipes Tab at the top of the blog.  I just love a good and easy crock pot meal!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

I’m going to go sew!

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  1. Crock pots are a quilter's salvation -- assuming you remember to a) plug them in, b) turn them on, and c) put the lid on. Please don't ask me how I know!

  2. Homemade potato soup today! Piece On!

  3. I can almost smell that! Love it!
    Your doors will be beautiful and worth the wait.

  4. Yes Libby, there is no way to describe the let down feeling of coming home after a busy day, thinking supper will be ready, only to NOT smell anything when you walk in the door!!!
    Have a great weekend Bonnie!

  5. Love that door and YES it does look like a quilt.

  6. Gorgeous door Bonnie, Oh my I can almost smell that gorgeous soup . Have a great weekend.

  7. That door is just beautiful! What time is dinner? Im sitting at my kitchen table sewing and watching the birds in my yard. Just sew relaxing. Have a great weekend!

  8. YuM! soup loooks good! I will be making some this weekend too! ;)

  9. Tell Mona she has a following now. Of one anyway. I'm teaching a friend to sew and I'm curious to see how your friend is coming along.

  10. I really love the door! I would love to change out my door, but I live in a condo and we can only have standard issue white doors. BTW - MAKING stroganoff in my crock pot today. We are having a cookie baking day with the grandkids.

  11. Really? You, Bonnie Hunter, sewed a binding on crooked, and had to unsew, and resew? You give me hope!!
    Love the door. Love the soup. Love you!

  12. Love the door. Enjoy some calm time.

  13. Old quilter11:55 AM EST

    Gosh, that soup looks wonderful, especially with the weather we've been getting (Central NY) I have a question for anyone with advice - There is no way I can leave my crock pot on low overnight, or even several hours - it's way too hot, even on "warm". It's Rival brand, & was not expensive. Suggestions anyone ?
    BTW - really, really like the Carolina Crossroads pattern, proof that simple can be wonderful.

  14. Just put your stew in the crock pot a little while ago. Got to stock the freezer before knee replacement. Happy Holidays!

  15. Soup weather here in central CA- rainy today but nothing like the strong winds and rains of two days ago. The Crock-pot is my best buddy in the kitchen. Beware of the bean packets-one of beans (even if no seasoning packet) One I bought was impregnated with WHEAT. For this Gluten free girl I hadto give away the whole pot when I realized it!

  16. Pam Sherman12:41 PM EST

    Time to insist on a bit of a discount on the doors you have been patiently waiting for. I don't think it is out of line to ask nicely. The worst thing they can do is say no or offer a store gift card. Worth a try. I like the stacks of storage bins!

  17. I might just add visit to Quiltvilla and 16 bean crock pot dinner to my bucket list! It looks delicious! I did make my son beanie weanie today (pork and beans, hot dogs and cheese--simple) as it was his bday week and it is his favorite!

  18. Love, love, love the new door!!! Makes me almost wish I had a remodeling project to use one in!

  19. Anonymous8:59 PM EST

    Beautiful Door, Lowe's has really nice home improvement items.

  20. I had the same reaction when I saw the plastic at Lowe's. WOW, what great colors and you are right. What quilter doesn't need pretty storage?
    Love your door and hope the others come soon. Have a fun weekend.

  21. Anonymous11:17 PM EST

    Pat Shermann has the right idea.. I often ask if i can see the store manager and tell them how much I LOVE LOWE'S etc and how disappointed we are to have this 2 1/2 mo delay and would they consider taking the price down a bit due to how it is delaying other vital projects on the job site?? See what happens, it is very successful with me. If no response, thank the LORD you have the resources to pay for new doors! What a blessing!! Carolyn Barnett

  22. Love your door -- I actually got one almost like it installed last week on my front door -- just a slightly different glass design. It reflects the light outside and in the early morning when the sun comes up and glows inside the house. I think we shopped at the same Lowe's sale!!

  23. Soup weather here in Northern Michigan ... we eat a LOT of soup at our house ... love it with a good crusty bread, nice piece of cheese and a glass of red wine ... YUM!!

  24. Love the door. Is it wood, metal or fiberglass? I discovered recently that lots of the major broth brands add yeast extract! Why on earth?


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