Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Showing and Sharing the Amherst Way!

We had AWESOME show and Share in class right after our lunch break!

This is Faye and her wonderful free wheeling layout of Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!

I love it when you bring quilts to share with us, be it something you made inspired by one of my designs, or from another pattern…BRING IT!

By the time lunch is over we’ve been working hard for 3 hours, our bellies are full, and we lumber back to our machines when we’d really be liking to curl off with these quilts for a nap about that time – so Show & Share gets us excited all over again.  We are inspired by the colors, the stories, the fabrics, the quilt patterns ---and then we are charged up and ready to hit our machines again.

So if I am coming to your group, you don’t need a reminder or invitation to bring something for lunch time show & share – just bring it!


Nine patch stars, all in recycled fabrics!


Close up!  Love these blues!


Squares surrounded!


One Friendship Cross quilt!


Second Friendship Cross quilt!


Dancing 9 patch from the Free Patterns tab!


Check out the cute fabrics from a fun Halloween Jelly roll!


Basket Weave!


Rectangle Wrangle from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Lozenges in a basket weave layout!

((This is one of those “Why Didn't I Think of That!?” moments!))



And a sign for the quilt room reminding us that there is ENOUGH fabric in the stash to make many more quilts!


Bricks in the Barnyard from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Boxy Stars from the Free Patterns tab!


String X from the free patterns tab!
((Love the yellow and pink palette!))



Easy Street in very wow colors!

((What was that I said about quilters coming dressed to match their projects?! Smile ))


Pineapple Blossom from the Free Patterns tab in lovely autumn tones!


String Spider Web from the Free Patterns tab!


AHA!!  Roberta’s crumb strips!

Remember those crumb strips I was doing on Quilt-Cam a while back?  They are slated for a book project and are on hold right now…so Roberta took hers and pieced them into this wonderful top!  I LOVE THIS! 

Can’t wait to see how this one turns out, Ramona!

There are more photos.  I took a LOT of photos!  I’ll share the rest with you tomorrow since we are likely on overload and raring to go sew already.

One more day home --- Michigan tomorrow!  I checked the weather, and it is supposed to be in the 70s all this week in Sault Ste Marie! Whoot!  Is there leaf color yet?  I’m longing to see some lovely reds and golds and all the beauty of autumn splendor.

Busy day to get ready ahead ---but I did move my hoop on my hand quilting project…check it out:

All the happy stitches! 

Each hoop move gives me a new view!

If you are interested in the story of how this quilt came together, I searched for links.

Click HERE for my January 2007 post as I was deep in assembling!

Click HERE for my 2011 post.

This is hopefully the winter this quilt becomes a FINISHED OBJECT instead of an unfinished object.  Life sometimes gets in the way, but I really want to spend some evening time here and there wrapped under this quilt, hand quilting away.

Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful quilts! I especially like the ES in orange and pink, not colors I would have picked, but what an eyecatcher! Gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM EDT

    What an inspiration. And another proof of your theory that people have the same colours in their clothes as the quilts they made :-)

  3. You will most certainly see color in Northern Michigan!

  4. Here in Ontario Canada the leaves are in the midst of changing adding beautiful colour everywhere. So I am sure you will get to see it too!

  5. The leaves are starting to turn here in Michigan's thumb (SE lower MI). I imagine there is lots more color farther north where you'll be. Have a great trip!

  6. Bonnie I do enjoy the Show and Share you do taking so many pictures but I also like what I call "throw back Tuesday" when you takes us back to earlier times on a long term personal project. I just shared the 2011 DJ variation to some of my DJ members in another yahoo group....you may have solved a problem I have had getting started. I want to do one "my way" as well and I love the colors but mine will probably be blue and the star sashing/separators solves the boring regular sashing options I have come up,with so far...bingo....I also wish I was in your suitcase in Alaska. I did trip around Lake Superior this summer...love thunder bat and Sault saint Marie....and the food....and cute servers,,,,shhhh but they were. Thanks again as always for a lovely blog that always has surprises, fun and great quilts.

    Jane Modjeski. Nj soon Wisc

  7. What a fantastic collection of quilts! I love 'Show and Tell'.

  8. I was interested to go back in time to read your posts from years ago to see how your blog evolved over time. I'm a fairly new reader (3 yrs).

  9. The colors are wonderful! We are in the western side of the upper peninsula on vacation. Wish I could be in Sault Ste Marie for your workshops. Enjoy autumn in the U.P. The colors don't compare to northern Indiana.
    Great looking quilts! I love show & share!

  10. Just wondering if you add an addendum to the quilt so you know when it was finished?

  11. Love, love, love the Easy Street in wow colors! Great show and share!

  12. OMG! Those pretty quilts, I just love them. Your post is really nice, Just one word to say "Wonderful".


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