Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Time is it, Really??

This was the view from the little knoll outside of the Ketchikan airport ---

After being dropped off and checked in, and finding my flight had been delayed an hour and a half – did I really want to go through security and stay inside looking out at this beautiful day?  NO!

There are some picnic tables out here where you can sit and enjoy the view of float plans coming in and going out from this dock -

I stayed out here for quite a while and read --too breezy for hexies, I didn't want pieces flying all over.

I did mention that the airport is on a separate island, didn’t I?  And that you get there by ferry?
If I didn’t, this is a shot I took on my evening of arrival when Mary first met me and my bags at baggage claim:


Yep this is my view from the passenger seat – we were the first in line on the ferry, right up to the net!

My big fear was that I would miss my flight in Seattle ---the last one of the night that could get me to my connection –and as it turned out we got there, and I had 3 minutes to find the ladies room before boarding.


This is my tired red-eye embarkation face!


5 hours later – this is us trying to find our gate in the fog at Atlanta!

ATLANTA?!?  yes, I know….weird route, but hey.  That’s what the ticket came up as and I am always trying to do the best price I can for the groups I am visiting.  I would have thought flying Delta out of Seattle would put me to Detroit to Buffalo – straight line kinda, right?  But no --

A hurry hurry hurry through the corridors of Atlanta and a ride on the plane train to get me to the right terminal put me at my gate right as this one was boarding too….And somewhere outside of Atlanta I finally passed out from sheer exhaustion.


There is a lake down there somewhere!


And lovely green farmland!

Good morning, Buffalo, NY!  My mind boggles at the thought of how many miles I have traveled just since last evening.

Luggage is all here and accounted for, other than one box that was sent priority mail last week that HAS to be here….someone has just put it somewhere and we need to find it.  I’m trying not to worry.  It contains books and rulers and notions and other tools for my classes.  It has to be here.

My hostesses took me for a late breakfast ---and off to the hotel I went for an early check in.

I napped a bit, and I’ve been out for a walk to get my kinks out. 


University at Buffalo campus!

I walked all over the campus..the pathways are wonderful, the sunshine is glorious and flowers are still blooming.


Pretty little creek off the beaten path.

My hope is that I can get to bed at a regular time tonight.  And wake up at a regular time tomorrow morning—because tomorrow is a busy day, workshop in the day time, lecture at night.

And there is still an AWOL box to be found.

Dinner with the girls in just a bit ---

And through it all I get the old song from Chicago running through my head:

“Does anybody really KNOW what time it is?  Does anybody REALLY CARE!??”

Have a great Tuesday evening everyone!

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  1. Welcome to Buffalo !!!!!!!!
    I'm so excited to have you here in our neck of the woods!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you for lecture tomorrow and Crumb Class !!!

  2. Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to send a quick shout out to tell you how much I love your blogs. I love scrap quilts and love reading about all of your lovely adventures!! I hope to meet you someday. Looks like you will be in Sacramento next summer and I will definitely sign up for your class!!! susanwhpp@gmail.com

  3. Glad you made it to NY...at least you're back in your own time zone, so won't have to make that change again once you head home! Isn't NY beautiful? Reminded me of Germany the couple of times I've visited there. Sleep well tonite, and have a great day tomorrow!

  4. I really admire that you try to get the best price for other people's money. Being a good steward of other's resources is a virtue that is sadly lacking in many. I am constantly amazed by your humility. Thank you.

  5. So glad you finally got to your next stop. And I hope your box of goodies catches up with you! Think positive and know that YOU are faster the FED EX! :) My daughter went to Alaska last year and loved it. Enjoy Buffalo! We are missing you on Quilt Cam!

  6. LOL! Yes, that Chicago song is the perfect theme song for you this week! Welcome back to East Coast time! Loved the pictures from Ketchikan and look forward to the ones from NY!

  7. Anonymous9:16 PM EDT

    So excited to have you here in NY, Can't wait to see you at the lecture tomorrow night.

    Sherry in NY

  8. My baby girl just moved to Buffalo, she is doing her medical residency there. If you or anyone can recommend some good quilt shops there I'd love to hear about them for future trips when I visit. Wish I was there instead of Kentucky!

    Have fun!!

  9. Anonymous7:26 AM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie for staying a real person. Love reading your blog ...and your 'Thou shalt not whine' post. It's like meeting up with an old friend to catch up on the latest and getting a push to get a move on UFO's and WIP's. Delia in RB

  10. I don't know how you do it!! You're like the energizer bunny Bonnie. You just keep going and going and going. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and showing us all the wonderful places you've been.

  11. I have been following your trip and have enjoyed hearing about it. I also wanted to thank you for your tutorial on no reply blogging I hope and think I corrected it.

  12. Bonnie - your red eye face is much better looking than mine! What an amazing journey, even though it's exhausting. I'm starting to get excited, because soon you'll be posting about coming to Indiana in November and I finally get to take one of your workshops! Safe travels, hope you get some good rest.


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