Monday, September 08, 2014

Show & Share from Bloomington IL!

Remember the great camera snafu of last week?  Missing photos?

Well, I do have some from the guild presentation with the Hands All Around Quilt Guild in Bloomington, IL from last Thursday night!

And I have a few from our class days.

Since it is a rainy Monday here at home  I thought it would be just as good a day as any to share these with you.

By all means, these are not ALL of them, because many were gone when transfering photos from the camera to the laptop ---

Look at this crowd!  Isn’t this awesome?!  Since Labor Day has passed and school is back in session, most folks are back from their summer holidays visiting grand kids and far away places and life just FEELS like it is getting back to “normal”, know what I mean?


It was definitely a full house!


Guess who this is!!

I was thrilled to finally come face to face with our own Kevin the Quilter who has been so instrumental in encouraging quilters to continue their great efforts with Quilts of Valor through block drives and other events. 

You might remember the latest update post I sent out HERE.

We had a great visit and I was just thrilled to get to meet him in person!

Check out the show & Share quilts!

**NOTE** the MAKER of the quilt is at the podium while helpers hold her quilts, so I couldn’t get  both in the photo.  These comes without names or faces attached for that reason.



Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!


Celtic Solstice, Last Year’s Quiltville Winter Mystery.

Pattern to be featured in my next book, stay tuned!


Boxy Stars from the Free Patterns tab!


Patches & Pinwheels from the Free Patterns tab!


This group of quilts traveled in together!

Here you see Patches & Pinwheels, Celtic Solstice and Pineapple Blossom!

Pineapple Blossom is also found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.


And a sorry-it’s-blurry Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II in Christmas fabrics!


Now THESE are not mine but….

These are fabric floor cloths!  The maker took a class in making floor cloths with fabric…they are treated with a coating so they are washable and walk-on-able!  WONDERFUL!  This would be such a great class to take and I would love to give this a go!


From class time sharing we have another Easy Street!


And a string Kaleidoscope!

This last trip flew by at such a fast and furious pace – we put SO MUCH into the few days that I was there!

Last night I crashed early, waking in the middle of the night with something that felt like a bit of a tummy bug.  I was able to sleep in a little this morning, but I’m laying kind of low today.  I’m sure I’ll be fine by Quilt-Cam time tonight at 9pm EST.

My blocks are all cut out, and I’ll be working on Box Kite from my Addicted to Scraps Column!  What will you be working on?

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  1. Thanks for always sharing the photo's...I love to see what everyone is working on and colors they used. What a wonderful gathering you had! but I wasn't surprised. If you get anywhere near here I will be on the road coming to see you. :) I'm getting pretty good at naming the quilts as I scroll before I read your caption. LOL!
    Excited for Quilt Cam!!! Was my first thought when I opened my eyes this morning! But!! if you need to be on the couch taking care of your tummy we understand. Some weird bugs going around all over.

  2. I am LOL! Had a wonderful Saturday sew day with a friend. She doesn't visit blogs much, so is not familiar with you. I've taken to referring to you as "my friend Bonnie" for convenience as I quoted you and your methods so often during the day. She wonders if you know I stalk you. Well.... I did not sleep well last night and am skipping work and laying low today due to a funny tummy, too. We are so in sync, my friend, Bonnie!

  3. Will be pressing and cutting my scraps into strips, while watching quilt cam tonight.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    Shelia Schultze says I love your books and have started your stats method. I am working on a spiderman quilt using your methods with the kites for my grandson. Hope it turns out.

  5. How much fun!!!! All of these quilts, and quilters, are wonderful. Oddly, since I usually don't look twice at pastel quilts, THAT ONE is gorgeous!!! Go figure the human brain out...today please Bonnie!

    Thaks for sharing your travels with us.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. Hope your tummy issue goes away soon. Thanks for all the pictures. So nice to see you and Kevin in a pic together. Your inspiration has reach my friend! I'll be turning into Quilt Cam and will be working on piecing lap quilts for some deserving Veterans and at friend's Dad Day Care facility. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  7. Nancy/ngh234@email.vccs.edu1:11 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I love your blog.I don't live very far from you in Danville. I will be working on Carolina chain patches during Qiultcam. Looking forward to it. Nancy

  8. Anonymous1:35 PM EDT

    I always enjoy seeing the colour choices people use when making your quilts. I'm sure that the building your meeting was in last Thursday eve was Normal Mennonite Church where my aunt and uncle attended when they lived in Normal. Did you get to see the wonderful quilted wallhanging of the cross and Christian symbols made by one of the women in the congregation? It is a favorite of mine. Ann Reesor

  9. Lots of Bonnie Quilts shared! Great for you to be there and meet up with Kevin. Our Guild has helpers to hold the quilts and hands a Mic to the Quilter. We are getting bigger and need the Mic so everyone can hear.
    Feel better and see you on the QuiltCAM!

  10. It was a dream come true meeting you Bonnie! I really enjoyed chatting with you and seeing your quilts up close! Thanks for encouraging us scrap quilters with your imaginative and beautiful designs! Does Quilt Villa have a boys room too? LOLOLOLOL Looking forward to Quiltcam tonight, and hoping you are feeling better!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. What a great bunch of show and tell quilts. I especially love the Celtic Solstice, though I'm very fond of Easy Street too. Still hoping my local book shop will get the book in so I can get the pattern for the later.


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