Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Box of Jo Gorgeousness!

I went out to check the mailbox…and nearly tripped over THIS!

Well, what could this be?!? 

I hadn’t ordered anything, I wasn’t expecting anything, what could be in this box?

Oh!  Oh! Oh!

I took a good long squinty look at the return address on the label…

It’s from NEBRASKA!!

And it’s heavy!

It’s from Jo Morton!

Any guesses what could be in here?


Oodles and gobs of yummy deliciousess!


Hunks and chunks and big pieces as well as small stuff…

I am SO tickled…This is just so fun!  What better way is there to share the friendship, than share the fabric??

I know there are pieces in here that are going to have a good place in my hexie project.

In fact, I was cutting hexies earlier today to ready my busy-bag for tomorrow’s flight to Bloomington, IL!  Oh, this is all the better, the more the merrier!

It’s going to be an early night for me tonight, which is why there isn’t Quilt-Cam.  Last night was busy with family after being gone, so there wasn’t time last night either – but I’m thinking that Monday evening is going to be the best time to do it.  I fly to Alaska early on NEXT Wednesday morning, Sept 10th, so Tuesday night won’t be great for late night Quilt-Cam either --

So MONDAY – okay?  Set your calendar, prep that project ---plan dinner in the crock pot and let’s make an evening out of it!

The only thing I have left to do tonight is pack my suitcase and the trunk show.  Everything else is done and all systems are GO for Illinois!

Have a great night, everyone!

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  1. How about that! A box of scraps that just fit the bill! Safe travels.

  2. Wow Bonnie, what a fun treat to receive a box like that. You are a lucky gal and of course wonderful.

    Safe travels to Illinois, hope it's bunches of fun.


  3. I love Jo Morton fabrics and patterns. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are several large quilt stores in this area, they don't carry her fabrics. I have found them here and there over the years when I travel or attend quilt shows. I'm jealous!

    Safe travels.

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM EDT

    Jo Morton can send me scraps anytime. Love her fabric

  5. That brown one in the top of the box just went into my Civil War Little Monkey last week. Jo Morton fabrics are fabulous for that pattern! Will send a photo via email.

  6. Jo must not have read your message.. "Don't feed the quilter!" ... But, you surely can't turn down her beautiful fabrics. As a fellow Nebraska girl.. I wrote and invited her to our Retreat with Mickey and you, but she wrote a sweet declination letter to me. Safe travels to Illinois!
    Nellie R from Omaha

  7. What a treasure! I'm like all the other gals, I'd be over the moon with a surprise like that!

  8. I love Jo Morton's fabrics. I belong to the local Jo's club and devour any and everything there is to know about Jo. I have one quilt top ready for hand quilting, all Jo Morton fabrics and .I can hardly wait to get started. I think half my stash is Jo's fabrics.!

  9. What a windfall! So pretty. Enjoy and safe travels!

  10. Have a great time in Illinois. I love Jo's fabric.

  11. You are one lucky Girl!!! Have fun with those cannot wait to see what you design with the Jo fabric!

  12. What a wonderful surprise!! So happy for your good fortune!

  13. Lucky you, what a great surprise!

  14. OMG! Lucky you! Wow! Love her stuff! Enjoy!

  15. Just looked at Jo Morton's blog. Her last post said she had been cleaning out her studio and sending off parcels of unwanted fabrics to various people. Guess that's how you came by your surprise box of gifted fabrics, Bonnie. Enjoy!

  16. YUMMY!!!!! You lucky girl....... can't wait to see what wonderful creation you come up with!!!


  17. the drool here in maine is a veritable river....love her fabrics....you are sooo blessed my friend!

  18. Great surprise. Travel safe. See you on Quilt Cam

  19. nope,she didn't read the "don't feed the quilter" post.

  20. Now she is the kind of friend to have! She sends great scraps. Have fun on you trip to Illinois.

  21. what a lovely surprise lots of fabric to play with here

  22. What a great surprise. That's something I would love to find on my doorstep. Safe travels to IL.

  23. Great surprise box from Jo. But what excites me about this post is your comment of "flying to Alaska" as I will finally get to take a class from you! See you soon!

  24. You are one blessed woman! I've never been to IL but I have been to Alaska 13 yrs ago. I would go back in a heartbeat!! So beautiful and awe inspiring everywhere you look! I'm jealous but happy for you. Safe travels!!!

  25. What fun! Jo Morton fabrics are to die for and scraps are the most fun of all!

  26. Wow Bonnie.. would like this surprises too... It's your lucky day ...
    Save travel for you ...Hope you have a fun time!
    Love to follow your stories...

  27. What fun to nearly trip over you box of Jo Morton scrappy goodness!! Hurrah for friendship and sharing. The best stuff life is made of. Safe travels and happy teaching to you. "See" you Monday night on Quilt Cam. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  28. Jan VanDeWalle5:31 AM EDT

    Visited my sister over Labor Day, and she had a bag of scraps from her sister in law that she shared with me. Will be fun to dig into them when the canning is done. Gardens don't wait for quilting, and we are getting another hot spell here in NW Oregon. will try to catch the Quilt Cam on Monday night.
    Happy sewing everyone. Jan


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