Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Sky View to Ketchikan!

I love window seats.

I know some folks prefer the aisle so they can get up when they want to, but then they also have to get up any time someone ELSE wants to get up.

No.  For me..it’s window all the way, and I am always enraptured by what I can see out the window….even if it is just the wonder of “Hey, I’m in the clouds!”

It’s been that way all my life, from the first time I flew as a little girl.  I have a need to SEE EVERYTHING!  And from up above is a wonderful place to me.

As we flew from Greensboro to Detroit, this little island came into view.

Little did I know that this little island is actually the southern most part of CANADA!

I had poisted this photo to Instagram & Facebook and Norma sent me this reply:

...the "cool island" you saw is Pelee Island, Ontario, the southernmost land in Canada. If you look at the top of your  wonderful picture, you will see a stretch of land pointing down - that is Point Pelee which is the southernmost point of "contiguous" Canada.
It is one of our national parks - you can walk literally out to the end of the point into the water. It is best known for the monarch butterly and bird migration each fall. I grew up 70 miles east of Pelee.
All the best on your trip to Alaska and NY!
Norma in NY

LOVE it!  And love knowing you are traveling along with me and watching through my photos.
I spy downtown Detroit!  And a sun rise!
Breakfast in Detroit.  Oh yes, this is going to be a very long day!
One hour flight from Greensboro to Detroit, and then a 3 hour layover?  What’s a girl to do??
Hexie herself into oblivion!
Snow capped mountains outside of Seattle!
The only grumble about the Seattle flight was the guy in the center next to me….on his laptop…elbows out…..extending WAY beyond his half of the arm rest in both directions….he was encroaching on MY real-estate!  Tresapassing into my air space!  And technically half of that arm rest should have been mine…..but no…he didn’t care….just elbows out…crossing boundaries.  Grrrr!  I was up against an exit row wall, so that meant I had NO armrests at all.  Stay Calm and Hex On!
Descending into Ketchikan!
Hello, Mountains!  It’s green here!
The climate in Ketchikan falls firmly under the category of RAIN FOREST.  There is a reason the guild here calls themselves The Rainy Day Quilters –it rains 70% of the time here…but I love it. 
My home for the next several days!
I love Alaska!
After dinner I was SO tired..but I just could not let myself get to bed at 6:30pm.  I knew that I would then be UP at 2:30 am and that just wasn’t going to be a good thing.  I put my ear buds in, turned the music on and went for a little walk to stretch my legs after sitting on planes all day.  I came to where these boats were moored…Great evening light, and reflections in the water..and mountians!
Mirror image of the descending stairs in the water…
What a gorgeous evening!
Parked at a local restaurant – a 50’s Caddie!
Feeding my vintage car fetish!
((Love that GREEN!!))
Evening drawing closer ---
Peaceful, isn’t it?
Goodnight, Ketchikan!
I didn’t do too bad.  I slept until 5:18am. adjusting a body clock 4 hours backwards is a bit of a trick.  But I’m up and at it, suitcases are unpacked, I’ve made myself at home in my little room and I’m ready to go get some breakfast.
The plan for today is simple….if it isn’t raining cats and dogs, I’d like to do some hiking late this morning, followed by a late lunch, and set up for my lecture at 4pm. 
I am so looking forward to meeting the local gals!
Much love from Alaska ---

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  1. I just love how you include us in your travels. The sound of the water hitting the banks or piers sounds so peaceful. I am happy you slept till 5:18 am. Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks for taking us along to Alaska. It looks beautiful. Have fun today.

  3. Beautiful pictures, interesting article. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful trips. Generous to take time to do this. Have a wonderful time. They will love you, of course.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    A won am with a needle in her hand can defend her space!

  5. I agree...I would of threaded an extra long thread and "accidently" poked a few times..technically the needle was still in "your" space!!! LOL! I have that happen too...and with their feet....I really have politly "bumped" enough that sometimes they move...and if they dare get up my elbows get planted firmly...LOL!

  6. Wow! What a great trip -- I enjoy your postings (whatever they're about!) so much.

  7. beautiful scenery! love it!

  8. Pelee Island...we had relatives who grew soy beans there. When the crop was in, they came to the lower 48 to visit us. We woke up in the morning to their car parked in our driveway with all of them asleep since they arrived in the middle of the night. It was always such fun since we never knew when they were coming. As a little girl, I’ll never forget them loading the car for the return trip with many, many, many enormous boxes of Tide since they only had an outback store for their groceries and supplies. Have a great trip!

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful! Alaska looks/sounds like a great place for those who love to quilt! When you mentioned Point Pelee it brought back great memories of when I was young. I'm from Michigan and our dad would take us there to dip for smelt. There would be 100's of them in the nets.

    Enjoy Alaska and safe travels to Michigan!

  10. Thanks for sharing the Beauty of Alaska! Have a great Lecture. I loved hearing about all your Quilts. Every Quilt has a Story!

  11. I agree about the window seats! Are you going to make Gold next year? You are doing a lot of travelling!

    Enjoy your trip to AK and then NY.

  12. Gee, that guy was either very brave or very dumb! With all the fliers going postal on people invading their space and having unscheduled stops so they can be removed...just wow! You were so sweet (like you always are) not to make a fuss - I would have accidentally poked him! Have fun in Alaska and safe travels to New York!!

  13. You should have let us know about the 3 hour delay in Detroit. Some of us in the area could have come and kept you company!

  14. I loved looking at all your photos and sharing the journey with you :)

  15. Thanks for sharing your travels. The good and the bad. I'm thinking I'd have let my needle slip a time or two and poked his beefy arm!!
    Hugs, Allison in Plano


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