Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meeting the Evening Star Quilters!

It was a full house last night in Davison, Michigan for the September meeting of the Evening Star Quilters and friends who had come from far and wide!

We had a really great time, in spite of the mic giving out about half way through my lecture – thank heavens for fresh batteries being found!

It’s always fun to talk to a new group – things turn out just a bit different each time depending on which questions are answered and which tangents we head into.

Each trip includes some different quilts that may not have been present the trip before due to classes being given, and the need to keep the quilt bags no more than 50lbs in weight each.

We had a really great mix this time, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

Why do I struggle with 50lb bags of quilts?  Because I believe that people come to see the real deal ---the quilts they've only seen in magazines, books, and online before.

things are different in the close up!  You get a good look at the fabrics!


Close up of Tumelo Trail, Today’s class!

Quilts are just BETTER in person.  I’d rather not deal with power point presentations in odd lighting situations when those same photos someone could look at from the comfort of their own chair at home online.  So I HAUL quilts all over the place.  And we get this:


Now THIS is a display!

I loved how the guild is able to use an accordion wall at the senior center in Davison to display the lecture quilts so quilters can come up and really SEE the quilts during break and after the meeting is over. 


From the other angle! So much color!


Sue Matlock shared her Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Photo op together!

I love the multi-scrap brick border between the quilt and the final black border!  She said this quilt lives on her bed at home….it’s gorgeous!


Becky Sasser’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling!


Posing together – a bit blurry, but still fun!

Thanks for playing photographer, Lisa Burmann!

BOTH of these quilts were made as mysteries as they ran during our mystery quilt season!  I think we've got another whole group ready to join us and eager for fabric yardage and colors and introductory intro stuff to be released October 15th for THIS year’s mystery!  Are you getting excited?

A little hint:  I would consider Roll Roll Cotton Boll a more “intense” quilt, and Easy Street, a more relaxed quilt.  Last year Celtic Solstice was more intense….this year will be a bit more relaxed along the scale of Easy Street, so if you are up in the air on whether you want to join us or not, never fear!

Today should be a rockin’ good time in Tumelo Trail workshop ---the scraps will be wide and varied and come with stories to tell and I can’t wait.

Tomorrow I head up to Sault Ste Marie to continue my Michigan Adventure!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. What a fabulous array of your wonderful quilts! Yes, seeing them in person is a whole new level of appreciation of their color, texture, and design. We love all you do for us, Bonnie, thank you!!!

  2. Nothing is more beautiful than a sea of your quilts.

  3. You are here in Michigan for the best weather of the season! Welcome! Wish I could have joined you this time.

  4. Remember the old time saying .. "and a good time was had by all"...sure fits your lectures and classes, Bonnie.

    I do agree, seeing your quilts in person THE REAL DEAL was wonderful and so encouraging. Seeing even the fabrics included and realizing I have some of those same fabrics. Makes such a difference.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. Welcome to Michigan! You are here during the best season of the year. (Of course I say that no matter what season it is.)

  6. Thank you for traveling with 50 pounds of quilts, even to Alaska! It was great to see the real thing and very inspiring. The wall of quilts is beautiful!

  7. I hope by Oct 15 I will be able to get to my stash. I had hip replacement surgery on Sept 8 and stash is upstairs. I will prevail. PT says I am recovering fast, so I am in hopes.....Mary Ann

  8. So glad you came to Michigan and shared your beautiful quilts!! Its amazing to see the different fabrics included in the quilts. Loved the Trunk Show and Scrap Savers Plan that you shared. Lots of fun.

  9. I'm collecting neutrals on my Shop Hop! Excited as ever for the Mystery! Hoping for NO Strings.
    Thanks for carrying those 50# of quilts around. It really is better to see them in "REAL" life.

  10. That is a great way to display the quilts. They look awesome in the photo.

  11. Love to see all those quilts together. Can't wait to see them and take classes from you in Spokane in April!

  12. I completely agree with you that hauling those quilts is worth it. I remember when I saw a few of them I realized how much I LOVED them and I did not get that same feeling from looking at the picture of the same quilt (until after I saw it in person). Weird, but VERY true--that reminds me I really need to get started on Hawk's Nest (one of the ones I fell in love with!)
    Also, I cannot wait for the mystery as always...I love seeing what everyone does and all the chatter about the mystery on all the blogs, facebook, instagram (hope when you blog you tell folks to share with a certain hashtag!) etc. I know this year will be even more fun than last year!!!! :)

  13. I wish I could have joined in the fun at Davison, but life happens. I want too thank you for all your efforts in showing us your creations. You're the best!

  14. I am very excited to get started on your mystery quilt this year. I just recently finished hand stitching the binding down on my Celtic Solstice quilt. You are truly a wonderful person for offering your followers wonderful quilt patterns! Thank you for all you do! Lisa in MN


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