Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Ketchikan!

All my bags are packed for leaving for Davison and Sault Ste Marie, Michigan in the morning.

Bright and early in the morning ---

The kind of early morning departure that rings the alarm at 4am so that I can leave the house at 5am to get to the airport.


It should be a 4 letter word, don’t you think? ARPT. 

But tomorrow is two short legs, from Greensboro to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Flint and I’ll find myself in Michigan before lunch time!

While I was getting things ready I realized that I went from Alaska to New York and missed posting some photos in the process, and I thought I’d post them now.

A lot of people scrapbook as their journal, I blog.  I have blogged about nearly everything over the past almost 10 years and if I ever need these photos, here they will be to remind me of that last beautiful day when we had some time to wander!


Lunch with Mary at the Alaska Fish House!

After the Saxman totem pole village and dancers, we had time to not only get some lunch here ((Salmon & chips..yummy!)) but to enjoy the beautiful afternoon on the docks, check out the cruise ships in port, and even wander over to the Silver Thimble quilt shop!


View from the back deck of the fish shop!


Fishing boats at the dock.


Cruise ship still in port for the day!


Up on the rise ---

We drove all over the area, climbing higher and higher into residential areas so I could see the view of Ketchikan the city below.


Late afternoon sunlight on the water.


That cruise ship we saw at the dock is making it’s way up the narrows!


Remember when I first posted photos from the plane when arriving?

These are the little islands that were in that photo!


Here they are from the air the evening I flew in!


Good bye, Ketchican!  Catch you if I can NEXT TIME!

While unpacking my suitcase, I unloaded some goodies I brought home from both Ketchikan and Buffalo ---treasures!

But not as dear to me as the friends I made while in both places.  I miss you all, all ready.

If I finish writing this and getting tomorrow morning’s post written, I might get some hand quilting time in tonight ----

Have a good evening, Everyone!

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  1. Anonymous10:43 PM EDT

    Looks like you brought some fantastic weather to Ketchikan!

  2. Safe travels and thanks for the great pictures!


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