Monday, September 22, 2014

Melissa & the Story Time Stars Quilts!

Melissa has been busy making checkerboard sashings with her Leaders & Enders!

I just have to share her quilts with you because they are so cute….

She writes:
After stalking your site and patterns for ages, and watching my friends make your patterns, I finally took the plunge. I cut up all my scraps smaller than 18 inches into the scrap users system.
My first pattern of yours I completed was a Trip Around The World which I sent you a picture of.

Check out the Elephants!
Reading your  Adventures with Leaders and Enders book and using my new scrap system from your website, I was able to make the checkerboard sashing for not one but two Story Time Stars quilt tops for my great nieces.
Elephant Stars put together!
I am very pleased with how they turned out and these were the first I've pieced sashings and the stars were the only pieces I had to work on.
The rest of the quilts made itself, your Leaders and Enders process did the rest. Please see attached photos. Love your patterns and books and look forward to making more. I posted these same pictures on Facebook and credited you as the pattern maker. 
Giraffe print Stars in this version!
Thank for for inspiring beginners!!
Melissa Peters. Omaha, NE.

So super cute and I know your great-nieces are going to love these as they grow up!  Thank you so much for taking the time to share the photos with us, Melissa!
You can find the free pattern for Story Time Stars under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog!
Learn more about Sewing with Leaders & Enders by finding the article by the same name under the Tips & Techniques tab and scrolling down to L!
As for today here in Quiltville ---much of it was spent at my desk, but still quiet and relaxing.  It’s nice not having to use my teaching voice after several days in a row….time to be quiet and just listen to music and not have to TALK!
I have done some sewing –
This is how I am spending my late afternoon and into this evening! Incognito photo - stay tuned for next book! 1950 s wizard machine sewing like a dream. I love how vintage machines can power through thick bulky spots where plastic new models bog down and stitch in place.
And tonight I hope to be putting a few stitches into this with my feet up:
Old UFO getting new stitches, baptist fan style!
The weather is changing here in NC – we were barely in the 70s today.  Temps will slowly drop from here over the next several weeks and that means thinking about snuggling under a hand quilting project while watching some tv.  Let’s face it…a girl can’t be pedal to the metal ALL the time!  I am aiming to slow down and relax just a bit more.  This UFO is at least 8 years old if not older….It’s time to finish the hand quilting and call it done. 
The only thing I would change? 
I wish I had started with pearl cotton and big stitch quilting, but since I’ve already completed one row of fans all the way around the outside of the quilt, I’m not pulling it out to start over.  Traditional little stitches it will be…with blue thread.
Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie, you are just by far the very best. Only quilting group I look at or post in anymore. The best!

  2. Who cares if you do one type of quilting around the edge and different in the middle. No thread police!!l. Lol. Hugs. Liz

  3. Glad you have some time for hand quilting, nothing is more relaxing to me. Ahhhh Home Sweet Home,

  4. Ooooo, I luv the watercolor of your sewing table. How did you do that? I know it must be a setting in your photo workshop someplace. Anyway, it's very cool.
    I am working on TWO quilts using your techniques. Will send you pics and more about them when they're completed. Both are going to a homeless shelter at year's end.

  5. Perle cotton would be faster and maybe more fun to do, but the traditional quilting is going to be beautiful - especially with blue. Very cool! Glad to hear you are slowing down for a bit. It's encouraging me to do the same.

  6. Love those tiny stitches ...besides those big stitches are called toenail hookers for a reason!!!

    I have been working on the wedding quilt...going over to the long arm quilter next week I hope. THEN...my time is on what SO ENJOY...hand quilting!!!! Been awhile since I was able to work on one of my UFOs. But with the weather getting so nice and cool... I am thinking to take it outside and relax.

    Fall is such a great time Bonnie...hope you get t be home a bit more.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. Melissa's quilts are fabulous! Lucky nieces!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  8. Not sure why I was so surprised to see you hand quilt. You are a wonder to the quilting world. Love your blog, techniques, quilt pictures, and travel photos. Thank you!

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM EDT

    Hurray for finishing up UFOs!! I need to knuckle down and do some of mine, but my daughter actually requested me to make her a quilt (and went through my stash to pick out the fabrics!). This is from the one who said she was "done" with receiving anything quilted!! So yes, I am making it and using up all my (MANY) triangles and making little (2 inch finished) pinwheel blocks as a leader and ender project. I feel so virtuous!


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