Monday, September 15, 2014

Scenes from Bugge’s Beach, Ketchikan AK

After our workshop on Saturday ---as evening quickly approached, I was hijacked ((willingly of course)) for a scenic drive  along the south side of Ketchikan, in search of eagles, bears, totems and scenery – LOTS Of scenery!

Hurry!  Must capture photos before the sun has gone down too far ----

Eagle nests were spotted….fish were seen jumping as those eagles flew overhead –not a bear in sight.

I’m okay with that!

We did have one incident happen with bears already this weekend.  Seems one of my students, Deja, left a candy wrapper and a can of ginger ale in her car.  A bear forced her window down with its massive and powerful claws…..and pretty much made a mess of her car.  Do I want to come across bears?  No thank you!


The twilight view at Bugge Beach --

Some people call it by one of its names, Rotary Beach. Others call it by another, Bugge Beach. It's a popular saltwater swimming hole and beachside park area at Mile 3.5 or so on South Tongass Highway.


A natural tidewater mini-bay between natural rock formations formed a high-tide pond, the neck which was dammed with a rock-and-cement breakwater many years ago to create a "bathing pool."


A family exploring the tide pools about mid-photo – see them?

The long, narrow strip of Bugge Beach is pocked with tide pools for discovering marine life and there's dry land for picnic tables and play. It's one of the few beach playgrounds along Ketchikan's road system.


Bright greens and coppers in the abundant moss on the rocks ---


This one is my favorite photo….the light was just right!


What a beautiful evening!


One last photo for the evening!

I love Alaska for it’s beautiful scenery, it’s hearty and hard working history, the amazing nature that thrives here in this wild country – but mostly for the people who call Alaska home!

I carry you in my heart, new-found friends! 

See you next time!

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  1. Beautiful pictures -- thanks for sharing them. Alaska is the only US state I have not visited so far. It's definitely on my bucket list! All you lucky Alaska students, treasure your time with Bonnie. Safe travels, Bonnie.

  2. Wow! How cool is that? Bugge beach is named for my husband's great uncle John Bugge who was one of the early settlers of the Ketchikan area.

  3. When I read "greens and coppers" I thought, "Well, we know what colour combination is coming up in a mystery soon. Isn't that how Orca Bay and Celtic Solstice were born?? I think I see lavender in there, too, FYI. ;-)

  4. Joanne, Armstrong, BC1:04 AM EDT

    thanks for those beautiful photos - when we were in Ketchikan earlier this month it was pouring rain, so the scenery-viewing wasn't quite like this.

  5. I love the pictures. Thank you for taking us along on your travels, Bonnie!

  6. Bonnie,

    I just shared this post on FB. My great nephew, AJ Bugge got married 2 weeks ago in Syracuse, NY, to beautiful Ondrea, who is from Alaska. How cool that there is a beach with their name there. Kitty Longo, sad that she had to cancel her class with you this weekend in Buffalo.


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