Friday, September 26, 2014

Driving North to the Soo!

Today was my long driving day from Davison up to Sault Ste Marie, also known as the Soo by Michiganders!

How do I know it is nearing October?

We followed a truck pulling loads of pumpkins….first seeing the bed of the pickup loaded with the beautiful orange orbs of autumn ---

And behind him, a longer trailer just LOADED! 

Where is he going with these beauties?

Where were they grown?

And don’t pumpkins just make you feel all homey and comfy, imagining the yummy smells of pumpkin-flavored-things baking and brewing in the kitchen?


The rest of the pumpkins..in watermelon boxes!

Our drive was a beautiful one…the sky a vivid blue and the sunshine uninterrupted ---the further north we went, the more brilliantly colored the trees became!


Brilliant reds and oranges!


Golds and browns amongst the greens!


Autumn glory on both sides of I-75 North!

Ann and I stopped off in Gaylord where I switched vehicles!  Kari came down from Sault Ste Marie to carry me the rest of the way to my next destination.

We all enjoyed Delphine’s Quilt Shop ((More photos to come in another post)) and enjoyed a bite of lunch at a local diner before hitting the road again.


More color further north!

Before I knew it we were crossing the Mackinac bridge! 


Remember last May when I was here??

I had crossed this bridge in May on a shuttle to the little airport in St Ignace so that I could be flown across to Mackinac Island as the ferry wasn’t running!

Read more on that post HERE.


Mackinac Island in the distance…I can see the Grand Hotel!


I have arrived!

This evening I met with some of the guild gals, and was taken down to the Soo Locks to see the ships move in and out of the locks….and a bite out to dinner.

I’m JUST back to my hotel, and yes I know it is late!  I’m excited about tomorrow’s Sister’s Choice workshop, and meeting the gals in a large 35 student class…it’s going to be a ball!

I’m still pinching myself that the weather for not only Michigan, but also Ketchikan and New York last week were SO perfect, sunny and warm and unusual for September.

Thank you, Powers-that-be!  You knew I had a full month with loads of travel ahead and you paved the way with sunshine!

I’m going to relax a bit tonight, maybe read a bit, watch some TV, and get a good night’s sleep --

Catch you in the morning!

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  1. We have no color changing yet but I did see a truck load of pumpkins yesterday (and lots of them in the stores already). Need to get a couple before too long. Have fun in Soo!!

  2. You had a beautiful drive with all the fall color. Rest well and enjoy your class tomorrow...I know your students will.

  3. Born and raised in Michigan, you are visiting at the best time of year. If you have time, it's wonderful to visit a cider mill and have cold apple cider accompanied by an apple cinnamon donut freshly fried. It's just the best!

  4. Delphine's is one of my MOST favorite shops ... so glad you made the stop!! Michigan is AMAZING in the fall ... and Caro is right ... you NEED some cold apple cider (Honey Crisp is they have it!!!) and a few freshly fried donuts ... worry about the calories tomorrow. It's AWESOME!! Wish I could be at your class tomorrow ... perhaps next time you're in my next of the woods (Traverse City). Enjoy and travel safe!

  5. Thanks, Bonnie, for leaving a few clues for us Detroiters that the color is changing Up North. We may have to take a drive. Michigan Honey Crisp apples are sweet and juicy per previous post.

  6. Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures of the changing colours. I use to live across the river on the Canadian side & would cross over to visit Joann's Fabrics....miss the area!
    Enjoy your time in Soo Michigan!

  7. Ahhh, Michigan, my Michigan - love those beautiful fall days. It just smells better up north with all the pine and birch trees. Thanks so much for the great pictures, feeling a little homesick.

  8. Anonymous1:06 AM EDT

    My sister lives very close to Gaylord and I was at that quilt shop in June. Beautiful photos and fall colors.

  9. This certainly brings back memories--I grew up in the Sault and graduated from high school there. Fall was my favorite time of the year and still manage an occasional visit for reunions, family, etc. I hope you have a great visit and looking forward to more pictures! Thanks, Bonnie

  10. I'm glad you have had good weather on your travels This trip. It's always fun to read where you are and what quilt workshop you are teaching. Love making the Sister's Choice blocks.

  11. I love the colours of all the trees - I'm following your journey every day and I love reading about all the events you are teaching at :)

  12. Can't believe you drove almost by my home town. Bummer that I can't come to see you while you are in Michigan. You did come at the right time. Fall in Michigan is my favorite time.

  13. gloria.beucler.com4:59 PM EDT

    Thank you, Bonnie for the lovely photos. After moving to the Northwest United States, I occasionally come down with a case of severe homesickness for the South.
    Your posts are like taking a road trip across the country. The changing leaves and truckloads of pumpkins and the bridge made my day incredible.
    Thank you for all you do!

  14. Just going through my Bonnie Hunter file box . . . it will soon need its' own filing cabinet . . . in anticipation of your visit to Lafayette in November. Just counting, and wondering, will this year's mystery be the tenth?


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