Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Show & Share, Sault Ste Marie Style!

This is Tammy peeking over the top of her down-sized Easy Street!

She is in the process of quilting.  Don’t you love her colors??

Mysteries are very versatile – you can swap your colors around, and if you want a smaller size, just tell yourself you are going to make 1/4 the units called for – or 1/2 the units called for.

Then after the reveal you can play around and make the size you want!  You might find yourself having to make a few more of this unit, or that unit – or you might have a few extra you didn’t need – just work those into the back or the label or something.  This is your quilt, you can do it how YOU want!


Smokey Mountain Stars from the Free Patterns tab!

This quilt is such a great stash buster using only 2.5” and 4.5” squares – a great quilt for guys!  And I love it in these autumn tones, don’t you?


Lazy Sunday from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders! in gorgeous greens and golds!

This is about as different from the colors in my own quilt as is possible…and see how lovely it is?  I often wish we could print all of the quilt layout photos also in gray scale so you can envision your own colors there.  Just because I make a quilt with pink or orange doesn’t mean you have to make the quilt that way!  BEAUTIFUL JOB!


Another Lazy Sunday made in my own color palette!  See the difference?


Colleen was busy! 

I adore this quilt!  There is so much to love going on in these little blocks.


Lozenges!  Rows are webbed and are being joined!

This is our current Leader & Ender challenge, Lozenges!  You will find the directions under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  How are you coming on yours?

Colleen is using the “Webbing the Top” tutorial found under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog to join her units into rows with continuous chain piecing so nothing gets out of order.  Give it a try!


Celtic Solstice made an appearance!

Celtic Solstice was last year’s Quiltville Winter Mystery and has been retired from the website for inclusion in my next book.  Stay tuned for this one!


Elizabeth brought her Sister’s Choice…hand quilted!

The free pattern for Sister’s Choice is found underneath the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog.  Another great one for using up all of those scrap 2.5” strips!


Chris is sharing her Star Stuck in blacks and brights!

This is another one from the Free Patterns tab!


Lynn’s vintage spider web has a story!

Let’s see if I can get this right.  Lynn’s Grandmother ((her father’s mother)) left behind some quilt tops when she passed, and her dad ended up bringing them home and putting them away.  When Lynn got into quilting it was decided that SHE would be the one to finish the quilts ((Since her mother was not interested)) not knowing exactly what it would take to turn these from vintage tops, to functional quilts.

With the help of quilting friends and a local shop, The Quilted Moose, she was able to get it quilted and bound using reproduction 1930s fabrics for the binding and the backing.  The blocks contain fabrics from the 1930s and 1940s.

I LOVE how the spider webs are more square-ish in shape, don’t you?  I love this quilt!


Kari’s yard sale find!

This poor quilt has lived a life of love and is little more than shreds in places.  The mustard gold and muslin have seen years of hard use ----someone loved this quilt until it was too shredded to use anymore, and then it was put away ---finally ending up in a yardsale where she got it for something like $10.00. 

It’s interesting in that it had no top or bottom border, only side borders ((I guess it was long enough!)) and in place of batting, the maker used flannel between the top and the backing.  It was lovingly hand quilted.

This is what I call a “FOLDER” quilt –I love to decorate with quilts, and will often fold one the “best part out” and just use it for display.  It’s still beautiful!


Su’s Parallelogram find!


Check out these fabrics!

After we had seen the other two vintage lovelies, Su brought in this great parallelogram top ---fabrics from the 40s, 50s and 60s are scattered about in here.  These are not diamonds…just a parallelogram offset from one row to another, but what a great collection of prints of those eras!  This was also a yard sale find.  I love how the yellows bring the sunshine in!

Thanks for bringing in the inspiration, ladies!  It was a great two days of workshops and I loved every minute of it!

I got home about midnight last night….I honestly can say that I do not even remember leaving Atlanta, and I woke as we hit the runway, landing in Greensboro.

Hello, Sweet girl!

I arrived home to much demolition of the master bath ---the old vanity is gone, the mirror is gone off of the wall from behind what was the old sink, new sub floor is down, but nothing is attached –Mr Fix It has been busy while I’ve been gone!  At least the toilet is hooked up and running, as is the shower!  It’s a work in progress and will be so nice when it is done.

The new vanity sits higher….SO  NICE!  But for now I’ll be brushing my teeth in Jeff’s bathroom upstairs until we get it done.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of school bus and gentle breezes rustling the limbs of the trees outside my bedroom window. I flip-flopped my options between wanting to snuggle in and sleep, and getting up, not wanting to waste a minute of time home in my own space. Getting up won! A bit of house keeping, some laundry, and some office work lie in wait, and the rest of the day is mine for playing in the studio! It may be your Tuesday, but it's my weekend!

There will be Quilt-Cam TOMORROW night at 9pm EST --plan that project and come sew with me, we've got some catching up to do!

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  1. Welcome home. Looking forward to quilt cam. Isn't it funny how our little furry friends miss us. I love when DH does renos when I am away. He loves it too...says he gets more done! I don't know what he means!!! haha
    Tracing embroidery patterns today and must make a trip to the quilt store this afternoon for special 12 weight thread to embroider them with. They will eventually go into a quilt with patchwork star blocks all around!

  2. LOVE that look on Sadie's face ... just like the one I used to get on MY Sadie Anne's face ... "Oh, it's you ....." LOL Enjoy your time home ... I don't know how you travel like you do (but am GLAD you do). I would be exhausted!! Thanks for all you do for us, Bonnie! Can't say it enough ....

  3. OHHHHH such a sweetie pie pup - she must love you so much! What with all this leaving stuff! Give her a HUGE HUGE hug and several treats!!!!!!

    Someday many many years from now there will be quilt experts acclaiming the wonders of those Bonnie K Hunter quilts and patterns!!!! History is now being made :)

  4. I used to travel 25 to 30 weeks a year. I am glad you are doing the traveling and I am staying at home. I enjoy your pictures, comments and almost everything about your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your life and time with all of us. Can't wait for quilt cam

    ellen in arkansas

  5. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous quilts!!! That Lozenges Quilt has won me over! I am currently working on Cheddar Bow-Ties as my Leader/Ender and was planning on Spools next. (I am admittedly late to the party having just discovered Quiltville one year ago in October). However, that Lozenges Quilt is stunning and I love it with no border. Are her mini 1/4 square-triangle squares black or brown and neutral???? Ahhhh, inspiration hits.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the quilts. They are marvelous!
    Looking forward to quilt cam tomorrow night, I may not sew with you, but I will watch and listen.

  7. And Bonnie, I love how YOU bring the sunshine in......to every blog post.

  8. Lozenges are on the next to do list. Great show and tell. Love them all.


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